Sundays are Fundays…Aha!

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Bollywood heroines bridal looks

every bollywood diva who gets married creates a stir and inspires many with their ensemble and attire. Be it Aishwarya or Kareena, Karishma or Kajol, Malaika or Lara, Preity or Soha, Vidya or Shilpa, Genelia or Asin and the list goes on. Their wedding ceremonies created fairy tales here on our humble planet and we talked about it for months.



“They protect the borders , but who protects their loved ones ?”

          On the fateful day of 22 Mar 2008 , Capt Rashika took an oath to serve her country with all her sincerity and dedication , against internal and external aggression , even to the peril of her life and was granted The President of India’s commission in the Indian Army. A year later , Major Sushil Chikkara took the same oath of dedicating himself to the service of his country . As luck would have it , they met each other a few yrs later and  got married serendipitously  .  Life seemed perfect for the newly married couple and they wouldn’t have imagined even in their worst nightmares that both of them would be fighting the system by writing to the highest authority and office in the country, as a last resort to demand…

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Interview of an Indian girl

Her story is a kind of story many of us take but never realize what tremendous courage it takes to leave your lands,your home, your country and your people to follow your dreams.Her story is also the Journey of a pampered daughter to being a pampering Mom herself

Her Story ….. coming soon!

a woman who had this really long journey from Mumbai to London and transforming from a care free college girl to smart business woman? And more than that aren't you interested in knowing an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a lovely woman