Ten myths about pretty girls

Well yes! You are right it’s about all the pretty girls in the world. I know it’s so unlikely to relate sympathy or empathy words to those beautiful short skirt cladding pixie cut girls but trust me they are human too not exactly a blood sucking aristocratic vamp like you think.. Like they are seriously assumed to be associated with some secret satanic cult whose only job is to bash books and specs holding poor nerd’s apart from their full time job of trapping rich and successful guys. All thanks to movies like ‘Mean Girls’ , ‘Easy A’, ‘Clueless ‘ and so on (I know! I know! These are all mass hits.) So, I just thought that plastic(assumed! Hah!) also deserve a chance.
Being skinny and flawless takes dealing with lot of rumors and perceptions. People would talk about you all the time. The all the girls cladded in salwar suit no social life are categorised as good girls and the Here is a glimpse of what they have to go through all the time. Truth or no truth this is what goes on with the pre notioned minds.

1.) SNOB
Hey!  She’s snobby man.She’s pretty! I tell you my first impressions never go wrong. I even heard that she checks the bank balance before making friends. One look at that pretty face and the snob sensors would switch on all around you.

All pretty girls are bitches dude.I tell you. They just don’t care! All they care are big balance in your bank account. Okay, might be with you but you just wait and watch! The day she’ll get a thicker wallet she’ll bid goodbyes to you.

She’s too egoistic to continue in a relationship. She looks too proud. Like she’s next Miss Venezuela. And let me tell you one thing about these skinny girls ,don’t ever lose control over them. Be a man! Okay?

You must be kidding me? Like really she has opted for maths? Oh! Man she doesn’t looks like a nerd!! I mean seriously she got an 9 Gpa? Trust me she must be hooking up with the professor.

No way! She’s too pretty to be single. She looks like having string of boyfriends behind her. I mean, she ‘s a pro in trapping rich guys and trust me she can’t go single.

6.) LAZY
Oh!I don’t think she is fit for this job. She looks like…..ummmm not like hardworking I mean! I mean she’s pretty why would she do a job ? She ll have hundreds of boy friend to do it for her.

You see! I can’t befriend that new girl in class. She looks like too pillow hugging  and crying all the time. Look at her pretty face. Awwww! Sad!

You stand no chance dude! I tell ya these pretty girls are always gold digging. No money, No honey! It’s a universal truth. All pretty girls are behind money.

Are you crazy?Are  you actually planning to invite her for our old age home visit? Does she look bothered about old and sick? These pretty girls are stone hearted cold statues.

Last but not the least! She’s all plastic babes.  See, that nose of hers. Looks like a nose job. Infact look closely nothing looks natural. It’s all plastic surgery.

Well! Really? ? Give her a chance. Just because she has that perfect figure,beautiful eyes,lovely smile and glowing skin doesn’t mean she’s all careless,heartless snobby bitch. She’s as normal as anyone. Don’t you think these are all perceptions? Just don’t discriminate her on the color of her skin!


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7 thoughts on “Ten myths about pretty girls

  1. haha…great myth-buster post. In fact, everyone is at the receiving end of misconceptions and stereotyping. Nobody spares no one. …but interesting to note, like Tomichan pointed out – how tough it s to be pretty. hehe

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  2. People judge wat they c nd dats de sad part…i hope many people mindset vill change ven they’ll read ur blog…luved it

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