Qualities of a lady

We keep hearing about gentlemen should do this, gentlemen should do that. All good guys should behave very gentlemanly (we are excluding bad boys) blah blah! But have we ever wondered how should a gentlewoman should behave? What should be the code of conduct for a gentlewoman? You think I am kidding ? Nope! Recently Elle magazine published 39 steps to be a gentlewoman and I am quoting them “We at ELLE think chivalry; charm and exceptional manners are just as dashing female characteristics as they are male.” and they are absolutely right girls and why not? Let’s relearn the lessons of modern gentlewoman who stands proudly and equally with all those gentlemen!

1.Helps strangers carry pushchairs or suitcases downstairs

2 Can assemble an IKEA Billy Bookshelf in under 3 hours

3.Holds doors open for other women

4. Knows when not to tweet what she’s thinking

5. Possesses at least one killer black dress

6. Refrains from interrupting others

7. Can make supper when there’s just an avocado, jar of capers and bottle of Prosecco in the fridge

8. Does not wear flesh coloured tights

9. Makes actual telephone calls to friends

10. Uses the flamenco dancer emoji sparingly

11. Knows how to politely send back under-par food in restaurants

12. Has a good firm handshake

13. Is neither too late or too early

14. Does not eat lunch at her desk

15. Asks ‘what are you into?’ not ‘what do you do?’

16. Makes her own canapés for parties

17. Flirts with men and women

18. Does relevant ‘voices’ when reading books to children

19. Is not a fussy eater

20. Says ‘thank you’ when complimented

21. Dances even if badly

22. Drinks whisky

23. Knows when to leave a party

24. Knows when to not leave a party

25. Doesn’t ‘vape’

26. Has read The Golden Notebook

27. Is nice to the interns

28. Calls herself a feminist

29. Can make a speech

30. Can make a soufflé

31. Doesn’t complain about lowcost airlines

32. Writes thank you cards

33. Plays board games

34. Can do at least three different swimming strokes

35. Does not understand Snapchat and does not care.

36. Orders pudding

37. Match-makes friends

38. Reads one actual newspaper every day

39. Knows when to rip up the rulebook




48 thoughts on “Qualities of a lady

  1. Good share but very difficult to possess all 39. Whoever made the original list has made sure that he needs a superwoman and not a gentlewomen 😉 someone who can take care of the house (cooking and baking points), be a boss at work (thus bring home a fat salary), socialize (so that he can flaunt his lady love!), a perfect mother…. and the list continues… Very fictitious!

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      1. So true… on a lighter note… its a good topic to make a scifi bollywood movei… title should be Gentlewoman – A Robot! 😂😂


  2. Mam , given s chance would you like to be woman in your next birth or would go for being a Machho men like Indian actors who go out of way to pick a handkerchief for their Elle women in reel life , but might be having horrid time in their real life . No reference to recent spats between two most loving super stars of Indian cinema .

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      1. Hahaha . Glad to know you we all will be doing the same next life too ,. I bring a slight turn here sir let you review my book than .. And later me .. Lol !

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      1. reply was made in light manner. Personally I do not believe in all this, you just need to be what you are and should expect the world to accept just like that, in no way everyone is going to like you. Some humanitarian actions are more important, which get no importance some time we even feel ashamed going that way… good night.

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      2. Neemkapaudha…hey u don’t need to explain….blogging is cool coz it provides diversity of ideas…..its so great that u hv a different perception which actually helps to enhance the vision…thanks for stopping by n commenting so intelligently

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