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The connection between Baba Ram Rahim and Lt. Colonel Purohit

Baba Ram Rahim and Colonel Purohit are two names which are taking rounds past this week in India and everyone is eagerly following the news updates about them. Before knowing their connection let us take a peek into their case histories first.

Lieutenant Colonel Srikant Prasad Purohit

ram rahim verdict gurmeet ram arhim singh dera saccha sauda colonel purohit court verdict riots latest newsLieutenant Colonel Srikant Prasad Purohit is an Army officer who was commissioned into Maratha Light Infantry in 1994 after passing out from OTA Chennai. He then actively participated into counter terrorism operations in Jammu & Kashmir (2002-2005) but after a knee injury he was deputed to Deolali in Nashik (Southern Command) as a military intelligence officer whose job is to penetrate  Anti-Indian Organisations and keep Army updated about things that can threaten the sovereignty of India.

The job obviously demands the officers to interact with the same anti national elements, establish local networks and even work as a mole. (this has proved to be the biggest defense in the case)

He was held in custody in relation to Malegaon blasts that occurred on September 29 2008. The blast occurred opposite to ‘Shakil Goods Transport Company’ and killed at least 7 people and injured 79. It was believed (not proved yet) that the blasts have been done to create ‘Saffron terror’ against the ‘Islamic terror‘ and the initial investigation by Mahartasra ATS led by Hemant Karkare (who martyred in 26/11 attacks) Sadhvi Pragya, Lt Colonel Shrikant Purohit, retired Major Ramesh Upadhyay were arrested in connection with the case.

He is said to be deceived and cheated by a brother officer,senior in rank Colonel Srivastava who blatantly handed over a serving Indian Army Officer  to the Maharashtra ATS without any warrant,proof or legal documents and from there onward a spine chilling plight of Colonel Purohit started. He was not only torchured brutally but also kept in jail for nine years without any charges against him. NIA has not framed him anywhere and ATS could not put charges even in nine years.

Then Lt Col Purohit, stepped out of Taloja jail in Navi Mumbai Wednesday after being granted bail by the Supreme Court.

Godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan

ram rahim verdict gurmeet ram arhim singh dera saccha sauda colonel purohit court verdict riots latest news

Baba Ram Rahim is a self acclaimed Godman also a spiritual guru,singer,dancer,actor,producer, activist who was born in Rajasthan on August 15, 1967. His parents were Sikh but he himself never adhered to any faith and claimed peace,love and humanity the only religion of this world. Baba Ram Rahim is the third chief of socio-spritual and influential group Dera Saccha Sauda sect.

The charges against him

In 2002, one of his female followers, in a letter addressed to then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, accused Ram Rahim of raping her. The verdicts of this 15 year old case have been out today where Special CBI court of Haryana convicted him. He is sentenced seven years in Jail.  The other charges include murder of Ram Chander Chatrapati who had written against the illegal activities of Dera. Also Baba Ram Rahim is accused of another murder of Dera manager Ranjit Singh.

Both the cases were lodged in 2002. Apart from these serious charges he also incurred the wrath of Sikhs, who accused him of dressing up like Guru Gobind Singh. Ram Rahim has also been accused of ordering the forcible castration of some 400 followers of the Dera. CBI investigations of these charges are still going on.

ram rahim verdict gurmeet ram arhim singh dera saccha sauda colonel purohit court verdict riots latest news
Ram Chander Chatrapati: Journalist who was murdered

Some 13 lakh people are said to be protesting in support of him in Haryana. The popularity of this Baba also known as ‘Guru in bling‘ and ‘Rockstar Baba‘ can be measured by the fact that he holds a ‘darshan‘ for hordes of devotees who flock to Sirsa town in Haryana, home to the sprawling Dera headquarters. No wonder Punjab,Rajasthan and  Haryana  are burning over this court verdict by his lakhs of followers who have gathered in Punchkula city just for his glimpse. They are sleeping on highways,blocking roads and  even pooing all around including banks.panchkul, haryana punjab baba ram rahim malegaon blast colonel purohit violent protests riots curfew baba ram rahim verdict

