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Well, I don’t believe that there would be anyone on this planet who could claim that they have never been inspired. Do you see that how those poster boys defining success, happiness and everything great that this world has to bestow upon mankind have an incredible journey of hope and believe to share with us all. The stories of faith which helped them crossing all the obstacles in their lives and ultimately fulfilling their dreams. And you know what would be common among all those people’s stary journey of success? The people! The people who believed in them, the people who inspired them in some way or the other and transformed them into the person they are today. There would always be someone behind their backs. The genetic decoding plays the role in forming you but your people,environment,parents,teachers, peer groups,your neighbours and your alma mater it all sums up to shape the person you are today! That is the defining line between successful and unsuccessful,between a hero and a villain,between the one who rise and the one who shams! So folks, if you still insist there was no one ever who influenced you and helped you in taking that one decision that changed your life forever than you are seriously delusional.We all need our guardian angels in some form or the other to achieve the impossible and to reach where we always wanted to reach.

So if I talk about my journey than I was a highly reckless and careless kind of kid who successfully transformed into ‘I give a shit’ kind of teen. All I would do is to paint occasionally and narrating imaginary stories to my friends which they loved to listen by the way. School for me was punishment and I would drag my feet somehow there. I would yawn half the time during lectures and manage just to pass. I’d be grumpy about the food my mom would cook and be totally thankless for whatever she would do for me. I wanted best of the shoes,clothes and bags for me but totally ignore the concerned advices of my dad who would say ” That it’s okay that I can afford you the things you want but It will not last forever and one day you will have to be someone on your own to buy everything you want and live the luxuries you wish. But then you need to work very very hard for it now.” But of course I would turn deaf to those pearls of wisdom and roll my eyes to whatever he would have to say. Then I would go to my school and flaunt my newly acquired possessions to my classmates. It would result into some collective awe from few of my friends and I’d feel like a queen of this world.

Yeah! That was me. A very very and very shitty me! Yeyyy!

Life went on smoothly like that and I reached class 11th somehow. I had to change my school too. My tenth board results were not very flashy and my parents had already lost hopes in me that I could ever bring them that one happy news that they could proudly use that long saved ‘Akhir Beti kiski hai’ dialogue like Sharma ji ki beti next door whose house was filled with academic awards and trophies. There were also the framed certificate of national olympiads hung onto the walls shouting out loud the glories of the proud parents. Though eventually my mom stopped visiting them but that is another story. Many of my classmates who did not have flashy clothes or bags and belonged to humble backgrounds did really well and got admission into some prestigious schools. These were the very same lot with whom I never liked to talk. And here I landed to some average school with no playground because my marks were not good enough to get me into some nice schools.

My parents exasperation, my shitty marks and total adieu from my childhood friends who also struggled with the same situation had shaken my confidence but I still did not care.

But you know the most wonderful things would happen to you when you least expect them!

There I met this girl Meenakshi.Tall,confident,extrovert,outspoken and a performer! I developed an instant likeness for her and she also seemed like gelling well with me and very soon we were the best buddies. She was the studious kinds and would always be lost into some book or the other and initially It would upset me. I mean I liked her when she was not with her books but Me and books? Oh my God that was some kind of taboo.


But eventually I started developing interest into the books, still not the course book kinds but flipping over the fiction novels was also some kind of achievement for me. Like I still remember that ‘A wrinkle in time’ by ‘Madeleine L’engle’ was my first story ever which she forced me into reading. So it was not like that I turned into some kind of nerd or something but yeah my computer games were gradually replaced by more of such wonderful young adult books. I fell completely in awe with them And now I think how that one simple influence or rather a borrowed trait from my buddy helped me immensely to write something or ponder my heart into my blogs which define the most beautiful aspect of my life today.

One day she invited me back to her place which I gladly accepted. When I got to her place then I saw how humbly she lived and how she had to participate into every single household chores and yet she was glad to everything and everyone. I saw how he shared her room with three other siblings and yet managed to read and complete her assignments to the extents of perfection. I was stunned and the reality hit me hard that What is so wrong with me? Why am I not a performer? If not studies then too I could have been good in sports or literature or something good but what am I doing? It’s not like I am some retard or something infact my memory is sharp and I knew very well that it’s just my lack of concentration or rather my focus on some other things that hindered me deciding my goals. But that day, there at my best friend’s abode I found my Bodhi tree. That day and today I have never looked back after that. She helped me with my studies which were important at that point of time and surely I couldn’t be a state topper or something but passed my twelfth with good enough 80% and It was huge for me and my parents.

So sometimes the right company,the right influence and right environment also changes lives,clear your mind and remove all the hurdles that can’t even be accomplished by ten hour straight gyan session of some Baba or another biggies.

A simple life, a humble soul, an ordinary touch has the power to change lives. You really need not to be extraordinary to achieve something great in life. Just a simple life and simple people around you!

Anyway I managed to get into one of the top ten engineering college of India and she also managed to get into one of the other top college. And the only sad part about it was that finally we had to separate our ways but we are still in touch and better friends than before.

Just few months back when we met again!

Then life flipped for the second time and showed me the way It was meant for me…always!

