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An Army Wife’s open letter to Ekta Kapoor

Dear Ekta Kapoor

I hope you and your family are safe during the testing times and staying together during the lockdown. Families staying together is bliss though, because we, hardly get to live together. I belong to the creed of Army wives who are mostly left behind while husbands serve the nation at faraway lands. But sometimes we do get lucky and get a peace tenure when the fauji father and the fauji husband gets to stay with us. Not that he is much at home but I still feel happy in whatever little ways he shares my responsibilities which were always meant to be shared together as a couple. But what truly fills my heart is when my children get to play with him and sometimes even get to show him the hobbies they are indulged in or the laurels they have earned in their school. Please never for a second, think that a soldier is not a responsible family man, in fact, the level of commitment and devotion found in his heart for his family is unmatchable, trust me emotions are only meant to be felt not expressed. It is just that he is duty-bound and he has taken an oath on his uniform which he earned through blood sweat and toil to think of his nation first that he is not able to give us time. For us, as his family members, we honour his commitment to his nation. We take immense pride in his job more than our collective existence and priorities because we believe our soldier is doing noblest of all the jobs. How many people hold the courage to spill blood for the safety, security, and most importantly sovereignty of their nation? Only Faujis!

When the whole nation is living behind closed doors, thousands of other faujis still leave for their duties undaunted, face death threats, risk their lives and throw challenges to the enemy of our nations despite the pandemic. While they try to take all the precautions Corona Virus is least of their worries If I talk about just this last month five of faujis made supreme sacrifice at Handwara, their families still mourn their deaths. One of the officer Colonel D Roberta sacrificed his life in north Sikkim avalanche and Ah, let’s not forget the recent India- China Standoff at Laddakh where thousands of our men are deployed and trust me it is tough for their families because they know all it takes is one bullet to start a war.

Now tell me do you think their wives have time to commit adultery? Certainly, you are aware of how jawans are deployed at borders and stay away from their houses most of the time which you think is enough for their wives to commit adultery and dishonour their pride. Otherwise what was the reason for making a shitty show like XXX 2 and attack Army culture and Army people in it?

You depicted in Alt Balaji web series that the wife of an army officer is having an illicit affair with her lover while her husband is at the frontline and also that the wife of the army officer makes her lover wear her husband’s army uniform during their intimate moments and more. Do you really think just because the husband is away at the borders where he would not even get a sniff of his wife illicit relationship, the Army wife will commit adultery because she is sexually frustrated?

I understand ‘Naam, Namak and Nishaan’ are alien words in the world you live in and make a living off but these are realities over which entire paltans go to war even when they know none of them might come back because this breed of people; the Faujis, are trained for years to be raised as soldiers who indeed will die for ‘HONOUR’ because this is the only thing worth dying for.

There is a famous quote

For how can a man die better than facing fearful odds, For the ashes of his father and the temples of his Gods?

Just not the soldier but his entire family and especially his wife imbibe this philosophy by their heart because there are honour and pride in dying for your nation and people. Do you think women of such brave men would do anything to dishonour them? Do you think a soldier would be willing to make supreme sacrifice if his wife is dishnouring him behind his back? Why would he when he will learn he has already lost his honour?

Do you understand what you are doing here?

You are attacking the entire belief system of an organization where Honour is everything. You are truly belittling them; your own soldiers who are providing you the ‘freedom to create’ even something as shitty as this

I understand I totally understand these are erotic series, there is a disclaimer but would you create something similar for a president’s wife? No! Because you hold respect for that chair. Do you remember how Rajputs stood for an ancient queen called ‘Padmavati’ for a slight rise in her skirt in a simple movie that was actually created with an intent to glorify her?

And here, you are discrediting and dishonoruing an entire organization and people. You want to know about Army wives, I tell you about Army wives.

~Salma Shafeeq Ghori lost her husband Major Ghori in 2004 in a counter insurgency operation in Kashmir. She chose not to remarry and raised their children Saif and Sufia then aged 4 and 6 with utmost pride and dignity. Today they both are working with respectable firms.

