Book review – Soldier’s Girl


Book title – Soldier’s Girl

Author: Swapnil Pandey

ISBN: 978-93-85440-38-0

Publisher: Petals Publishers

Pages: 168

Binding: Paperback

Plot: The story is about a college graduate ‘Ananya’ falling in trap of arranged marriage. It is an extra-ordinary story where a civilian girl takes the courage to approach the Army Captain, with rejection proposal in head. The author being an Army wife herself has well-blended the essence of romance, friendship and betrayal together in this book. A fashionista corporate woman living by herself, away from her family coping with hardship of corporate life falls in love with ‘Captain Akash’. Captain Akash is a para commando, who slaughters enemies and work as a part of an unconventional warfare. The college rave party was the trouble Ananya invited herself, after which her parents plan to set her up with the Captain. She sneaks with the contact number of the Captain, asking him to back…

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