The story of a suicide!

When was the last time when you actually cried after reading a book?Well, I just did! Yeah, I read this one book ‘The story of a suicide’ written by Sriram Ayer. Sounds depressing! Right? I mean who titles his book as ‘The Story Of A Suicide’? Such a depressing title! You just can make out that you can’t find an ounce of happiness while turning up those pages of this book or rather ebook. It must be some sadistic tale of depression, frustration and yea suicide! These are the exact first thoughts which instantly pops up into any book lover’s mind. But then do you know these are the exact reasons to read this one book for sure! The book deals with the depressions and frustrations that our young generations fights these days. The effect of technology and its grip over the present generation, the evil of social media and horrors it imposes to our society are all narrated beautifully! The issues like gay plight,child abuse and the myths of women liberalisation are also addressed.The pain and plight of youngsters, the love,betrayal,loneliness and misunderstandings that surround us ‘the mortals’ while we all wander aimlessly on this planet are the essence of this book. How relationships are myths and how our dependency on not so natural mediums of human communications are leading us directly towards our doomsday are addressed in the most appropriate manner in this book. I am so awestruck.

Such a simple book, yet not so simple!

Such a contemporary fiction yet it’s not so contemporary! May be an art?


The story revolves around Hari,Mani,Charu and Sam. These protagonists are modern day college students who are fighting their inner evils, melancholy and despair each day with so much pessimism.They each have a story buried inside their hearts and this affects their urban existence. All the while suggesting strongly that the depression does not appears suddenly one day but it’s roots might be deep down somewhere you are deliberately ignoring… may be your childhood,a relationship,loneliness or may be even your parents ignorance or other such ‘may bes!’

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Hari has been a victim of child abuse by his own uncle. He was analy exploited while his father was all engrossed in his job and mother was fighting her own evils. He finds his confide in Mani and trust him with his secrets but the story eventually depicts that how everything ultimately shakes his entire existence.

Mani is a gay who initially tries to attempt a suicide but saved by Charu. He deals with low self esteem of lagging behind those Hinglish speaking cool dudes but at the same time he was saved because he was approached by some real human beings and not some artificial source of human intimidation which replaces human smiles with emoticons and angers by doodles.

Charu is the only female protagonist in this story who’s a pseudo liberal as she understands Hari and Mani’s situations but ask out loud for protection from another male Sam but once she’s not happy she has no hesitations ignoring Sam and sleeping overnight into her professor Alex ‘s house.Then she rants about her relationship problems and anger on social media rather than solving it using her own human wits and powers. She relies or rather uses social media very negatively and which eventually leads to whole new set of ugly problems which could have been totally avoided.

Sam is another insecure protagonist who is already dealing with the his trembling confidence because of the blows of his past relationship with Priya that he eagerly starts pursuing Charu. But once he believes that Charu is another hurtful female rejection he has to live with, then he uses technology in the most preposterous manner. His creation ‘Jarvis’ which could have won him nobel prizes and helped humanity ultimately ended up being a mere tool to hack personal information of a girl, making her life more miserable and also spreading that sadistic pleasure a bit more into the society.

A child is abused, the parents remember their duties when it’s too late, a mms goes viral, a Fb post create ripples in the college campus, a virus tracks every single human moments around, a man is raped and a life is destroyed!

Don’t you think these are enough reasons to read this book? Aren’t these the horrible truths that engulfs our society these days? Don’t we all deal with these problems everyday? Don’t our parents wonder what is actually wrong from their side?

It’s all very agitating and while reading you can clearly feel that anguish inside you. And exactly for these reasons this story is a must read by both the generations, ‘the younger ones and the elder ones.’


Sriram Ayer is based in Chennai and runs a non profit Nalandaway foundation which primarily deals with children from most exasperating parts of India and works towards empowering them with life skills and introducing them to music,creative arts etc. Apart from winning many awards, he has also been listed as top 50 social entrepreneur of India by Outlook Business magazine. He researched thoroughly to write this one story and used various real life incidences for his fiction. His inspirational TEDx talks are easily available on youtube. And by the way you never know that you even get to see a movie based on this story soon. But we don’t know for sure!


The book is in ebook format available on author’s blog. It has also utilised the multi media tools powerfully and constructively to reach out to the same young people whose lives have been addressed in this story through visuals,audio book and video.The trailer video has already crossed over 3lakhs view in a week and the story is shared 14000 times on social media already. The colourful illustrations by Ghana enhance the reading experience.


At last all I want to say is this that death is not the solution to anyone’s miseries. I could totally relate to young Charu who is so vulnerable and uses social media as a tool to vent out everything inside her. The wrath,the pain,the revenge it should all be in public and face the people’s verdict but then these people are the ones who don’t know you and your story. I could hear me saying to Charu that ‘don’t do it,don’t post it on social media,these people are fake and don’t empathise you. They will have a very biased and notioned judgment at the end of the day.’

Isn’t it true that we are residing in the ages of cyber bullying,stress, social media, technology where human emotions are superficially replaced by emoticons but these are the reasons to depend more on other humans and seek their company when we find ourselves surrounded by all the miseries of this world or may be just feel so. Social media should be taken as lightly as any toy a child holds for a while but not replaces his parents for it. Social media should not be used as a medium to pour out your personal miseries or bully anyone. Technology should always be aimed towards bringing prosperity into our worlds and not used as tool to amplify the already existing human struggles and challenges. We should rely more on God’s given natural ways of communication, connections and believe more in the power of touch,hug and love than immersing ourselves completely into this virtual world of social media. Save yourself from becoming a social media addict! Laugh when you want to than stamping an emoticon on your Facebook profile for other addict bots. These MNCs who claim to bring the people closer are not laying bricks and asphalt to enter into a world of promising future but confining you within the walls of sadness,aloofness, detachments and limiting you to explore that immense power hidden inside you which can create a whole new world empathetic to fellow human beings based on real human cooperation and connect. Then it could be called as social connect in true senses.


Book: The Story of a Suicide.

Author: Sriram Ayer

Format: ebook

Genre: Tragedy/Urban fiction

Readers : 15 yrs -70yrs

Special features : Audio book, graphical illustrations, video

Price : Free

link to the video the link to read the story!





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  1. More than the book I was interested in seeing ur take on this. U r absolutely right.. Death complicates things even more for their family and not the solution .
    I get angry when people waste their lives killing themselves because I believe they could have come back stronger and may have achieved unbelievably.. But then I also feel sad with the pain they feel .

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