Types of Women as Hindu mythology

When I hear ‘WOMAN’ another word that instantly comes to my mind is ‘DIVINE’. yes women are truly divine in nature.The Types of women presented here are strictly based on the compilations of Vedas, Manusmriti ,Sage Vatsyayn or other such scriptures of hindu mythology.

All hindu scriptures describe a woman as embodiment of God’s creative power ‘shakti ‘ . A woman reflects feminine aspect of God to create this entire universe and God also puts divine qualities like love, virtue, strength,beauty or sacrifice into a woman. Jealousy and competitiveness was given to the women for survival and nurturing of kids. Men were created physically stronger (devoid of divinity or power of creation) to protect the women. Women deserve to be treated with utmost care, respect and dignity.

According to Hindu scriptures, hindu legends or mythology the Vedic times were great times for women to prosper .There were great women achievers   like Gargi or Maitreyi. Women were well respected and families were’ Matra-Satatamak'( women dominated families) those times.Women were honored as beautiful,strong,creative and sensual being. Hindu women were categorized into several types and I am going to quote primarily the major types.

PADMINI (lotus woman)

Rare sort of women.Most beautiful,pious, graceful. Serves her parents and emits ‘lotus’ like smell. She has round body and face. Her nose, ear lips are small. They walk like goose. Such women are impressive and can mesmerize Gandharv, Kinnar and even enemies. Rani Padmavati was the perfect example of Padmini women. No wonder Allaudin Khilji lusted after Padmavati so badly.

CHITRANI ( art woman)

Basically slim figures and pencil like appearance.They like to ‘sringar’ (yes, dress-up, use cosmetics, love their lipsticks and shoes!). Chitrani women prove to be very good wife and faithful and also like to keep their husbands happy. They don’t like to work hard but are intelligent in nature. They have round head, active eyes, walk like elephants and speak like peacock.

HASTINI (elephant woman)

These women are healthy and little bulky . They love to eat. They don’t like to take decisions and ask innumerable questions about it but ultimately say ‘Yes’ to it.They are homely and love socializing. They are peace loving creatures and like to be entertained or entertain.Their lips, ears and neck are thick and eyes are small.

SHANKINI (conch woman)

They are tall and walk with a thud. Sharp and smart women! Energy level is high and likes to be independent. They are difficult to woo and get angry soon.Eyes are curved and body is shapely.They are dominating in any relationship.

SADMINI ( timid woman)

Normal easy creatures and timid. They get scared easily. They are shy and cheerful. They try their best to cheer their husbands. Their body shape and features are average.

METRAYINI (unlucky woman)

They are beautiful, fair colored and attractive. They work hard too. But normally their husbands are cruel and weak .So their family life is struggling. Everybody gets easily attracted to them but they like to keep distance.

So guys, while reading it remember these are categorization of women as per Hindu mythology. But yes I feel all women are truly gifted, pretty and talented. I don’t think this amazingly chaotic creation of God can ever be categorized and can ever stop amusing this world.

So, Cheers to Womanhood.

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