In the latest news to Baba Ram Rahim case Army has been deployed in the city and curfew and section 144 has been imposed in as many as 11 districts including New Delhi after death tolls rose to 25 people and 200s injured in riots after the verdict (it’s just a two hourly update tolls are rising minute wise). Also two empty rakes of Rewa express in Delhi Railway Station were set on fire. Several media vans were attacked and also at least two buses has been set a blaze. complete chaos! And this is just an hourly update of violent protest of (proclaimed) peace loving sect followers deeds.

All this when the Baba Ram Rahim himself requested his followers of peace to keep calm and not take controls of the system.

The connection between Baba Ram Rahim and Lt col Purohit

The connection between both of them is not only important but also haunting the faith. The faith in a country, faith in the peopl, the faith in justice and the faith in system.

  • Both of them are citizens of India while one served the nation, the other served the people as Baba ram Rahim is hugely praised for his humanitarian works which include adopting prostitutes, orphans to organizing blood donation camps and many other social welfare activities. 
  • While both the verdicts where Lt. Col Purohit was granted bail after 9 years and Baba Ram Rahim was convicted in rape case came out within the same week. We heard just the murmurs basically on social media platforms and news channels where his release was celebrated. While we see a complete state of lawlessness and violence over the conviction of a rapist (now that the court declares it and took 15 years for it)
  • While Lt Col Purohit faced unconstitutional and barbaric behavior (testified in medical reports) in spite of being a serving officer by the same government which is pleading before a accused and controversial Godman and can do nothing about it except seeking help from the similar serving officers and machinery. 
  • The God men patronized by the all sort of political leaders, parties and tax waivers is responsible for a situation of lawlessness in almost four states. Where is constitution here? And here we almost forgot Col Purohit and his wife who kept on fighting for years within laws putting faith in constitution. panchkul, haryana punjab baba ram rahim malegaon blast colonel purohit violent protests riots curfew baba ram rahim verdict wife of colonel purohit

Baba Bling in fact is provided with Z+ security and enjoys VVIP status, of course his life is more precious than a serving officer still putting faith in the system. The first statement Lt. Col Purohit gave out of the court “I want to wear my uniform. It is the outermost layer of my skin; I am wedded to it. I am very happy to get back into the service of the best organisation in the country, if not the world, the Indian Army, I love my country.” in a country where Vice President and Bollywood kings feel unsafe after enjoying best of what country has to offer to them.

I am not saying who is right or who is wrong but wondering over the orientations and loyalties of citizens of the largest democracy of the world where nobody bothered candle marches, distributed sweets for a serving officer when released from jail but the verdict came out and the same people show the power of holding the state hostage and shake government, military and the nation itself. I so wish the same people would have done so for rape victims, Nirbhyas, Jisha , aborted girls, martyred soldiers and many more.

The military saves this country and the rights of the same people so that they can keep on creating ruckus over useless issues but the same people and country show no empathy towards them. While countries like US and Israel burn other countries over single death and respect their armed forces here we are a country marching over a rapist but not a patriot. Where are we heading actually as a nation? We demand rights but forget duties and morals?

Who is saving freedom? Answer : The Army !

I wonder why no marches or riots occurred for martyrs parents seeking justice for their sons like Saurabh Kalia or widows struggling to raise the martyrs kids or the war veterans running from poles to pillar for their pensions or OROP. Are they not important people and served nation? Were their bullet riddled bodies not good enough to be respected and mourned? Were these issues not good enough as the matter of a rapist Godman? No wonder we lose wars over bad weapons and pilot over decade old helicopters. These are not the issues like many other ranging from unemployment to illiteracy…. to raise voice upon!

Or it’s just we take things too granted or there are mafia, political parties or money to instigate such riots? One of it must be true. If you find the answer do let me know.

The irony

The same people will ask tomorrow “Why India is not developing?”

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