11 reasons to read this book!

Well yes! you heard it right that I am in love with ‘Rajiv Bakshi’ but trust me for all the right reasons.Why not ? He is cool, very handsome dude, intelligent rather intellectual, so much of experience and exposure and he tweets too! Haha….Well he started his journey when he was just 24 and joined a bank, earned some name for him and look where he is landed! He actually chose to compile his journey of life into a book ‘Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara’ (I’d like to call it  remix of 90s! )Well, off course it is all fiction but the essence of this book is the journey of this man which he took to stand where he is standing today. Yes journey of a common man, of you or of me! But still if you don’t understand my kind of love then go through the following reasons and I am sure you will also fall in love with him (our kind of love)


Well, this man retired  and chose to write a book, share his pearls of wisdom and provide us an insight of a real common man ( not like movie wala common man) than bickering about the world, his son (like how good of a son he was and look at him, sorta speeches) , eating his daughter in law’s peace of mind by pointing out faults in her daily chores while reverting back all the taunts to his wife …. Hehe what ?? this is what happens after retirement in indian homes!


Don’t you think the man in the middle has similar face to Parineeti Chopra ??Well yeah he is her dad!


This man worked as a banker in a very reputed bank. Earned some friends and enemies and roamed all across on postings like Punjab, Assam, Maharashtra, Delhi to name a few and one day decided to compile it all for us. Now this compilation would surely have something for everyone.


Coolest thing about this man is rather than writing a really long story and boring me to death, he chose to write twenty short stories with different flavours which a person like me can read anytime anyday anywhere. Now isn’t it vintage? Isn’t it something different?


one of his stories in woman’s era


Yep, you heard it right? Though it is not something to be mentioned but see one of the poem is originally from 1960s and it’s pretty exciting to read that sort of poem now through gen Y gogs! So you see …


Before you declare me a certified crazy, first listen to me why did I just remembered ‘masala dosa'(yumm though!) he managed to put every single emotion there in his book love, happiness, tears, tragedies, comedy and etc.


see A man in ganji….ROFL that’s what I meant by Masala dosa


Man I know Shakespeare is cool but trust me I don’t understand a word from his books (until it is converted into some bollywood flick like Omkara). So thanks to this man for writing something in a way people like me can easily read and just enjoy without putting much pressures to the brains. You know what I mean?


So, the doctors can read the shorties too apart from their bulky books.


Well now I have this one book in my book shelf which I can proudly flaunt to my Dad or Uncle when they decide to stay for sometime at my place and ask for a book. So it is my perfect pick from the stacks of those shameless ‘mills & boons’ collections which I tend to hide normally. Infact why not gift it to  few of my favorite uncles. It might help me regain my lost respect in my community!


That book.. you can proudly flaunt to your wife and kid.



So A banker is always cool. Don’t you see all those Bollywood flicks where heroine or (at least her friend) drools over a hot shot banker. And this man is hot too !Yeah well….


Well reading Shakespeare, Amish tripathi and Christopher Doyle is cool I know. I do too but sometimes I grab such book which is not at tall professional just simple stories to touch your heart and soothe your mind at this age of editing and presstitutes. No adulterations just pure bliss.


Well I definitely don’t intend to show ‘Now showing’


Well yes this 60 year young tweets too and totally connects with his readers and followers. Some like 5000 followers are there including me. Then he blogs too and he is on FB too. Now don’t tell me it is not the coolest thing you have heard about GEN X today.


Last but not the least, just go read it for the sake of knowing all about Machhiwara ..Man it is getting onto my nerves!

Now don’t you think this man deserves at least our applause  (even though we are not interested in reading this types of book or not into reading at all) who dared to utilise his retirement in such a positive manner without sulking over the world and rather chose to spread happiness, love and laughters a bit more into this world. Such an inspiration to all the people of his age! I came across few more blogs about him while searching more on him and I am coping the links here. You can check that out too!
One more thing I have manged to take his interview too which will be published on Friday so till then stay tuned…yeah the secret I told you in my previous post…

dd https://rajivbakshiblog.wordpress.com/2016/01/18/spotlight-on-rajiv-bakshijourney-from-guwahati-to-machhiwara/




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