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A romance like plaids and solid

Fashion is more about expressing oneself than copying something which you are not! Fashion is an investment that you do for deeper benefits. Fashion is an statement that you make without uttering a single word. Fashion is an inspiration and you are your own idol.

Yes! This is what fashion for me. I dress up for various reasons. Like to lift my moods up,to express myself,to make most out of it,to bring that inner joy outside or simply to be what I have always been…..ME!

swapnil pandey,soldiers girl, free spirit fashion for 30 year old indian woman clothes how to dress up how to team up plaids with solids. love life travel fashion beautyI love keeping me fit. I love exploring this world my way. I love the love itself. I love to keep my house perfect. I love to cook most exquisite of dishes. I love to excel in my job. I love to be the best wife. I love to be the best girl. I love my life. I believe that I will have it all.

From a domestic goddess to a runaway diva!

I am not one of those girls shackling myself into constraints. I love to challenge the chains which are bound to cage me only to throw them off quite brutally. No, I am not a badas* ,quite cultured and very much lady like. I am well read and travelled. I am exposed and experienced to the good and also to the bad. And may be this is the reason I am able to express my self comfortably. There are no confusions around me and chaos does not exist. Only because I know how to handle with it and keep my shits within limits.

I guess that is how you define an urban,free spirited,liberated woman.

No I don’t hate men and yes,I am a feminist!

I have been supported and loved. My brothers,my dad,my husband  all have been pillars of my support yet I have struggled a lot to be the woman that I am today.

I am an author. I write! But I write to spread love and joy around. I am a blogger too but I blog to to express myself not to please anyone. I am also an influencer but I post on social media to spread awareness and not what’s in trend. I do what I believe in!

Yes I have trusted people and got betrayal in return but that never shattered me,just made me smarter. Yes, people have used me but that made me stronger. True,that people could not keep up with their promises they made to me but that taught me a precious lesson and did not dampen my spirits. Yes!Only a woman is the enemy of another woman but they make best of friends too.

And yet! I love this world and beautiful people here. The bitter experiences have only made me appreciate the niceness around me some more. And I am thankful to the Gods!

I am a woman and quite proud of it. I live my life my way and fashion to me is expression of all these things that I just said. I am just returning from Samdrup Bhutan which is the border town of Bhutan to India. It is actually a small city. Nothing fancy but free spirited and liberated. The simplicity of Bhutanese people touches you and infect you with their vivacity.

The proud mountains covered in lush greenery, the chirping birds around and the tranquility of the surroundings bring you real close to nature and thus you!

Nothing could have been better than this plaid and solid outfit which was merging with the ambience. The plaids exudes liberation,ends and beginnings but solid exudes just the contrast. They symbolize mystery,reservations and the void.

Ground rules of wearing plaids

  • The plaid shirt looks are not limited with solids only but can also be teamed up with graphics or prints but do that when you want more of a funky look. 
  • Plaids accentuate the layering! So feel free to use that leather jacket with your plaid shirt inside or use that big plaid shirt as the cardigan or jacket itself. 
  • The animal print accessories or shoes add an interesting twist. Try it!
  • An open plaid shirt can even be worn over a dress or frock or a tight LBD.
  • The plaid tees are meant to be teamed up with shorts and minis. Just make sure to wear the right kind of shoes with it.
  • Also plaids and flannel shirts are your best bet if you love fastening shirts around your waist or cast over shoulders.

swapnil pandey,soldiers girl, free spirit fashion for 30 year old indian woman clothes how to dress up how to team up plaids with solids. love life travel fashion beautySo is the reason that we prefer teaming up plaids with the solids. Here are the dress details

  • T-shirt –Zara
  • Shorts- Promod
  • Sneakers-Mochi
  • Watch-Guess
  • Shades-Aldo

I am making most of last of summers these days.

The shorts,minis,cottons,tees,shades,sunscreens,caps are some of my permanent companions in this scorchy humid days.

I am loving my life and living every bit of it and my outfits are projecting the same. Free spirited liberated vibes that make most of me!

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