How to prepare your blog for driving thousands of traffic

Effective ways and tested techniques of driving thousand of traffic to your blog and also tricks to improve your alexa ranks and Seo which eventually lead you to good monetisation


‘Dear Zindagi’

Life is exceptionally generous.A note of thanks to this beautiful life which has so much to offer to you if you open your heart and mind to it.

Yaaron Ki baraat: BFF tales!

A tale of young friendship where one friend mend the path of the other friend and proved that not all friendships today are meant to be broken.

Chhote Kadam which ensure a healthy heart!

Where there is heart, there is love and life! Oh! It's true. Isn't it? This simple line describes the importance of heart quintessentially. So basically there is no love nor life if you don't have a heart and that simply means you are dead. And don't just laugh it off my friend as we are … Continue reading Chhote Kadam which ensure a healthy heart!

Out of Quora Box

Do women get offended if we check them out? Haha.very very honest question..and being a woman and having loads of girlfriends and many many incidents faced or witnessed I can tell you that it depends from a girl to another girl. Like some may mind to death like “oh my god, oh my God.. He … Continue reading Out of Quora Box

 Facts about India that you had no idea about

Some extremely interesting facts you never knew about India which makes it so unique and proves east or west India is the best

iPhone 7 features and why it is the best ever!

So Apple unveiled it's iphone 7 and 7 plus on September 7.2016 and it is suppose to be launched in India on October 7,2016. Apple also launched apple watch series 2 and a set of wireless headphones 'Airpods'. The CEO Tim Cook said " It's the best phone we have ever created" and he is … Continue reading iPhone 7 features and why it is the best ever!