So by the time I was in college I had turned into a nerd (though I hate to admit it) It was all studies for me and just like Meenakshi my hobbies were all so limited to behind the pages of those books and fictional characters changing lives. And colleges are so unlike schools! There they teach you life too. Colleges shape you up as a citizen and mend your path to lead your family. What do we call it….. All round development!

So there I met another girl ‘Rohini’ and trust me it’s just not that I make friends with girls and actually most of my friends are guy friends but yeah these two girls helped me to be what I am today! Rohini was a true gemini. A fashionista,fun and outgoing girl! So any college excursions or a trip from the trekking at Ladakh to river rafting at Rishikesh, she would be the first one to join. Rohini would be there organising a ‘nukkad natak’ or dancing to the beats of Shakira in college fest. Name a thing and you will find her there! While I never participated into those things initially because somehow I convinced myself that it was not all worth it and would ruin my career. Maybe it was my childhood which was preventing me to indulge into things other than studies.


college life

Though we connected a lot at the mental level and supported each other. A kind of repo was already established but honestly I never thought that she would be a performer or good in studies all the while basking in the dreamed glories of me topping the college and bragging a placement directly into one of those Fortune top ten companies.

But you know what? The first semester GPAs were out and Rohini was the topper of the batch! I got decent GPAs too but her’s were incredible. I was disappointed and fuming too. It really hurts when your friends do better than you. Well the ‘3 Idiots’ movie is not a myth it’s the hard reality and these are the Ranchos who bags the best. Anyway I was back to my room and started sulking while munching my french fries. Suddenly there was a loud bang on my door and she entered my room.

She said “ Hey let’s hit the CCday today.”

I said ” Well, I am not in mood. Some other day may be!”

“Hey, Why ? What is so wrong? You got such nice GPAs and you are not celebrating?” She seemed genuine not even a hint of any satire but that was it and I burst out.

“Oh please Yaar, You have all the reasons to celebrate as you have topped it without even studying but you see I really don’t find a point to celebrate it after getting 8 in spite of all that slogging I did for the entire semester. And I did not even attend a single party! Imagine!”

She was still smiling. Oh that annoying annoying smile!

“Lolz! Really? This is what you have to say? Who asked you not to party and you could have still scored better?” She said

Well, I don’t have connections like you. So you see that I can’t party and sleep all the time  and still top the semester.” Now that was really low but I said that.

Now this is something bad but you see it’s not like you need to discard your social life and kill your other talents to rise academically. It’s just that you need to manage your time well and understand your priorities clearly. Studies or marks are not all about your life and trust me they would not define your life too. But how much understanding you have developed about life,how much respect you hold for people and how you managed to make the best of it would matter the most at the end. And trust me rest all will follow eventually and you just need to be honest about your goals and passion. Use every opportunity in the most positive manner that the life has to offer to you without sulking over other people’s success and without pondering much over what the hell is going on in their lives.”

Then she stood and moved towards the door. But she turned once again towards me and said “Life is once. Live it totally. But living is not sulking over your miseries or torture yourself to death but about rising above the rest and helping others. Trust me you can still succeed and be happy.”

And then she left me all alone. That was the advice that mattered most to me and it showed me a way to live my own life and lead others too. I apologised later to her and by the end of my college life we turned out to be BFF. We share the kind of bond which people find amazing between two girls. We are confident and independent women today and very often we would barge to each other places and cities whatever we can mange. And that is it!


Last time when we met

I lead an amazing life today. I do jobs just not for the sake of doing any job. I do everything for my passion now. If something interests me I will do it and if it does not no matter how much crores it would fetch me I would not do it.

And I have never been wrong since then. Sometimes I go to the mountains to achieve my nirvana getting a break from my daily hectic schedules or sometimes dance to the trance at some Goan pub. I have crossed mountains to teach few kids at terror ridden areas and supported whatever little I could do to the war widows. I worked as a software developer at some top notch company for some times and then a marketing executive at another fortune 50s but left that too when I felt like doing something different and ended up teaching in a college and very soon quit it too just to teach pre primary school kids. Then left everything else and suddenly started blogging just because I felt like and all the while serving this nation, doing all the welfares I can do back to the society.

Very soon, I plan to explore some jungles and I might just be interested in creating some difference into the tribes there. You never know! And even on the scales of society defined success I am doing far better than my contemporaries and only because I don’t care what they are doing and I just try to make a difference in my own little life.

I am living my dreams and helping others to fulfill theirs and it gives me immense satisfaction. And that is what matters at the end! Thanks Meenakshi and Rohini for showing me the way to be what I am today and live my dreams. Thank you for being there always for me.

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If you have the wish then you will find a way and if not then you will find an excuse! I read it somewhere and it is very apt!

“Shakho se ukhar jaye wo patte nahi hai hum

Andhi se kah do ki aukat me rahe!”

another one (only coz I’m so fond of shayris,tolerate one more)

“Kuch log milte hai, Duniya badalti hai

Kuch shama roshan hote hai,kuch bujh bhi jate hai

Jo daata rahe hasti bus uski nahi mitati hai.”

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”

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