Types of Stalkers that every girl loath off!

The complete list of type of stalkers that exist around the girls which include roadside romeos to workplace Tharkis. Read,relate and Share as much as you can


Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt Divorce

The complete report of why and how this one of the much loved hollywood couple divorced just after two years of their marriage and what could be the impact of their divorce.

Ranchi trade Fair: some photo clicks!

Pictures and other details of a n Indian Mela and trade fair in its full colour. The trade fairs are much loved among Indian communities. Take a look

Out of Quora Box

Do women get offended if we check them out? Haha.very very honest question..and being a woman and having loads of girlfriends and many many incidents faced or witnessed I can tell you that it depends from a girl to another girl. Like some may mind to death like “oh my god, oh my God.. He … Continue reading Out of Quora Box

Navratri Fashion

So festivals are all about fashion ! Like they go hand in hand when we talk about celebrations. And what more our the Indian festive season is just few days away so it's not only wise but also chic to equip yourself with all the dos and don'ts of the festivities . So you do … Continue reading Navratri Fashion

Navratri Significance and mythology

Navratri celebrations are for worshipping the Goddess Durga (the goddess of power) and her various forms for nine days and tenth day is festival of 'Dussehra'. Navratri means 'nine nights'. It is one of the most cherished and biggest festival of India celebrated across the lands of festivities and culture. I have already mentioned this … Continue reading Navratri Significance and mythology

Navratri dates 2016

This shardiya navratri 2016 is special. As this year the navratras would be commenced for 10 days than 9 days. And this type of special Navratras are happening after 16 years and last time such thing happened in the year 2000. So the Dussehra would be celebrated on the 11th day unlike 10th day. It … Continue reading Navratri dates 2016