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Doklam: Is war looming?

The Chinese state media has come up with barrage of critical articles recently and I include some of it here “A third country’s” army could enter Kashmir at Pakistan’s request, using the “same logic” the Indian Army used to stop the Chinese military from constructing a road in the Doklam area in the Sikkim sector on behalf of Bhutan.”

Even if India were requested to defend Bhutan’s territory, this could only be limited to its established territory, not the disputed area,Otherwise, under India’s logic, if the Pakistani government requests, a third country’s Army can enter the area disputed by India and Pakistan, including India-controlled Kashmir”

There is a long history of China -India face off but nothing had been like Doklam stand off. First of all you should know about Doklam which is a disputed area lying in the tri junction of India,China and Bhutan. Both China and Bhutan claim their authority over this disputed piece of land. It is called as Doklam in Bhutan, Dok-La in India and Dongland in China. Of the 3,488-km-long India-China border from Jammu and Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh, a 220-km section falls in Sikkim where Doklam act as a pass which connects Sikkim (India) to Tibet.

sikkim stand off, Doklam conflict, China India bhutan war,india-china stand off, foreign policy, Indian army,Chinese army

Recently Bhutanese troops were pushed back by Chinese Army when they stopped Chinese army from an unauthorized road construction and then Indian Army interrupted after the special request of Bhutan which has no diplomatic ties with China but enjoys a very friendly diplomatic  and military support from India. It resulted in escalated tensions and stand off between China and India. Though Chinese media reports that Bhutan did not place any such requests to India.

The consequences followed by stopping the Kailsh Mansarovar Yatra through Nat-hula pass by Chinese government for the first time in the history and pitching of tents from Indian Army sides with steady line of supply chains which indicates that Army is prepared for a long haul in holding its position in the Doklam area. The China has also sent its huge number of Chinese troops and flaunted its tanks around the area.

Chinese state endorsed media also stated “For a long time, India has been talking about international equality and non-interference in the internal affairs of others, but it has pursued hegemonic diplomacy in South Asia, seriously violating the UN Charter and undermining the basic norms of international relations.India’s incursion, based on its own strategic judgment, is a clear violation of international law and the western countries will not unconditionally support India as they have a wide range of “common interests” with China.


It reminds me of Kargil war in 1999 when thousands and thousands of troops were sent off unprepared along with poor equipment towards the conflict zone. Initially our forces were sent there with a notion that there are some local terrorist hidden there and they did not even had a proper map or equipment.

The ultimate result? The untimely uncalled martyrdom of hundreds of soldiers and destruction of thousands of families. And who was held responsible for the deaths? No one! The current party that time was elected with full powers in the next elections too and it was only the families of soldiers and Indian army that suffered huge loses as the outcome of an war. It is inevitable.

So okay I know there are all those theories of ‘war not happening any soon because of our economic ties with China and it is not India of 1962 and we have 56 inch chest strong Prime minister’

sikkim stand off, Doklam conflict, China India bhutan war,india-china stand off, foreign policy, Indian army,Chinese army

The point is no Prime minster or any political party responsible for taking decisions on behalf of Army to join the war has ever gone to the border to fight that war. It is always the soldiers who do and why not it is there job.But is it mean abrupt decisions and poor equipment which maximizes the death toll?

The soldiers die,not any politician! So may be this surety of not dying provide them the confidence of more rational decisions. Sometimes poor civilians managing their bread and butter lurking around the area falls for a bad fate and killed in the conflict zone too but never a politician who decides the war.

So my point is you can not send your own men to borders or seal off a war declaration until you don’t go out there or let Armed forces chiefs decide that whether they are fully prepared to carry out a two front war or not and how do they assure minimal deaths!

I know it is not possible!

There had been reports in media like the one I am quoting from Quartz.comFor all the chest thumping India can not win a war against Pakistan or China. Pakistan has locked down 30% of the Army into the Valley and a huge number is deployed in North eastern regions. Also the locals are alineated in these areas more than ever.” 

“Most worryingly, Pakistan and China have achieved military interoperability, which is the capability of their two armies to execute joint missions against a common target.”

Then our own  Air Marshal BS Dhanoa, Vice Chief of Air Staff said “IAF’s “numbers” were not adequate to fully execute an air campaign involving a two-front war and it does not have enough numbers in case a two-front war involving China and Pakistan breaks out.”

sikkim stand off, Doklam conflict, China India bhutan war,india-china stand off, foreign policy, Indian army,Chinese army

Now okay I don’t believe these reports (my intuitions of course, no logic) and I know any war either with China or Pakistan, the mightiest of mighty India will win that futuristic war.

But can anybody of us deny the fact that any war leave alone with China would cost us unimaginable losses and our country would be back to ground zero on development front then yes the destruction of families and death of many soldiers is inevitable in any two front war.

Who will mourn then? The losses of finest of gentlemen and best of trained motivated patriots who died because their political masters decided a war for them would be unpardonable and uncalled too. Now I raise a few questions here and I am looking for the answers myself.

  • The untimely crashes of decade old helicopters and air crafts says what? We just lost a ‘Daredevil of Indian Air force’ Wing Commander Mandeep Singh in a rescue operation in Arunanchal Pradesh. And is it just always weather or human discrepancies but never the performance of several decade old Machines? How do we think we will fight a war with these?
  • Almost everyday there is a violation of cease fire across India-Pakistan border and some soldiers die so frequently. They at the end have families and kids too. These reports have increased recently. Whose responsible for this?
  • So okay we had a successful surgical strike but did not all the intrusions and cross border firings increased just after that? Did not we saw the funerals of many soldiers who lost their lives in Poonch and Akhnoor districts recently? 

 The war with China is a nightmare.

We don’t want army of legends for our future generations whose fathers,husbands,sons and brothers fought bravely against all odds without proper shoes and clothes and martyred eventually. We don’t want war and I hope the government would be considerate about the lives of its own citizens even if they are soldiers.  The history tells us that Rajiv Gandhi sent a good number of 38000 soldiers to the neighboring friendly country only to call off the troops soon which were 1000 in numbers when returned and we lost our Prime Minster too tragically. So before intervening into other countries affairs we should calculate our options prudently.

sikkim stand off, Doklam conflict, China India bhutan war,india-china stand off, foreign policy, Indian army,Chinese army

The Countrymen should also go beyond the local politics and unite as nation. Sometimes there is lynching which makes the news, then other times its the riots in Darjeeling or there are issues like beef/cow, Nationals vs Seculars and God knows what not! The recent times demands to work together as nation beyond the vote bank politics and equip our armed forces with best of equipment and weapons than indulging into the conflicts which can be avoided.

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