My Interview series: An intro and why it is exciting!

So, Okay I am here with the first in my interview series as I said I keep meeting interesting people on my way. My interview series are dedicated to women who are not necessarily ‘Extra-ordinary’ (either way internet is full of such interviews, you can read it anywhere, anytime) but they are doing their bit towards the society and contributing very constructively back to people. Like they ‘d never go for a candle walk protesting a horse leg break ( rather apply ointment) or crib about limited resources to media or feel unsafe;) (you know what I mean) they try to make a better world and make us feel still very happy and proud about Indian women. They make us feel that goodness exists and why we rate womanhood “5 stars”. They are just like any ordinary woman who is playing her part silently and creating a little heaven for our future generations. But that doesn’ t necessarily mean they are boring. They are fun, likes to party, wear short skirts and sometimes slap a goon or even ride a tank too! In short They are pretty interesting!

Now what I felt common to all these women is that they are all independent and by that I just not mean financially. They are liberated, free spirited women who likes to lead their life they way ( while making all the compromises and not necessarily fighting their dads,or husbands or leaving their homes) They are so much us yet so different And that’s why I felt like we should know more about them.

Like My first Interview is of an army wife whose generations have served in army, fought in wars and also she has an army mother in law(Haha!) Now her husband is commanding. She herself has been a highly qualified professional with hot shot MBA degree from one of the best colleges in India. Then she won few beauty pageants also (not like Miss India but yeah!) She loves to play squash ( and that is where she met her future husband and beat him badly in their first game) and now she has two amazingly beautiful kids (and disciplined too, has too ;)) and currently she has no time to breathe in as her husband is commanding (oh! Yeah) and she s looking after all those NGOs which provide benefit to ‘Army’ (Yeah not to her!) apart from looking after hundreds of families and try to solve all their problems (from seeping roof to domestic violence (and what more she is not paid to do so and she had to leave her  heftily paid job to volunteer for all this)

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Then I also met (while my journey of life, not like yesterday she is my friend okay!) a girl who once once a ‘Mumbaikar bad ass’ who loved to party, dating all sorts of wrong guys (and ultimately met the Mr. Right) loved her ‘Suttas’ and imagine every weird stuff you can imagine about her and now do you know who she is? Well  totally transformed into an ‘elegant English lady’ who is doing and job and excelling ‘Goras’ (made friends too) running a small business side wise( only because she doesn’t have time to expand) while entertaining all the whims and fancies of her family on foreign lands(U.K.) along. with handling a super naugthy toddler (now tha is a super power)


Also there is this dynamic lady who is a wife of a ‘Para Trooper’ who spent almost half (read more than half) of her married life waiting, wondering, worried to death for her husband half the time not even knowing where her husband is or galloping which part of the globe, ( yes globe!) jumping of a helicopter, eating snakes or killing mujaheddin. And whenever she tried to reason with her husband that she has all the rights to know about at least his where- bouts, she always got this standard reply  “Well, I can not risk my men for your fancies. Don’t even expect I would call when I am on mission ( and mission was like 10 months a year) but yeah don’t worry you will get a call if I will be dead.” Oh god can you imagine that type of wife? So eventually this lady turned to what not Reiki, Healing, Spirituality while making an exceptionally nice career in personality development and training and now well received among hot shot corporate companies and educational institutes.


Now there ‘s this girl who ‘s thirty and still not married and what an incredible life she leads,like in Indian families girls should be married as early as possible doing only respectable things after that (which means cooking rotis and producing kids every year while entertaining themselves by the most exciting way like shopping groceries and vegetables) And man! this girl…..uuuhhh! She leads a nomadic life, Never settling at a place, did everything journalism, movies (don’t think heroine of some Salmam movie), NGOs, taught kids, replied back to the contractors of society in her own style and what not!


There are many such women with ‘Hat ke’ approach to life and their stories! And I will try my best to bring these original stories as much as possible.

I will start it with ‘Army wives,’ I mean what better way to celebrate womanhood than starting with this self sacrificing lot of women who help their husbands to fight for the country and thus helping us to keep the principle of freedom and greatness of this country alive! It is there decision to hold their husband’s back leaving their career and looking after kids and wiping their men’s tear (yes faujis cry a lot especially after they see blood and dead bodies or may be after contributing to it ) and standing strongly that their husband fire a bullet or take a bullet with the confidence that their women will take care of everything. And thus We can never be thankful to this lot of women!

So guys and girls just stay tuned!

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  1. You definitely have a calling….and what a gift…this post (as with everything you blog about) is so well written…your enthusiasm and sincerity jumps of the page….who can resist you? So charming and intriguing…and, what fascinating women…you and those you interview! I love your posts…thank you for sharing your gifts, my friend 🙂

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      1. I bet there are many others who feel the same about your offerings….it’s just that, as I do in person, I speak my mind when it comes to telling people how much I appreciate their awesomemess 🙂

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      2. I would do whatever I could to help, but I really have no constructive feedback beyond praise….your posts are so very great….I am enjoying it so much and I’m so impressed…blogging (and, I am guessing) social media connections are a great means of communication for your…your gift for connection is fantastic 🙂

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      3. You can totally criticise me if you don’t like anything. ..I have chose you as my mentor (without asking you😉) n I m a libra so I don’t mind anything constructive to improve me further….what did you like most about my blog….like you are a word wizard and write totally in another dimension but what comes to your mind when u read such silly topics in such plain English. ..😯

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      4. You are so adorable….the only advice I can offer is that you give yourself more credit! And, what I love about your “plain English” is that it is not at all plain…it is clean, clear, engaging, easy to follow and relate to…it’s everything I love about an easy, breezy–but very intelligent–read…you leave the reader so satisfied that they’ve been given more than their money’s worth–especially since it’s free…such a gift….you put so much into what you offer….you care enough to go above and beyond….I also appreciate your choice of words…I love words….my favourite writers write with the uncluttered writing style that you possess…rich but not down-to-earth…like a wealthy person who likes to eat comfort foods, rather than tiny portions of over-priced unrecognisable “gourmet” foods 🙂

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      5. Wow!I never realised all these things…ur truly an inspiring person….Thank you so much for boosting my morales and motivating me further….but yes keep stopping by and ping me whenever u write something else it gets diffcult reaching …thnks

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