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#HumansofFauj "Past 20 years I desperately wanted to visit this house, I can't tell you how nostalgic I am right now. it's as if my karmic circle is completed. You would laugh but I felt as if Shafeeq is watching me as one of the stars once I reached our house in Amritsar, it was as if he was holding my hand, helping me walk." Salma Shafeeq Ghori wife of martyr Major Shafeeq Ghori who sacrificed his life saving another soldier's life during op rakshak Baramula in 2001 just shared this picture with me where she could be seen standing in front on a house with yellow lights but if you ask her this is just not any house, it is piece of her heart, a myth which matters the most to her. It was her last fauji accommodation in Amritsar where she entered with 40 days old Saif and 7 yr old Sufia and left only after Maj Ghori's martyrdom. She travelled from Bangalore to Amritsar to visit this house yesterday. She further said " I remember how Saif would crawl over the whole house&how I'd take my kids to the park nearby. I felt as if it was only yesterday that Shafeeq left for office and I rushed out leavn household chores to bid him bye like I always did. I felt as if it is just matter of minutes that he 'd come home, again, in the evening from office and take us all to Golden Temple. We would visit it often and I always found peace there. That peace was still there when I visited the temple this time." She is back in bangalore now but she says her heart 'll always b there in Amritsar in her house she built with her husband he called home. I wish people feeling broken and lost understand what pain, love and loss truly is. There are thousands of women living in bits&pieces lk Salma Ma' am. ITS MAJOR GHORI 'S BIRTHDAY TODAY. #armywife #armylife #armyofficer #armystrong #indianarmy #armylovestory #armylove

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~Subhashini Vasanth lost her husband Colonel Vasanth Venugopal Commanding officer 9 Martha li in an insurgency operation in URI. She channeled her inner grief to empower other veer naris like her and three months later founded Vasanthratna Foundation. She had also been the recipient of the Neeraja Bhanot Award 2016.

~Karuna Chauhan the young wife of Lt Cdr D S Chuhan could only be fifteen days with her husband when she lost him on INS Vikramaditya within one and half month of their marriage and still puts sindoor, bindi and bangles of his name becuase that is how he always wanted her.

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Last year on 26 April 2019 Lt Cdr Dharmendra Singh Chauhan sacrificed his life in a fire accident at Indian Navy's flagship INS Vikramaditya. He could have easily saved his life by scooting away from engine room where the accident had happened but instead he chose to go back and save 1400 other lives. Karuna got married to him just 1.5 month before the unfortunate incident. She had only spent 15 days with him. It was heartbreaking. The day she received the news she kept praying to God 'you have snatched away my father, my grandfather but please dont snatch him away. I can fight the world but I need him.I will be all alone." But god did not answer her prayers. She googled how martyrs wives cope up with their grief but nothing helped. Today she puts bindi, uses sindoor and also kept Karwa chauth. When I asked her Why? She said" I am wife of a martyr and we all have to die one day but how many people die serving the nation?How many gets to be wrapped in Tiranaga? I have accepted the fact there won't be any physical presence of him but I still feel him around me. He loved bindi on my forehead. He always complimented me how pretty I look. Today I do everything he liked. I even kept Karwa Chauth so that he be in peace wherever he is. I asked my mother in law if I am right she said we should absolutely do things he liked about us. Me and Ma hardly ever cry because we know he will not like it but sometimes if I miss him too much I cry secretively and say sorry to him later. Ma also does the same. During our courtship period I asked him 'Karuna or Vikramaditya?' He took 10 sec pause before saying he cant compare us. Today I am proud he did not choose me but yes now I know the answer who he loved the most. " Some people leave you speech less from the sheer simplicity of the courage they hold in their hearts. Karuna and her mother in law are two such women. I feel they epitomise Indian women. Do read their story FOLLOW LINK IN BIO Their wedding pictures will break your heart in 1000pieces. She was supposed to be a newly wed & spend her first Karwa chauth with her husband but it could not be because nation needed his sacrifice. #Indiannavy #insvikramaditya #martyr

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~Pallavi Sharma wife of Colonel Ashutosh Sharma Commanding Officer 21 RR who recently made the supreme sacrifice leading from the front called another young Army wife Mrs. Akriti Sood who also lost her husband in Handwara encounter first thing she received the news of her husband martyrdom on 2nd May 2020 because this is what is her duty as an Army wife.

