Do there exist protocols for married women?

WOmen are no commodity.Marriages are no hell and to live in a society where gender neutrality is a way of life should be the basic right of a woman. A post which talks about it all and seek answers on behalf of married women to some uncomfortable questions that exist in Indian society.

publishers in India for first time authors

Publishers in India for the first time authors

Latest information about list of publishers in India who are willing to work with first time authors. A very honest list to help the budding authors to make strategies accordingly for the herculean task of getting published.

Top 5 Jammu Hotels & resturants

Top 5 jammu hotels as recommended by a Jammu Local. The inside exclusive pictures and the speciality that these hotels and restaurant has to offer to the families visiting these jammu hotels for a fun evening.

Indian special forces para commandos

Indian Special Forces :Para Commandos

The para commandos are oldest Indian army lethal special forces which is highly motivated,trained,deadlyand have access to weapons like TAR21 assault rifles,MP4 sub machines guns etc. The recent URI attacks,Nagrota attack r surgical strikes are just few examples of their heroic acts.

Valentine’s Day Quotes & greetings

Valentine's Day brand new wishes,greetings and love quotes which will definitely make an impression to your loved one's. I love you is a small sentence which creates everlasting impressions . Say it in the most grandeur manner this Valentine Day

10 coolest Valentine Day Gifts for her

The ultimate gift ideas for your girl be it your girlfriend or wife. The list of coolest valentine day gifts which would touch her heart instantly and tag you as best boyfriend ever.

Valentine Week 2017 Valentine Day

Valentine Week 2017

The complete schedule of Valentine week 2017 with day,dates and ideas to celebrate the valentine week for girlfriends,boyfriends,husbands ,wives or any couple. The rose day begins the Valentine week and kiss day ends it just before valentine day