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Oh, Bollywood is a very very strange place and looks are seriously deceptive. You can’t guess the pain,the struggle and the story behind those glittery faces,star studded shoulders and hands full of awards. Can you believe that Kanika Kapoor of ‘ Baby Doll’ fame is a mother of three adorable grown up kids? Can you imagine the struggles Karishma Kapoor had gone to stand proudly as yummy mummy? Ask Amrita singh how does it feels to be from a superstar to a superstar’s wife to just the mother? Especially in a country like India where common perception is that getting married seals the fate and being a mom seals the fate doubly which means you have no life and space left after raising your kids and looking after your husband and family. Divorced or Separated are few very disgraced tags which leads you straight to a miserable and good for nothing life. Single moms are not suppose to raise their kids right and provide them with the right values without a man at home. Yes, These are still the hard realities of our country! So how does it feel when you come across a woman who looks like an angel,lives everyday to party, have money to throw around, epitomises success and then you come to know that she’s also a mom and mothers not only one but two or three kids back at her place. BOOM! Yes, here is the life of such women in my single moms in bollywood segment who defied myths and proved that women seriously don’t need men to live, breathe or basically anything. Single Moms rock too!


Did you know her name just few years back? No na? And here you listen a hot song which shook the entire bollywood world with Sunny leone gyrating to the song along with an equally hot lead singer Kanika Kapoor! And there you notice her Jugni ji,Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan, Desi look, Tukur Tukur, Da Da Dasse and many more, We can’t get enough of her. But do you know she got married at an age of 18 and has three children? Two daughters aged 10 and 7 and a son aged 11. Then she divorced her NRI husband in 2012 after fifteen years of their marriage in 2012. Whoa! It is something. Seriously! Quite unbelievable in our society.

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She said in an interview with The Times of India

I am a Khatri, who was born and brought up in Lucknow. We were pretty well off and had a big traditional joint business family.I met Raj at my cousin’s wedding at Khajuraho. I got married to Raj and moved to London when I was only 18. I was a normal papad achaar housewife, had three kids and was happy playing a mother to them, till we separated about five years ago and finally divorced three years back.”

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Baby Doll happened to me when I was going through a dark, dirty, awful divorce at that time and was completely down and felt suicidal. Not only had I been rejected as a girl by my husband, after the success of Jugni, the world started spreading shitty rumours about me, of how I had left my husband and was allegedly dating a dirty uncle that was completely false. That really put me down even more. People in my social circle stopped talking to me and I was discarded as a person from society. But I learnt a lot at that time and today, I am a totally different person.

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“After my third baby, I was more than chubby with curly hair, was wearing a pink Chanel jacket suit with big diamonds in my ears and my Dad said to me, a Kanika, you have become a Punjabi aunty at 26. Why dona t you get up and do something that you love? Maybe that will bring you happiness.a Today, I am not into Chanel bags, but I am happy. My kids today are so proud of me.

Today, I just focus on my work. I know that it is now or never. I started working to just secure myself financially. I didn’t want to be someone’s mistress. I didn’t want to constantly go and ask my parents and brother for money to buy an expensive bag. I could never have imagined that from being a Punjabi aunty with three children, I could have ever become a pop star. And on top, I had that terrible reputation and that too for not having done anything wrong, except suffering from middle class morality as they say.

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didn’t have a boyfriend. I have not had a man since I left my ex-husband. I’d love to have a man and proudly show him off. I deserve a man who will be nice to me, and look after me and respect me. 

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couldn’t believe when I sang Baby Doll and it became a hit. I feel that the song was made to change my life. I knew no one in Mumbai, had no PR, but I felt like there was someone looking after me. I don’t know how things are happening to me. But I do know that I am a sincere and hardworking person.


We wish her all the best to this great woman who achieved everything on her own and inspires millions of women out there. Nothing is impossible. Not even turning into a baby doll from a Punjabi Aunty. Stay tuned for the stories of Karishma Kapoor and Amrita Singh in my next segment of single mothers who epitomises feminism into whole new manner.

Here are links to few of her songs

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  1. being a woman and an actress is tough. Kanika pulls it off so nicely. I had no idea who she is till now, never saw her films you know. But knowing about her makes me respect her. Carving a path for herself in bollywood while being a full time mom, just sweet!

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