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Disclaimer : If you copy this video and post to your army page give proper credits. Because of two reasons 1.if u are an army page learn also to be ethical took me several days and lot of emotional trauma to create this video and secondly Instagram may disable your page. Its a huge risk. You can copy paste the correct format *The video belongs to @girlandworlds and we post it because we support our army families. * We have short term memories when it comes to remember the bravehearts who spilled their blood to keep the Tiranga fluttering high in full glory. They proudly embraced their glorious deaths but left their families behind to pick up broken pieces and to heal broken heart which is too proud to cry and mourn the death of the bravest man it ever knew. One such family is of Colonel Ashutosh Sharma former Commanding Officer 21 Rastriya Rifles who while leading from the front sacrificed his life at Handwara #kashmir on 2nd May 2020 in an attempt to rescue civilians from LeT terrorists,His wife Mrs Pallavi Sharma had a word with him on 1st May when she somehow felt trepidation, something amiss. She shares with me how she bids him final farewell and how she sets him free. Theirs was a love marriage and togetherness of only 20 years when even a lifetime was not enough for Mrs Pallavi Sharma with her Aashu. "It is tough to be a solider Even tougher to be his wife" If you have courage go read their story on my blog. Follow link in bio. @piush.sharma28 Thank you bhaiya for your support It was not easy for me to compile this video. Took me several days to pursue her and also lot of emotional trauma to edit the right video… #Handwara #colonelashutoshsharma #colonelashutosh #IndianArmy #armywife #armylove #armystrong #armylovestory #humansoffauj #patriots #patriotism

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~Captain Riya Nehra adorned uniform after the young Army wife lost her husband in a snow clearing operation in 2002 because she wanted to step into her husband’s shoes to honour his memories. It was when women were hardly seen in risky jobs.

Leave alone wives I hope you at least would be knowing about Captain Vikram batra? His girlfriend never married after she lost Captain Batra in Kargil. What do you think stopped her? The sheer pride that any woman in relationship with a man in uniform (which you dishonoured so casually) holds.

Dear Ekta Kapoor if you will look for true stories of Army wives you will find thousands and thousands of such stories that depict how these Armed Forces wives channeled the insurmountable pain and rose above social stigmas and honoured their husbands who served their nation with pride, dignity, and honour.

If you respect your nation, your Army, if you truly value the courage of every man who lost his life for the nation and grief of every woman behind him, you must pull down this webseries and extend an apology to all of us.

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  1. Ekta is interested in money and that is all she understands having been born and living in that peculiar environment. She does not understand such explanations because she does not want to. It is more a matter of upbringing than a sudden inspiration.


  2. An army officer’s wife’s life is no joke! Since she is holding the home front boldly, with a smile , mostly , even during very trying periods at home, while he is away from the home front . when there is peace time all is well. But when the endless war is going on; and he is posted there, many of our girls have to become very bold and give him assurance ;;;
    So that he is mentally free, because he knows she is there to face all the good and bad even worst circumstances by herself .
    Whosoever insults our army officers or their wives will undergo difficult periods
    In future. No one can ever be happy by insulting and torturing the other’s souls.
    Bharat is a karam-bhumi;; jaissa karogeh , vaisaa bharoge. Kanchan kumar


  3. I don’t think we can penalize a show for telling a very specific story. I don’t think it is a sweeping statement about all Army marriages.


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