The saddest thing about betrayal is it never comes from your enemies.It’s a piercing feeling which just choose to hang around you for rest of your life. Sometimes betrayal will make you a new person or it may even kill that one person in you too. You never know!
The LOATH, the DISGUST,the DISGUISE, the HATRED,the LOSS,the TEARS,the PAIN….The word BETRAYAL  is just not a single word. It comes along with all these other words!


For the betrayer it might be easy to stab someone who trusted you. And you could betray only coz he never expected a betrayal from you. So nothing to be proud off and just don’t let your guards down as KARMA IS A SWEET BITCH.


p.s– dear friends before u start getting worried about me everything is going perfectly fine in my life. This topic is for my lovely fellow blogger at blogger junction. So guys here is my version on betrayal. Awaiting more in this.


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