Be Bold For Change-A List of Women newsmakers 2017

Women,women and more women! We as a race ensure the sustainability of this planet,Charm this world some more,spread happiness around and sometimes create wars too. Basically we like to be in news. After all what’s this world without women? So every year on March 8 we celebrate International Women’s Day which celebrate womanhood and its achievement. International women’s day 2017 also emphasises on gender equality. So to present some great women’s examples this women’s day in India we present the  list of top women newsmakers of year 2017 in India who made news of all sorts,went against the usual  and created the buzz a little longer than usual recently.

Gurmehar Kaur

This DU girl who is a martyr’s daughter (who died after Kargil war) came up with a video where she shows few placards and created a storm more than anticipated. One of it said “Pakistan did not kill my father,but war did” and that is it! Sports personalities like Virendra Sehwag,Deepa Karmakar condemned her openly while other celebrities like Shashi Tharoor, Rajdeep Sardesai,Rahul Gandhi etc showed support to her. Few said she’s planted by Barkha Dutta and Twitter world couldn’t stop tweeting about her and freedom of speech for a week straight. ABVP jumped into the whole matter more vigilantly and there were riots in DU. #Gurmehar #Gurmeharpostrow #RamjasCollege were a few hashtags which remained on top for about a fortnight.Almost all the celebrities from bollywood to cricket could not stop indulging themselves into this. This girl ‘s location is currently unknown as she is said to have fled Delhi to some safe locations after murder and rape calls but surely showed us the woman power in the most unique way which might be debatable.

Celebration Women's day 2017 Women achievers, woman newsmakers in IndiaPriyanka Chopra

This former Miss world which has been undisputable Bollywood queen over decades has suddenly taken Hollywood in her charming grips and made the ‘Goras’ and rest of the world go gaga over her. She started her hollywood career with two exotic songs ‘In my city’ and ‘I am feeling so exotic‘ ft. by legendary Pitbull and very quietly grabbed the lead role in Tv series ‘Quantico’ and that’s it. Soon we could see Priyanka everywhere from Oscars to Jimmy Kimmel talk shows only to play a huge role into the upcoming hollywood movie ‘Baywatch’ with the Rock. But what makes her rooted and great is it that despite her new found fans and a hectic schedule she still manages to come to perform in India and recently appeared on Karan Johar‘s Koffee with Karan. Even her fierce rivals like Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone looks smitten by the way she carries herself.

Celebrating Women's day 2017 Women Achievers, women newsmakers in India

Sushma Swaraj

She’s a bad girl. Nasty and firm when it comes to negotiate with the world on behalf of India being the minister of external affairs here. Her political credentials can be evaluated by the fact that she was once a strong contender of Prime minister ship along with Narendra Modi. The social media couldn’t stop praising her dedication to work even when she had kidney failures which by God’s grace is operated successfully in AIIMS on December 2016. She holds the chair more firmly now,like monitoring the cases of shoot outs of Indian origin men in US recently and create a legendary example to put forward before all the girls around the globe  to inspire them some more.

Celebrating Women's day 2017 Women Achievers, women newsmakers in India

Barkha Dutt

Love her or hate her! This woman never gives up and surely knows how to keep balls in her court. She’s powerful and chews millions of hate comments daily. She also has a huge following and her reporting is fab. Though many debate that she reports targeting few political groups and helps terrorists across the border,sympathise with terrorists too much and her reportings put bad limelight on Indian Army. The Gurmehar episode is said to be planted by her. She is the center of all the debates which talk about anti national vs Nationals.There are all kind of news about this woman who has been into the industry for more than two decades now and surely made of steel to keep the ball rolling in her favour this way or that.

Celebrating Women's day 2017 Women Achievers, women newsmakers in India

Tessy Thomas

She is the missile woman of India and also known as ‘AgniPutri. She proved to the world that women are equally good as rocket scientists as they are as models or actresses. She is the project director of Agni missile in Defense Research and Development Organisation(DRDO). Here you should know that there are no reservations of any kind in this department in a country where we fight for reservations for women just for political gain. This woman worries about her fitness,still run her kitchen while dealing with all the mathematical problems and lead an extremely umble life. Agni 5 is a success and many other tests are still going onto other missiles and weapons under her guidance before handling it over to defense department. Can any of us be more proud?

Celebrating Women's day 2017 Women Achievers, women newsmakers in India

Zaira Wasim

This Kashmiri girl who is popularly known as Dangal Girl swept us off our feet with her superb performance in the Aamir Khan starrer 2016 biggest blockbuster Dangal. This acting powerhouse has a huge list of pending movies to be released in the coming years. But what created a buzz was her meeting with Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti which led to all types of obscene comments online and threats and fatwa issued by Hurriyat conference. The threats included killing this 10th class girl on road for going against shariyat by performing openly before men and showing immodesty. Though it was disheartening to see this girl apologise to the local people but nonetheless she just showed million kashmiri girls that ‘dreams come true too, even in Kashmir‘.

Celebrating Women's day 2017 Women Achievers, women newsmakers in India

Arundhati Bhattacharya

She is not only the first female chairperson of State Bank of India but also the youngest person to reach this height. Her humble background which is nothing extraordinary, simply epitomises the power of a woman. She is just an honours in English and joined SBI as an intern and today she is the chairperson of this huge bank. She especially takes interest in the female oriented welfare programs.

Celebrating Women's day 2017 Women Achievers, women newsmakers in India

Special mention to Puja Thakur

This wing commander has the honour of being the first woman to lead the ‘Guard of Honour’ given to any major dignitary at presidential residence. And she looked nothing but royal and epitomised womanhood in all the flying colours when she escorted president ‘Barack Obama’ with all the panache this world has to offer. Though it was in 2015 yet the women newsmaker list sounds incomplete without her mention which is very special.

Woman achievers on women's day 2017 woman newsmakers celebration womens day

More power to these woman and all the women around the globe. And wish you all a very happy women’s day 2017.

And also you should know I am not a woman achiever or so (not yet;)) but I am also trying my bit to reach those heights where I can inspire women and create a difference into their lives. I have taken the first step with my book ‘Soldier’s Girl’ to be published in April 2017 which is a journey of a normal girl to become an army girlfriend and courage to defy the odds and unite with her para commando boyfriend crossing an entire war. The entire story revolves around her and how she leads her journey which is fun yet powerful.

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