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Upgrade yourself!Or fall sick!

Purity leads to spirituality,Spirituality leads to health and health is what, we call heaven!

Not some saint but I,the author of this post is the brain behind this gyan which you should take seriously. I mean, read it again,doesn’t it make sense? Even if you put your faith into ‘health is wealth‘ lines then too you linger close to my thoughts.

Preaching you or anybody in that way is not my cup of tea but yes, blogging liberates me to an extent where I can express myself, especially about the topics that concern me and today it should matter to you too. So peeps answer me a few things:

  • Have you heard of Indoor Pollutants?

  • When was the last time when you cleaned your carpets and painted your house? 

  • How much you believe in the motto ‘healthy life is the basic right’ of everyone?

  • Do you know indoor air can be more lethal than the air outdoors?

And why should you know about it? Because of some simple reasons

  • It’s about you, preparing yourself for embracing  healthier lifestyle.
  • It’s about equipping future generations for a greener future in urbane jungles.
  • It’s about upgrading yourself with knowledge that will lead you to Clean Air and Beautiful Homes.
  • It’s about upgrading technology which is meant to create  healthy houses.
  • Most importantly it’s about a step forward towards sustaining mother earth. 

And you thought, you only need to upgrade your phone! Haha!

Now that I have got your attention, can we come straight to the point?  We all talk about ‘Swach Abhiyan’ ‘cleaning neighborhood’, ‘deforestation’ emitting gases from chimney’ etc but how many of us bothered truly, deeply and madly about our own houses aka ‘HOME SWEET HOME’?

The same house which could have been secretly making you sick since ages and it is only because you ignored it.

You did not look after the ‘person‘ (yes,a house is a person, at least you should treat it that way) well as you were supposed to and you just kept on ignoring the silent screams of your house laden with mites,molds,wall paints peeling off, killer gases.Outcome? You ended up paying hospital bills. Sad!Royale Atmos Paint, best paint for house, festival season, Eco friendly paint , best paint in India indoor pollutants, environmental paint safe earth green earth asian paints which paint for houseNow I tell you why it is important to look after your own house and ‘Jhadu and Katka’ done by ‘Bai Aunty‘ is not enough!

According to World Health Organisation the indoor air can be 5 times more polluted than the outside one and may lead to serious health risks including lung damage and cancer. Just because you never bothered about a concept ‘Clean Air inside the house’ .

The indoor air can be pollutated due to various ‘Indoor Pollutants’ namely


The same colourless,odourless gas emitted by your faulty home appliances


Another toxic odourless,colourless gas emitted silently by your faulty home appliances like heater or the idle car in your garage.


The radioactive substance which is actually present naturally in your house.

Biological Contaminants

Mold,mildew,insects, pollens,saliva,urine and every living thing mostly around damp walls and moisture condensation into the stuffy corners.

Secondhand Smoke

Cigar, cigarette, or pipe or other tobacco products left half burnt at house or smoked around.

Organic Gases

Common sources are Pesticides, Mosquito repellents,even perfumes, sprays,cleaning supplies, pesticides, glue, printers and photocopiers, permanent markers, and certain building materials.


Found in home construction stuffs manily and inhaled silently from Pipe and furnace insulation materials,asbestos shingles,millboard,textured paints and other coating materials,floor tiles, and ceiling titles and panels.


Very toxic mainly found in cheap paints, gasoline, water pipes, and many other products.


A vivid range of formaldehyde emitters lie around us including glues, environmental tobacco smoke, and textiles mostly carpets and drapes. It is also released from building materials,wooden furniture,fiberboard etc. Considered as one of the probable carcinogens it is not only capable of causing cancers and other lung infections but also wheezing,coughing,skin irritation and many other thing. And trust me every single thing in your house is capable of releasing this highly unwanted killer.

Royale Atmos Paint, best paint for house, festival season, Eco friendly paint , best paint in India indoor pollutants, environmental paint safe earth green earth asian paints which paint for house

The outrageous health risks  because of these ghosts at your own house 

  • The exposure to these common indoor pollutants and especially at larger levels and regular basis may impose severe health risks including lung cancer,bronchitis,pneumonia. Other serious threat to health like throat, eyes, nose, and respiratory tract irritation,tiredness, headaches, dizziness, nausea, confusion, and a fast heart rate.Asthma attacks  brain, nervous system, kidneys, and red blood cells.
  • High level exposure to children may develop short attention span,behavioral problems,lower IQ levels and even delayed growth.

You should know that these effects may take time to show symptoms but are certain to impose health risks, if you are susceptible of constant exposure. And that is why the air inside your house should matter to you the most. You gotta return back to your house and spend a good amount of time. Okay? Be finicky about it! 

Most susceptible corners at house which you mostly ignored (Karma bites back!)

  • Kitchen
  • Stuffy corners where shoe racks,book racks,wardrobes are kept
  • Non ventilated areas away from sunlight and fresh air
  • Bathroom
  • Damp and moisture laden walls and windows
  • Faulty home appliances
  • Dirty central heating or air cooling equipment

How to identify the problem that Indoor pollutants are lingering around?(Quite merrily!)

  • Smelly and stuffy air inside house
  • Kids and adults falling sick more than often
  • Allergy is one of the symptoms.
  • Walls are peeling off and molds are growing.

