The girl code: that separates between a bitch and a real woman!

So my dear men, please feel free to skip this one post as it has utterly nothing to do with you and your race unless you are want a sneak peek into this mysterious world of opposite sex and I won’t say you wouldn’t find it interesting. These girlie guidelines are just like uhh… those ‘bro codes’ which you use to act with each other, like not stealing each other’s girls or using each other’s boxers without even asking or etcetra. These girl code are several written and unwritten rules which every female is expected to follow in order not to get kicked out of the community. So yeah, we girls are not all waves and honey but we do have a darker side too. Dark and vicious! And these prehistoric (not literally, okay?) girl codes are our Bible, Geeta or Kuran just to save our asses from men monopoly and saving the sisterhood….. or well simply to prevent this simple planet from utter chaos! So dudes read it carefully!

*When a friend is drunk, never allow her to dial, drive or leave with a random guy. Yeah, you have too!

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*Don’t hate another woman for her success and without even knowing her personally. I know, it’s tough but try!   

*So if your girlfriend is on a first few dates or with a new guy watch out for her. I mean her whereabouts and timings before leaving her all alone with him. Tas a duty!

*Rescue a girl no matter if you don’t know her if you find her with a creep, jerk or simply with any asshole. Just let her know you are around till the situation persists. one of the basic codes!

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*Give your friend a listening ear whenever she needs to vent out. It’s your prime job to your girlfriend!

*Never ever, I repeat never ever go after your friend’s crush. Only bitches do that!

*Never ever, I repeat never ever flirt with your friend’s boyfriend/husband or whosoever concerned. It’s an absolute law.

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*Don’t go after your friend’s siblings too unless you have the permission. Simply keep it off limits!

*Always choose the friend over her boyfriend. Never side her boyfriend during a fight. Even if he’s right just nod before your GF.

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*Stop being ‘Me too’. So next time your friend’s telling you her story, don’t try to steal her story, her thunder. Listen!

*Be a responsible girl not just say yes to everything utterly stupid asked by your GF like going back to that abusive Ex boyfriend just coz ‘What the F**k I have to do with that’! Have some heart.

*Don’t be a hater just coz that girl is looking more gorgeous than you and your folks can’t stop appreciating her. Be a real woman.

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*Let your GF know if her boyfriend is cheating or using her. No matter what it costs. I know it’s pretty tough. Sigh!

*Boost each other’s confidence. Yeah baby who said you look fat? In fact you look Fab!

*Give your extra tampons to that girl in need.

*Let the other girl know if her outfit is just not right or her lipstick is on her teeth.

*If your girlfriend is having serious relationship troubles, you’re on phone duty until things go back to normal. And don’t forget to check in with her a bit more afterwards too! Just be there through her bad relationship!

*Also be there for your GF who has just got out of a bad relationship. So yes go for that movie with her even if you wanna sleep in your slack.

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*In a case where a friend spreads a horrible rumor about a friend, and than apologizes they are to be given the cold-shoulder for at least 3 days.

*Inside jokes are not to be explained to outsiders.

*The penalty for exposing a secret to an unauthorized party shall be exile from Girlville.

*No girl shall wear the same outfit or perfume as a friend is they will knowingly be in the same place.

*Don’t bother your GF’s to know a man’s name if you keep on changing men weekly. Hold that temptation till you survive at least 6 or 7 weeks with that man. Till then just use ‘ oh that trainer dude’oh the train guy’ or etc

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*Never ever, I repeat ditch your girls for a dude.

*Yeah also just don’t yet tag those hideous and ugly pictures of your GF on purpose. you will rot in hell. Okay!

*Last but not the least  Don’t put down other girl just so as you look better. Unless you are some dark witch from Harry Potter series! 


So I am sure by now you would have made a list of all those bitches who let you down many a times. And guys might be wondering ‘ Look dude, such girls don’t exists, Lolzz’ But trust me the majority of this all girls kingdom are still bounded by these unmistakable girls code and follow it all by there hearts just to make this world brighter, shinier and happier.

At least I have such great girl friends in my life!

Love to those few lovely ladies in my life. You make my life complete and don’t know what I have done without you guys (flashes of all those creepy guys moments and new bf moments before my eyes)


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