10 Historical moments in 2016 that shook India

The year 2016 has been a high voltage year for India where many revolutionary steps like surgical strikes or appointing the next army chief which are one of a kind of decisions ever in Indian history were taken. The November 8 announcement by Indian PM Narendra Modi freezed entire country for several hours. Many high profile celebrities, business tycoon or political families left us baffled. The Trump election was also nerve wrecking for many in our country too in the year 2016. All in all this year ender 2016 brings before you a very entertaining list and promises an exciting year ahead in 2017. So enjoy and share this year ender 2016 though I must say the choice was really difficult out of hundreds of events in the year 2016.

10.Vijay Mallya great escape (March 2016)

So one day on March 2nd the great Liquor baron Vijay Mallya who was the king of good times and owned every best thing (well, almost) in the country from calendar girls to the most glamourous airhostess in his own airlines, from hosting movie and Cricket celebrities in his own islands filled with girls and beer made a very quiet exit to London via terminal 3 Indira Gandhi Airport that day from Jet Airways flight 9W-122 accompained by a famous female Indian Sociatile in a very VVIP manner without being stopped by any official.

Mallya is being chased by almost every institution in the country banks,regulators,judiciary for 9000 crores that he owes to the lenders.

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9. Indian Army Chief Appointment Controversy (December 2016)

Now that we are curious of our Army more than ever then at such times the election of Lt General Bipin Rawat as new Indian Army Chief superseding two senior officers started a political storm and heated debates in social media. It’s one of a kind decision by any Indian government of overlooking senior officer and appointing a junior officer as chief of staff ever which is only second after the same decision by Indira Gandhi government in 33 years.  Though various reasons were cited in favour of his appointed like better operational handling then the senior Lt Gen Praveen Bakshi and Lt Gen Hariz which is debatable but no one denies that it proved to be a very divisive decision inside the Army and bad for morales of the troops.

Few even said that Lt Gen Rawat should himself has resigned and support the senior officer.

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8. Sakshi Olympic Win (August 2016)

The entire country drowned in the festive like celebrations over Sakshi’ s bronze medal win in Rio Olympics 2016 which is so unlike in a cricket frenzy country that we are. And why not She was the first Indian female wrestler to win a medal in olympics for us. The celebrations doubled when P.V. Sindhu won a silver medal and become the first Indian Woman to win a silver medal ever. Dipa Karmakar also succeed in making us proud with her being the first ever female to compete in Olympics and couldn’t win any medal by a close margin.Not only that these two proved to be the saving grace of India in Rio Olympics out of a heavy contingent of 117 athletes.

Interestingly movie Dangal made on wrestling sisters of Haryana from where Sakshi belongs too released on 23th December is breaking all the records too.

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7.  Tata-Cyrus Mistry Controversy (October 2016)

Our corporate Meluhans never end to astonish us and leave us startled be it Subrata Sahara of Sahara controversy, Satyam founder B Ramalinga Raju arrest or Vijay Mallya escape. It only make us believe more that behind those gigantic corporate empires still lies fragile blood and bone humans. It also make us believe that law in our country is still above all.

So Tata Group surprised everyone when on October 24, the Tata Sons board,ousted Cyrus Mistry as chairman. Soon after he was sacked he wrote a scathing letter to the board, stock exchange sent notice to various Tata companies,Sebi and Finance ministry all went onto a high alert mode and then started a never ending list of endless board meetings which are still splashing newspaper. Drama! Drama and Drama which could have been totally avoided.

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6. Jat Reservation Agitations (february 2016)

The entire country was seriously stunned with the level of violence and protest Haryana threw before the country. It all started on February 12 when Jats organised a peaceful protest asking for their inclusion into OBC or other backward classes which make them eligible for affirmative action benefits. It led to counter protests by non jats. Road blocking, railway properties damage, burning of bus -shops-houses and everything else that came before the agitated protestors were just not the part of protests but it also ended with rumoured mass rapes on Haryana highways.

This unfortunate and highly insensitive protests by some selfish mass leaders paralysed the state for 10 days and damaged millions.

