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#ColonelKiBiwi hashtag has taken over Twitter

A video in which a woman can be seen misbehaving and abusing policemen while forcing her way out of blockade and even manhandles on Hazara Motorway in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan while Pakistani policemen on duty request her to follow the rules like other fellow people has gone viral and trending on Twitter. This viral video which is being circulated under the hashtag #ColonelKiBiwi is now a worldwide trend. The woman keeps on repeating ‘mai Karnal ki biwi hu’. According to the informations available in public domain it looks like that the incident occurred on 20th May around 5 pm local time when the woman along with a young man apparently seems to be her son, was traveling to Shankari from Mehsehra This video is from Pakistan,a country dominated by military. A country where democracy is not a permanent feature and depends mostly on likeness of Pakistani Army currently headed by COAS Gen Qamar Bajwa. Corruption in Pakistani Army also makes headlines very often. Pakistani Army is most powerful organisation in Pakistan and no wonder it makes the families of Pakistani personnel feel entitled and take country’s law for granted. The video made and released by pakistani government officials themselves has taken over Twitter in a storm and also cracked people over, the meme riots also started over the particular video. Here, you first take a look of the video.

Now take a look at the various tweets where some Pakistanis request people to remember good wives of Pakistani Army than following the bad example while other say that Pakistani military do posses a superiority complex.

At the same time another video where an Indian Army Officer can be seen distributing sweets to Policemen at the check post has also gone viral where he can be expressing his gratitude towards policemen and other brothers in uniform for their selfless service during Corona Pandemic. He can also be seen distributing sweets made by Indian Army soldiers in unit langar. These two videos might not be related but reflect the attitude both Indian Army and Pakistani Army holds in respective countries for their people. Take a look.

Hope the Pakistani Army wife act would not go un-noticed by the officials after the internet explode and would be punished under the law. We also hope just like Pakistani officers they also have some laws for Pakistani army families for their misconduct and bad demeanour in public. At the end we wish the good sense prevail soon and Karnal ki biwi find her peace.