Military-Civil Rank parity to be addressed within a week by MoD

I voted for Modi government last elections and man am I regretting it? All those foreign endeavours can not justify the hypocrisy shown by the government towards its own armed forces who are dying everyday on the borders these days due to decision taken by the government itself. Is it some kind of jinx that … Continue reading Military-Civil Rank parity to be addressed within a week by MoD


Dhanteras dates and things to buy as your zodiac ideas

The ultimate guide of buying things on Dhanteras according to your Zodiac which matches your personality and proves to be more prosperous. The images provide very easy and attractive illustrations

Scorpio Zodiac and it’s traits you never knew!

Everything you wanted to know about a Scorpio person from a completely new perspective. It also has some cool exclusive scorpio wallpapers and images which says everything. What are you waiting for read and share to the scorpios around you.

indian army

Sandesh2Soldiers this diwali: A tribute to Indian Army

an open letter to indian citizens about the life that an average army officer family lead and still manage to protect the borders with passion

MP Tourism jabalpur national park

Jabalpur: an incredible part of Madhya Pradesh!

Jabalpur is a laid back town in Madhya Pradesh but no matter how many times you visit Hampi or Bhopal but your MP visit is incomplete if you don't visit Jabalpur

A Flying Jatt: The common people superhero premiering on TV

Flying Jatt movie is exactly the kind of movie which you watch with your entire family. What more it's coming today on TV