Yaaron Ki baraat: BFF tales!

‘Family is given by the Gods and recognized by the blood but Friendship is made by us and recognized by love.’

Right? We can’t imagine a world without Friendship  and I feel the people without friends must be sad souls. The best parts of our lives and best memories of our lives are majorly created by our friends. And then comes that one special person in your life which surpasses all and make you feel that what was you doing without him or her? No not your love but your BFF! Your best friend,your secret sharer,your closest yaar and your biggest support which illuminates your day rather than just brightening it a bit, stand firmly beside you when everybody else has abandoned you, understand you even when you don’t not utter a single word and make you laugh out loud when you think it’s not even possible to smile.

Yes, that one special person is your best friend forever! Your BFF! Your school friends, your college friends

And here is the tale of my BFF saga which still makes me smile when I peek into my ‘Yaaron Ki Baarat’.

So, I met her at the first day of my college. I was a small town girl who had just cracked into one of India’s finest college ‘Birla Institute of Mesra’ and I was already mesmerized by the magnanimity that college imposes on anyone who steps there for the first time. But by the noon I was lost,troubled and harassed juggling with my admission formalities and then I was constantly being shouted upon by a clerk there for not bringing few of the required documents.

Then he said “ Go back to your place, bring your documents and then I would take your admission.” 

I was literally in tears. Shocked, humiliated and nervous! Then I heard someone shouting back.

I am seeing you past half an hour and you are constantly harassing this girl. And by the way who are you to take her admission? She has earned it and righteously enters the college.  We are getting late too. Do it quick or else I am going to the VC that this is how you treat freshers?”

Oh my God! It was like she just did some kind of magic and everything happened smoothly and they completed my formalities and asked me to submit the required documents later. I went to her and said ” Hey thanks.

She smiled and said “ Hey, No problem. You should always raise your voice whenever you are suppose to. It works.” That was how we met for the first time and ended up being best friends forever!

Her name was ‘Kathakali’ and she was one of those smart metro girls from ‘Kolkata’. She was my course mate and would keep on meeting afterwards and exchange pleasantries but nothing serious. I had a different circle of friends which basically included my old schoolmates who also made it to the same college. While Kathakali mostly roamed around alone. Sort of acquainted to all but friend to none type girl! I shared my room with one of my old schoolmate who had some issues with me but I never knew it that time. Nothing very serious just some simple deep rooted girls jealousy which most insecure and under confident girls possess but I was too ignorant to notice that. Initially so many guys and girls wanted to be my friends but she would always keep on instructing me whom to talk and whom not to, always quoting it very sweetly that I am too innocent to judge people and they are just not good for me. Gradually I started realizing that my own course mates are not giving me very friendly vibes while she ‘d be warmly welcomed by the same people. One day I got to know that very same pseudo friend of mine was circulating rumors about me being arrogant,rude and having so many boyfriends. I was shattered and tried to confront her but she refused to talk to me leaving me more baffled. Then don’t know how I decided to talk about it to Kathakali and she just did not only give me her shoulder to cry but also gave a mouthful to that girl.

Then when everything settled then she said ” Hey, how did a girl like you ended up having friendship with a bitch like her? I mean look at her, she doesn’t even know how to dress up and I have seen her always behaving like a cry baby and seeking sympathy everywhere. She is level five clinger, can’t even brush by herself!”

I said ” She is my school buddy. I thought she’s my friend.”

She laughed and said ” Oh my god, honey not everyone is your friend just because they hang out with you. A friend is suppose to give you a shoulder when you need it and stand beside you. It’s better to be alone than having such friends who use to hang out with you to extract benefits out of you.”

I smiled and said ” That way I guess you are my friend.”

She smiled back ” Hell yeah! Babes, we are! And we ended up being friends forever.


We had so much fun together after that. One semester was passed and we were a bit more mature. We started hitting the food joints, parlors etcetera together and we would shop like crazies selecting dresses for each others. Trust me nothing bonds two girls more than the shopping spree together. Then we would dance like crazies in those college parties and bash the snooties around often. Laugh out loud while commenting on that level five clinger whose own friends started hanging out with us and eventually turned out to be our good buddies once they realised that she made fool out of them too by her cry baby image and used them too for her every single necessity like she did to me. Kathakali and I were good in studies too and would help each other as much as possible which ultimately resulted in scoring higher each passing semester. Then eventually we formed a close knit of friends of our own who would always protect each other’s back but I and Kathakali always shared something extra. She is cute,sweet, fun loving and so full of life! I adore her tomboyish personality so perfectly wrapped up with feminism. And the way she protects her dignity above all. Man ! She’s gotta swag.

She even dragged me out of a very bad relationship too. The guy was dominating and extremely possessive and that would make me cry all the time. While I ‘d find her very cool and casual towards her guys friends. So I asked her one day ” I really wonder how do you manage to be so happy in spite of being into a relationship. Phew! I am going nuts.”

She said ” You know what ? You are extreamly sweet and caring. You simply don’t know how to say no and talk rude. And that is your biggest problem though I personally adore these qualities of yours. But you see you should know when to say no and don’t let people exploit you because of your niceness. If you will not stand up for you who will? And by the way relationships are suppose to make you happy. Nobody has the right to make you cry and trust me nobody is above your dignity. You are free to choose the way you want to live and nobody can govern that. Keep your dignity above all!”

And that was the defining moment that changed my life. I broke up with my boyfriend and lost few more so called friends too but you know that made me happy and liberated. And after that only those people which made me smile and happy were allowed to enter my friend zone and it resulted in making my world a happier place. I could focus all my energy into my work and achieve better. And with time we became the closest yaar and that closeness is still between us. We are busy in our lives but we know that we are always a call away.

After all Friendship  is not defined by distance but the fondness you hold for each other. Your best friend would be as crazy as you and make your life simpler and friends forever would always be there for you when you need them even when they live seven seas across. And if you have one such friend in your life never ever let him or her go over small issues. No one is perfect but the little imperfections make any relationship perfect.

And what more the upcoming TV chat show ‘Yaaron Ki Baraat’ on Zee TV which is to be aired on 8th October at 8 PM. It reminded me to talk something about my ‘Yaar’ too and bring out few of the anecdotes before you all. The promos look cool with super hilarious hosts Sajid Khan and Ritesh Deshmukh and this ten week show will put celebrity friendships to test through a series of fun challenges and tasks.  then the show is starting with the legends themselves ‘Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha.’ What more this is going to be a kind of show which can be watched with your friends and families both. Truly ‘Hatke’ entertainment!It will be fun to watch that at what extent these celebrities can go for their yaars. Here is the link if you want to know more.


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