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5. JNU Kanhaiya Issue (February 2016)

Oh my god it was like one of a kind of issue that really made few words famous amongst Indians forever. Sedition, Tolerance,Anti national and freedom of speech! On february 9 Anti-India slogans were shouted in the JNU campus in a protest organised in support of Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhatt citing it to be a judicial killing  ABVP and other student bodies clash happened in return.The former president of JNU student Union Kanhaiya Kumar gave a very controversial and heated debate over it next day.Media stepped in and Arnab  Goswami said it famously ‘ You are more dangerous to this country than Maoist’ Eventually it all led to the unneccassary arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar, Ravish Kumar made a documentry and then it ended up resulting in a nation wise debate over defination of freedom and free speech. Court beating of Kanhaiya by lawyers and journalist were also part of this debate for a long time.Later he was released over lack of proof.

Another name that made lime light this time was Umar Khalid but then that’s another story linked to this one.

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4. Jio launch (September2016)

It was like Santa Claus decided to bless all indians at once (that too before Christmas) when Mukesh Ambani officially announced the launch of Reliance Jio premium data services at extremely low cost to the users. Infact since it’s launch this 4G service is free till March 2017. What more now the calls,messages and other services offered by Jio is also free.Jio has acquired 16 million subscribers since it launch. A mark which Airtel took 12 years and Vodafone took 13 years to reach. Also It’s the fastest ramp up by any mobile network ever in the world.This launch has also been enveloped with lot of controversies but at the end it’s a common Indian person who is getting benefitted at the end. So ‘ Saanu Ki?

It’s the best corporate offer ever since the bloom of telecommunication in India which genuinely  let poor’s also be part of this communication and internet boom as efficiently as any rich.

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3. Donald Trump elected as US President ( November 2016)

Indians have been obsessed with American Dreams more than the Americans themselves. So if we say that the US election 2016 did not affect us then it’s a sheer lie. Why just us it is something entire world was closely monitoring. But we surpassed all with all those social media discussions,polls, Newspaper and TV debates for months like our own Prime minister is getting elected. What more Trump also campaigned copying our Prime Minister campaign one liner ‘ Abaki Bar Trump Sarkar’ which was focussed on attracting US-Indians and surely it delighted us all.No other Us president has been hated as much as Trump has been hated all around the world. And surely he doesn’t fit a conventional outlook of any president in the world,leave US! He’s listed in Forbes, A businessman, A TV presenter, A casanova and known to hate blacks and Muslims openly. What more his stories of molesting women splashed media really long. Though there’s no denying that he’s been elected by the people of one of the greatest democracy in the world only who now claims to hate him.

Now we are looking forward to see what’s more drama awaits us since he officially gains the presidential chair once Barack Obama leaves it and how it affects the world to write a new history may be!

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2.Surgical Strike by Indian Army (September 2016)

We don’t get to know about such missions that openly where every detail is there on the Tv screen and our usually docile government is openly talking about it in India. But this is what exactly happened when approximately 25  Indian Para Commandos entered the terror launch pads at LOC one night (it was very much like killing of Osama by US army) and destroyed at least 7 terror camps. Just like a scene from an action packed Hollywood movie 25 of our Para commandos accompanied by Ghatak platoon of Bihar and 6 Dogra unit dropped into the enemy area through DHRUV helicopters. Some machine guns fired the bullets,killed many terrorists and returned safely back to India without even a scratch.

It was done to avenge the death of Indian soldiers in Poonch and URI Attacks in Jammu and Kashmir when terrorists entered the Indian camps and killed sleeping soldiers. It not only startled us all but filled hearts of every Indian with pride and happiness. Except the race of taking the credits of this attack not even one opposition party condemned it.

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1.Demonetization (November 2016)

Nothing beats the thrills and chills it sent to the entire country when Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi announced the complete ban of Rs 500 and Rs1000 notes on 8th November. It freezed the country for some minutes. then there was utter chaos on the streets,opposition was in coma for some days till they found some solid points to protest, PM asked for 50 days,IT raids shaked countries where bundles and bundles of millions of money were captured,the Jan Dhan accounts of many poor people were suddenly filled with crores of unknown money. And it’s been 50 days today and we still don’t get to get over it.

It’s expected to bring down the corruption rates and benefit the poor. It’s certainly one of the revolutionary step taken by any government which will go down in the pages of history

historical moments in India 2016

Special mention of an event happened a day before the year ender

Well just a day before in a high voltage drama Mulayam Singh Yadav has expelled Son Akhilesh Yadav from the Samajwadi party. It’s such a rare decision where the head of a party has expelled his own chief minister son. So this year doesn’t seem to end very humbly and hints us further drama in the coming 2017.

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Anyway, it’s 31st of December today and we are just a day away from entering the new year which promises us better country and better dreams. And I wish all my lovely readers and subscribers a very happy and prosperous year ahead.

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