Birthday celebrations

Here is a glimpse of my birthday celebrations which was on 6th of october . The pre birthday celebrations started a week ago with a trip to Kanha National Park  which is asia’s largest tiger reserve. The national park trip was super awesome which I took with my bae. The enormous river and magnanimus forest, the chirping of birds and a peek into the animal world left me thinking about how far we have travelled away from nature. Soon after this adventurous trip we headed back to Jabalpur which is a low profile laid back town of Madhya Pradesh. I reached there on by noon on 5th and I wasn’t expecting much but then life is full of surprises isn’t it? I got these beautiful booke at midnight followed by the cake cutting. Cake smearing was of course the part of it but I am skipping the pictures here. Those are quite embarrassing.


birthday flowers.jpg

The next day it was my turn to throw a party to my friends and I wanted to go casual so I dressed up in my shorts took my bag picked my friends and headed straight to Aura which is like the most happening club in Jabalpur.

birthday dress.jpg

birthday thoughts.jpg

yeah, This is the dance floor where we let our hairs loose for hours only to hog later on our dinner.

birthday party celebration.jpg

birthday party.jpg

This was one lovely little brownies dipped in chocolate which replaced the huge cake last night.


birthday messages.jpg

birthday ideas.jpg

The Dj wale Babu actually played some birthday tunes for me and it was really embarrassing.

birthday special.jpg


Here is the collage of all my birthday gifts and okay if you can find out that is me with cake all over my face.


That is me dancing. there are not much pictures while dancing as the lights were hazzy, party was on and no one in control.


So yeah I did not change the world on my birthday, visited orphanage or donated goodies but lived this one day the way I wanted. And I quite deserve it after all it’s my day. Right. I keep on writing long post but I have added the pictures as they say the pictures say a thousand words. And yeah special mention to some 6000 birthday wishes on my twitter and facebook profile which truly made my day and let me feel that I am loved. Thank you guys for making my day so special.

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