Mother-in-laws are not always bad!

Do you remember all those movies (yeah! the one shown on Max2 or Zee classic) where ‘Lalitha Pawar’ who will always play the evil mother in law would leave no stone unturned to torture her ‘Bahu’ and finally kick her out of the house! Lolzz! Seriously ! Bindu also competed her closely to grab the most  villainous mother in law awards. Dahej, Ghar ka kaam, Aukat, Naukrani, were like common dialogues in those era of movies. I know the mother in laws reading it today are sighing and so two dialogues out of that ‘Saas bitching community” too.

“Aab kaha hai wo golden days, Aajkal ki bahuye hi hume ghar se nikal de”, 

“Are ji Damad to humara heera hai beti ka dhyan rakhta hai, per beta hath se nikal chuka hai.”

Haha! So is there a thing like lovely mom in law and cute daughter in law? Is imagining a Saas-bahu jodi like a Jai-Veeru jodi is too much? Is there nothing like a respectable mother in law and Daughter in law relationship? Is it really true that Bahus can never replace Betis? Hah!


Well not really! All the beautiful relationships on this planet are created out of love,care and sacrifices. And yes, such relationship also comprises two amazingly intelligent people who value the other person more than anything else on this planet. Mature to ignore few things, Intelligent to appreciate few things, flexible to adjust, Smart to open their hearts just to accommodate the person honestly! Perfect recipie for perfect relationship ! isn’t it?


Today modern women are just not dealing with everything coming their way but also maintaining a healthy relationship with their friends,family, relatives and especially their mom in laws! Families are not joint any more. Married couples are left on their own to deal with everything; kids,jobs, stress,grocery, sickness and even relatives (in sort, to mind their own lives all by support!)! The freedom has its cost! But it has also resulted in dilution of the importance of the grandparents and guardians. Few crib about their kids openly and emphasis onto how obedient they were at their times and how much in the clutches of their own parents but there are few who happily accept the change and step into another shoes of supportive and most importantly non grudging happy guardians of 21st century.


I am quoting an anonymous mother in law:

That little boy that brought me dandelions and messy hugs is now a grown man with a family of his own.  I need to fully release him so he is allowed to change and adapt to his wife and adult life.  I don’t want to be a parent who says or does things that grate in the mind of my daughter-in-law. She is the one who knows my son best now.”


WoW! I wish all the mom in laws think the same way just like her!

Now I am quoting an anonymous daughter in law:

“Well, I won’t say that me and my mom in law always had that goodie goodie terms but She has been good to me most of the times. I had to fight for my own space and eventually I have started respecting her space but now after spending years of time in our MIL-DIL relationship I respect her for the person she is and so does she! We have our own life styles and thought process and we admire and advocate each other for that. I acknowledge the fact that no matter this man is my husband but he is her son first and I am totally willing to be invisible when he wants to be with his parents. When it comes to my kids my mother in law knows I am the mother and she only has to be grand to be the grand mother. We don’t criticise each other and respect each other authorities over the common persons in our lives “


Don’t you think if everybody would have this kind of understanding then not just their homes but peace and prosperity would prevail over the nation too. The next generation will not only learn the right things but also be better persons which would ultimately lead to a better society for our future generations ahead.

I am bringing you the stories of such amazing mother and daughter (in laws) duos which will only spread positivity and stand strong among those newspaper headlines of honour killing, dowry cases, divorces and old age homes!

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