Play safe

We live in an urban country bound by its conservative thoughts. We shy away when it comes to talk about real issues in the most sensitive manner and with an absolute open mind. Syphilis,gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomoniasis!!! Do these names ding a bell into your mind? Well these are sexually transmitted disease or STD, a major concern around the globe and especially in India. Do you know what is the major cause of AIDS? How do deadly HIV viruses are transmitted to a person? And how a careless mistake can cost lives? If no then you need to read it and if yes then you need to read it too just to refresh the facts straight away.

Do you know a simple precaution or using condoms can prevent a whole lot of problems for you and let you enjoy your life freely without worries? The efficacy of condoms is undoubtedly the best when it comes to avoid pregnancy and prevent a whole lot of deadly diseases. They not only prevent you against the sexually transmitted diseases like Gonorrhea, Chlamydia etc but also protect you against deadly HIV virus which are life threatening. Unprotected sex is a huge cause of AIDS. And do you know you can easily avoid the risks and play safe just by using good quality condoms. Now using a condom  also lowers the rate of cervical cancer. It is vital to have a complete access to condoms to lead a sexually active youth life. If you are a sexually active person and enjoy life as it is with a positive mind then you should consider these facts

  • As a female it’s your right to ask for condoms. No one should ever shy away from asking the condoms before sex and stay risk free.
  • Condoms have a 98% success rate when it comes to prevent unintended pregnancy. It is the best way you can enjoy a healthy sex life without worrying over unwanted and unexpected pregnancies.
  • Condoms has no side effects. Compared to birth control pills or spermicidal solutions or sprays it has no side effects or almost nil side effects. You should know whether it’s a plastic or latex condom that suits you. There are variety of condoms available in market.
  • You don’t need to use any medication or prescription before using condoms. Both the partners be it the man or the woman doesn’t need a cycle or routine to use a condom unlike pills etc. It can be used only during sexual intercourse.
  • The usage only increases the sense of responsibility towards your partner. It is the best way to show your wife or girlfriend that you care and worried over you guys well being. You also show that you take your relationship seriously by caring about her physical health.
  • It’s better than any birth control pill or other such medicines as it doesn’t hamper female health. The contraceptive pills are known to affect the physical health like nausea,headache or sometimes allergy but this is not the case with Condoms and they are absolutely safe.
  • It also doesn’t hampers female menstrual cycle. The normal menstrual cycle has to be disturbed or deviate from its monthly course even if you take a single contraceptive pill even for once. But this is not the case with condoms. 
  • It has proven to be preventing cervical cancer in women. Recent research and studies have shown that frequent usage of condoms reduces the risk of cervical cancer in women.
  • It is easily available everywhere. Shops,medical shops,online stores etc you can get it easily from anywhere.


Abstinence is by far the best way to stay 100% safe and condoms are the most convenient way to stay safe for someone who is sexually active. Apart from all these benefits condoms are also known to increase the sexual pleasure of both the partners. These days many different varieties of condoms are available in the market like Polyurethane condoms are thin and transparent so as you don’t even realise that you have even put on one or Durex Condoms which extend your sexual pleasures. And now if you are too shy to buy condoms from the shops nearby you then there is a very interesting web portal where you can shop condoms and other things which is meant to enhance your sexual pleasures and strenthen your relationship with your spouse. It can easily be purchased at very economical rates from this website. There are various sections like sexual wellness etc where you can even order pregnancy test cards, ovulation test kit etc directly at your door steps. If you are too shy about sex life and want to keep it intimate then there are other items which are easily available at this site ready to be delivered at your doorstep without anyone knowing about it. Try it! It just might be your key to healthy and happy relationship with your partner.