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Why do happy couples post less on social media?

How many of you know that ‘Happy Couple!’ on social media who believe in posting cheeky selfies,steamy profile pictures and cheesy celebrations of their relationship? Their relationship milestones flood your Facebook feed in form of their more too often ‘love captioned pictures and stale proposals’. Their statuses are all about their relationship goals and cheesy inside jokes. They do even bother to write drenched down in love full 1000 word birthday statuses for their spouses publicly rather than actually spending the day with them and propose them on knees again and again. This ‘Social Media Couple’ trend is quite annoying and the worst part? When you actually spend time with them in real life you even wonder ‘Why they are together?’

Unlike their public facade, behind closed doors, these type of couples are always bickering about everything from chores to finances, and they seem on the verge of breaking up!

The truth is genuinely happy couples don’t need to share their romance on social media. They are just too busy spending time with each other than bragging on social media. Here are the reasons why are they just not interested into discussing their relationship online.

Find out how many of these suit you and which category do you fall in! This just might be a real eye opener for you.

They don’t need validation from society

The happy couples are too secure in their relationship and they don’t need to gush about it. They hold a mutual understanding together about their relationship which they firmly believe in and nothing can shake that. Online media would be the last resort to brag about their happy relationship.happy social media GIF by Yevbel


They are genuinely happy

Happy couples would rather like to crack their inside jokes, aspirations,inspirations with each other than everybody else around. The close intimate one to one talk between them fills them with contentment that they don’t need to go public about their relationship goals.Couple Hug Love GIF

They hold a secure relationship

Their ‘less online couple relationship’ is as solid as rock and they gather confidence out of it. They firmly hold each other’s backs and the vary foundation of their relationship lies on the ultimate trust they have for each other. Why would they ever think about posting those cheeky selfies and cheesy profile pictures now and then online? They know the other one is always coming back to them and they don’t need to announce ‘She or He is mine‘ on Facebook or Instagram.Couple Love GIF

Convince others to convince themselves

The numerous likes and comments from online friends,relatives or family members act as  validators to the otherwise crumbling relationship and they keep reminding themselves by ‘confess love to each other, constantly post inside jokes or share pictures of themselves doing fun and romantic activities, it’s a ploy to convince everyone else which is really just a way to trick themselves into thinking they’re in a happy and healthy relationship.New England Patriots Love GIF by NFL

Happy times give you less time to click pictures

Happy times and presence of genuine joy, we often tend to forget to take photos. For happy couples they are usually too engrossed making most of the happier times that the camera always takes the back seat.Love You Kiss GIF

They don’t need to compare their relationship with others

Happy couples create a niche where the boundaries lies within their own comfort zones. Love,sorrow,struggles,happiness or even pain all reside inside those boundaries. They have their own code of conduct and they don’t compare their relationship with others which is also reflected through their online activities. They don’t need to take that vacation break just because somebody else is frequently posting pictures or dancing with Facebook Live on.Cara Delevingne Kiss GIF by eOneFilms

They are not attention seeker

They know how to have good times together and don’t need to flaunt it just to seek public attention. The difference between having a good time and showing that you are having a good time is clear to them.

People spending less time on social media are happier

Research shows that people who use social media excessively might be depressed and they constantly compare their companionship with the highlights of other person life. No one’s life can be as picture perfect as they portray on social media.Nicholas Sparks Kiss GIF


They hold their relationship precious and sacred

People in love hold their relationship precious. It’s a common human mentality to hide all the precious jewels away from public glares. For happy couples, they hold their spouses in high regards and too scared to lose them. This basic human psychology also inhibit them from posing and posting their private moments too much online.Couple Love GIF

Happy couples hate Drama

Do those double meaning posts just after a fight annoy you? It is actually foolish to post status or pictures on social media just after a fight. It simply shows the lack of communication and comfort into the relationship. Real couples believe in sorting out their difference without involving others. After all who doesn’t have arguments?Nicholas Sparks GIF

“To hell with Facebook,Instagram or twitter! Come here and let me kiss you right now.””Don’t you dare post my morning pictures online” “The birthday breakfast is yummier than the birthday wish you posted finally on my Facebook wall”   is how the conversation between happy couples start. They are happy and they know it. They don’t need anyone’s approval to let them feel secure about their relationship. It’s a private matter and they value it. 

So next time don’t be intimidated by the flood of cheesy couple pictures and believe in what you have between you two is the best and best is to keep it between you too.


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