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A romance like plaids and solid

Plaids and Solids exude perfect combination of free spiritedness and reservations at the same time. The life is meant to be loved and fashion is just a way to express who you are than what you are not.

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Zara Summer Sale Haul 2017

I love shopping in sale and here is my summer shopping haul list from the Zara outlet at DLF Promenade New Delhi. The post also includes one of my looks with the dress pieces.

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Doklam: Is war looming?

Is India really prepared for war? Is chest Thumping enough for a war? An individual's account on the whole India-China stand off over Doklam issue.

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10 Types of Facebook Friends

From Creepy stalkers,to obsessive taggers to Agnoy Aunts Facebook is full of strange people and you have to bear with them. Here is a hilarious list of 10 types of Facebook friends with their characteristics and way to deal with them.

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Place of Origin: Original ethnic food e-tailer of India

PlaceofOrigin. in is one stop food e-tailer which will deliver the exclusive delicacies and food items' Be it Kathi Goja of Kolkata or Kahwa of Kahmir or Thepla from Gujrat! More than 100 trusted brands are collaborated at this one platform to deliver only the best to you from around the country.

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Anniversary Celebration of a real life couple

What did my husband gift to me on my wedding anniversary? The real life couple goals for an Indian Couple on their anniversary day. Watch out the video too!