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An state of the art Indian Army library constructed by AWWA Vajra Corps

We often talk about the power of one man, today I want to talk about the power of one woman ‘Mrs Rani Sharma’ Zonal President Army Wives Welfare Association Vajra Corps. Her love for children pushed her to envision an ‘state of the art’ library where Army children could learn play and explore away from constraints.

The small two bedroom accommodations of fauji families don’t often provide an opportunity to Army kids to focus on their studies. Then , there are FAFA families whose husbands and fathers are serving the borders at far off lands, even the especially abled children face a lot of trouble on learning front so during her visit to old dingy library of the 11 Corps she came up with the idea of creating a modern library which would not only serve as a reading space but also as an area where Army families and Army children could come freely and avail all the opportunity to read, learn and enhance under one roof away from the hustle bustle of digital world.

A space which could provide solitude to children of all age groups to study or gather knowledge, their own arena where the young children and lesser educated families and also war widows could be encouraged to read books away from digital gadgets. So, she started with her endeavor and pulled every string essential for constructing such modern library in her quest to provide every opportunity at par with metro stations to Vajra Corps families at a small station like Jalandhar. I had the opportunity to witness the opening of the Vajra library and I was awestruck with the magnanimity of the facility. There were separate reading corners, green spaces, colourful reading cubicles , separate Hindi book section with an ambience matching the international libraries, military books sections where the student Army officers or jawans and JCOs could come away from the busy service life to absorb knowledge and get a quiet environment to focus on their studies as essential part of Army service life. The seating corners with special emphasis on privacy and solitude were especially curated for such loners. The lounge area, bright vibrant seating arrangement in the library and even a little coffee shop was an attempt to attract Army families and veer naris to spend their time away from the monotony of their lives mostly spent looking after others. Even an entire digital and audio video content section for differently abled children was a wonderful feat. To imagine the team had been sensitive about their special requirements is commendable. Someone from the team behind the construction of Vajra library was mentioning how

Mrs Rani Sharma, the Zonal AWWA president Vajra Corps was insistent that we need to create such exclusive spaces for the Army wives and Veer Naris where they feel motivated to come on their own in quest of eventually inspiring them to inculcate reading habits. She was also insistent about corners for especially abled children.’

This was the vision of a leader , a woman who wanted to give fauji generations a facility which they could use for their upliftment and growth. While we all acknowledge the roles of the military leaders, we hardly ever talk about the force behind them, the women who silently work for the betterment of the Army community from small to big cantonments in their quest of keeping the fauji fraternity together and make their lives better. We must acknowledge their leadership and vision as well. Fauj is one big family. I feel just as our fathers and forefathers leave properties and assets for their future generations, this is how fauj has built itself step by step, the great military leaders and the force behind have worked tirelessly to give away infrastructure, roads, hospitals, schools, shopping complexes to the fauji fraternity and we must always be thankful for their vision and leadership to mobilize forces for fruitful and proud endeavors for the betterment of the fauji community. In modern times the modern military leadership in quest of keeping with the demands and challenges of the modern times is working tirelessly and we must at least extend an acknowledgement for their work. I feel inspired truly. To imagine this facility will be used by our children, men and women and for the generations to come I felt overwhelmed. It was state of the art. I was fortunate enough to attend the inauguration ceremony .Now I will stop writing and leave you through the pictures to judge yourself and may be get inspired to create something so amazing for your community.

Always try to leave a legacy behind whenever you move ahead

‘Param Veer Chakra Awardee wall’ to motivate children with ideologies of patriotism and courage
Modern book shelf gallery with attractive visual appeal
The main lobby of the Vajra Corps Library
Corners providing solitude to the quite readers
The reception area created with a vision to provide warm and welcoming vibes to the readers
The little cafeteria in the library where book lovers can also cherish some snacks and cold drinks while reading their books
One more initiative from Army Wives Welfare Association Vajra Corps for the betterment of the Fauji fraternity
Enthusiastic Army brats participating in the inaugural competitions kept to encourage them to visit the library area more and keep away from digital gadget
The happy children after a grand tour of the library
The woman behind the vision Mrs Rani Sharma Zonal President AWWA Vajra Corps

When we talk about work and role of AWWA we must look upto Army infrastructures proudly, even though no mentions, little acknowledgments, no medals or commendation cards for the silent ranks , you will always find a woman’s touch some dreams, love and affection behind the proud infrastructural facilities Indian Army proudly builds for the troops, for nations and for a future ready modern military power.