Marcos: invisible army of India


Imagine you are a terrorist whose prime motto is to cause destruction to Indian properties/ people and disturb Indian sovereignty. And one day you come to know that there are few deadly guys left on a mission to find you. And you know that they exists among you but you can’t find them as they are invisible. They are as much part of your terrorist organisation as you are and they are lying low and waiting just for the right time to kill you. Bullets can’t evade them.They can fight and kill equally well on Air, Water and Land. And they will show no mercy on you and would not hand you over to any other government organisation. They will just torture you brutally and kill you cruelly and simply vanish after that. None of your friends can locate them. And they have never failed once,yes not even once! Oh well if you will be wise you will commit suicide before they reach you.

Well this is not some fictional plot but a fascinating fact about our special forces and the force I am talking about here is deadliest of all the special forces of India and one of the best or may be the best (better than US Marines I mean by that) in the world. 


Here are few very interesting facts about them which would thrill you

They are super dreaded by the terrorists and called as ‘Dadhi wala Army’in Kashmir, ‘Jal Murgi’ in Assam and ‘Crocodile’ in Malabar.In kashmir they live in disguise and keep long beards like Kashmiri terrorists and mingle well with them and vanish silently after finishing the mission. So said Dadhiwala or bearded Army.

indian elite forces

Marcos are Naval officers who underwent world’s toughest and inhuman trainings to transform into super deadly Marcos who can perform all the rescue,repair and survive operations underwater for maximum human durations possible and all with their tied hands and feet. They can also skydive to land or water easily.

world elite force

Only best of the best 20 to 25 years Naval personnel who can clear pre training tests including physical fitness and aptitude test followed by crossing of five week long ‘hell’s week’ of intense physical training and sleep deprivation are chosen to be trained as Marcos for the next two years. Normally 90%of the candidates are rejected.

world best army

They don’t know how to fail! Reason? Well, they are trained in almost every possible warfare on the planet (and may be interplanet too). They are given the best of trainings in martial arts,weapon skills,para training,close-circuit diving and what not.They can handle counter insurgency to anti hijacking to anti piracy operations to the level of perfection. Not to forget the safety of our oil installations. Silent and Invisible!

indian navy commandos

They are trained in Guerilla warfare,mountain warfare and desert warfare and they are HALO(High Altitude Low opening) and HAHO(high altitude high opening) qualified. It basically means they can be dropped to sea and land both with full combat load. It makes them among handful of special forces in the world to do that! Oh my my it must be hell when they’d be unleashing their wrath on enemies.

shadow force

They are one of the well equipped forces of the world. World’s best assault rifles TAR21, HK-MP5 sub machine guns,APS amphibious underwater assault rifles are just few of the toys they like to play with. And HAL Dhruv Helicopters and Cosmos two man submarines are just among few of their rides. You gotta style man!

indian navy marcos

 US Navy seals, Marines and British SAS are their best friends and also assist the young marcos during their training period. Not that it make Marcos less than them They are equally good or may be better than them.

navy seals

Few Famous Operations

Operation Black Tornado

Well Marcos are existing among us since 1987 when they were formed but keep their profile so low that they were only highlighted during 26/11 Mumbai attacks when the Maharashtra chief minister came to know about marcos by chance through one of his naal friends and placed a specific request for them and the result was before everyone.They stormed the Taj hotel and navigated through smoke filled Taj corridors past all those dead bodies.They were the best special forces there equipped with bulletproof jackets and MP5 machine guns. They had two gunfights between them and terrorists where the terrorists fled leaving behind the arsenal of their ammunitions and grenades. They also played a major role in rescuing the hotel guests. The death toll would have been much higher if they would not have been there.

india special forces

Operation Cactus

Marcos defended the President Abdul Gayoom of Maldives to retain his democratic government and prevented the attempted coup by Sri Lankan militants.Then after a group of 47 militants with 23 hostages tried to escape through sea routes but Indian Marcos along with Sri lankan army trailed the vessel and kept firing on the vessel and then an Alize anti submarine aircraft dropped two depth charges near the vessel which ultimately resulted into surrendering of militants.

marcos commandos

Operation Rakshak

It’s an ongoing Marcos operation where two to four member team of Marcos have been deployed in Jammu and Kashmir around Jhelum River and Wular lake which was previously used as easy grounds by terrorist to freely enter Srinagar. These Marcos operate as undercover agents sporting full beards and wear Pherans like local Kashmiris. Outcome? Within weeks the intrusion stopped. Some Marcos are also attached to Indian Special forces there.

There are other famous operations like Operation Pawan, Operation Leech,Operation zabardast and Operation Swan(ongoing,Marcos used for patrolling on gujrat maharastra sea after 92 blasts) and other operations.

marcos antipiray operations

Their motto

Fight to a militant like a militant!

God mercy my enemies because I won’t!

Well I am in total awe with these masked men and wish to meet few some day……………..just for the autographs! Real heros!



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