Royale Atmos Paint, best paint for house, festival season, Eco friendly paint , best paint in India indoor pollutants, environmental paint safe earth green earth asian paints which paint for house

How to deal with Common indoor air pollutants (Precaution is better than cure)


Ventilation is the key to clean air

Let the fresh air get into your  house daily even if its air conditioned. There is no replacements for sunlight and fresh air. Use exhaust fans and hoods.

Minimize moisture

Make sure to regularly paint your house or seek help of the experts to remove the fungus infested walls completely. Key to a mold free house is to keep moisture and humidity levels in check. Also Fix leaks and clean up spills. Appliances that create moisture should be vented. Keep bathroom window open while taking shower.

Houseplants are bliss

Houseplants are simple but effective way to deal with common air pollutants inside the house. Invest in them and keep plenty of it indoor.

Cleanliness is next to GOD

A regular cleaning routine is a must where you make sure to remove dirt out of your carpets,drapes,mattress etc. Make sure to keep your utensils,clothes and shoes etc in sunlight oftenly. Keep cleaning the walls,ceilings and windows regularly. Use vacuum cleaner.

Royale Atmos Paint, best paint for house, festival season, Eco friendly paint , best paint in India indoor pollutants, environmental paint safe earth green earth asian paints which paint for house

Minimize use of pesticides and gases

Use the natural alternatives of popular pesticides like baking soda,dried neem or tea bags etc for insects like mosquitoes or cockroaches, Avoid using room fresheners or other sort of sprays too often.

Keep you appliances fit

A faulty house appliance like an AC,stove,heater or fridge would always end up emitting loads of harmful gases. Get it checked and repaired regularly and discard extremely old and faulty home appliances.

Say no to smoking

Don’t allow your house to be used as a smoke area. Announce it smoke free ask friends,family and relatives to smoke outside. If they can not control the urge. Keep away the children.

Know your Paint

The cheap house paints not only contain lead but also peel off soon and be susceptible of moisture condensation. It is a huge source of slow air pollution. Also a cheap and low quality paint puts you in risk of inhaling a lot of harmful chemicals especially during painting the house. Do invest in painting your house frequently.

Use the best quality paint for your house

Upgrading yourself not only mean to equip yourself with information but taking right steps right then. Nobody asking you to buy a brand new OLED TV when you are painting your house with the same old  paint or simply never bothered to get it painted in a long time.Why did not you ever bother to look around and buy a good quality paint which could have solved many of your problems like a loyal friend. After-all it stays with you years after years until and unless it peels off sending you instant signal for desperate need of those fresh coats. Don’t you think your house deserve only the best?

The use of an advanced paint has many benefit

  • Brand new look and feel to your house.
  • Overall cleanliness of each and every corner.
  • Clean air to ‘breathe in’ the fresh bouts of health
  • Healthy and happy family plus a longer life.
  • A house which appeals and calls you back home.
  • Saves your medical expenses.
  • No smelly and stuffy air anymore or those damn damps on the wall.
  • Bye-Bye Indoor Pollutants (if you use the advanced paints)

My favorite?

Asian Paints undoubtedly! God Promise, I don’t even remember any other paint. And all my houses (Don’t belong to Ambani clan but shift bases a lot owning to my nomadic fauji life) have been religiously painted with Asian Paints. Asian paints are largest Indian paint company and manufacture a range of paints suiting every budget kind and preferences. And most importantly they bother about environment. Their initiative Green assure not only bother about Volatile Organic Compounds but believe in creating a difference. Most of their products are without formulated without carcinogens, heavy metals and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APEOs) commonly found in paints.

Their newly launched  product Royale Atmos is truly way ahead of its time, mainly because it cleans the air making it purer than before which is a revolutionary technology, if you ask me along with many other ‘way ahead of its time features’ of Asian Paints Royale Atmos.

  • Only paint to release fragrance. A paint with fragrance? Unbelievable!
  • Activated Carbon technology which reduces harmful pollutants from air and purifies it.
  • Selectively absorbs foul smell and instantly lead us towards unadulterated indoor air.
  • Just like rest of Asian paints products, it has Green Assure Seal which means its environment friendly and VOC safer.
  • Reduce Formaldehyde.
  • Absorbs most of foul smell from garlic to many other pollutants.
  • Best in class wash-ability along with improved air quality.
  • Teflon surface protector provide stain and scrub resistance.
  • Very durable and comfortably last five to six years easily.
  • And of course make your house look regal with its smooth matte finish.

Royale atmos indiblogger best paint paint that absorb safe paint green earth environmental damage indoor pollutant clean air beautiful homes save earth paint healthy festival

Be original and instead of preaching things, pledge to take the first step ourselves. Start hastagging #CleanAirBeautifulHomes for a while on social media to spread the awareness. Invest in beautiful houses in and out and apply  fresh coats of paints instead of buying a TV. The festivals are meant to strengthen the family bonds.

Last but not the least Add ‘humour to your senses’. It not only fill your lungs with fresh air but also spread happiness in your beautiful house! 🙂

This festive season let our houses glow in health.   Paint the best and let it purify the air you breathe in!Let’s all take a step towards healthier houses,happier families!

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