A Flying Jatt: The common people superhero premiering on TV

‘Beat Pe booty… Beat pe booty!’ Oh my God can’t stop foot tapping and shaking my own booty at this super awesome number and can’t get over how Jacqueline Fernandez swings with Tiger Shroff on ‘Beat pe booty’! Phew! And what if I tell you now that you can totally shake your booty at the comforts of your couches and cushions before your TV in full swing  too? Yes you can totally do it on 22nd October at 8 PM as Zee TV brings you the world television premiere of Flying Jatt that day. So make sure to finish your household chores and everything else before 8PM on 22nd October, gather your favourite munchies and popcorns and bump straight onto your couch to experience the sheer entertainment that Flying Jatt has to offer to you. And still you are not convinced and need more reasons then here are these.

The Plot

The plot is very quirky with a strong message and interesting casts but very much fun at the same time with a very relatable young superhero ‘Flying Jatt’ played by Tiger shroff who discovers his superpower in an accident and uses it much reluctantly before the evil industrialists Mr Malhotra played by Kay Kay who owns deadly assassin Raka played by legendary WWE wrestler Nathan Jones. Mr. Malhotra who thrives on pollution and need it to grow more power is hell bent on cutting the trees including the holy tree which happens to be on the lands of Mrs Dhillon who is super tough mom of flying Jatt in the holy city of Amritsar. She stands before the villains and encourages his son to believe in his inner power more than the muscles and eliminate the evil. The Jacqueline Fernandez plays the lady love of the superhero. And now I won’t be the spoiler and let you wonder what happens when the boy next door ‘Aman’ becomes a superhero accidently and stands before the bad asses who are hell bent to destroy his city.


  • Director : Remo D’Souza
  • Producers: Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor
  • Starring : Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Kay Kay menon, Nathan Jones
  • Cameo : Shraddha kapoor

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Some other interesting Facts

You Can’t Stop Laughing

So a superhero who is scared of heights! Have you ever heard of it before? Then he has to fly all over to sabji mandi to buy ‘lauki’, behaves Sunny Leone unknowingly and many other fun moments which won’t let you stop giggling and laughing out loud even for a second.

The superhero’s supermom

Unlike rest of the superheroes whose original mum and dad have died in an accident this flying jatt has  her own supermom who keeps reminding him of his duties. And so whenever her mom leashes her son to the right path and deliver wisdom with slaps and glaring eyes to have some ‘jigra not just the dole shole’ then it turns out super refreshing and sweet at the same time.

The Babe who loves the superhero

Well jackline looks just like a doll who shakes her booty perfectly on beat pe booty. She plays a school teacher who loves this superhero and the superhero goes tongue tied before the super babe adds so much zing to the party and fill romance into the air.

This superhero has a history

The Flying Jatt aka Aman’s dad was the first sikh  to train at the Shaolin school of martial arts and the banter between him, his little brother and fireball momsified Mrs Dhillon who is determined on turning his son to a superhero and keep up the legacy of his father is so much fun.

This Superhero can dance

So superman beware of this superhero who don’t just show some legendary martial moves but can also twist and bend his body in perfect sync like no other.

The Youngest superhero

It’s super cute to see a mumbling and fumbling young lad turn to a fierce fighter and save the lands. He’s cute, chweeet and too young who adorns his mom stitched superhero costume, scared of his mother and shy before his lady love. Everything that a boy his age has to go through super normally yet he has so much of power to change the world. Isn’t it some kind of unique plot?

The Villains are super awesome

Yes, not just the hero of this movie but the villains are super awesome too. Now who doesn’t know Nathan Jones and his deadly blows at WWE ring? And how cool it is to watch him laugh viciously along with evil industrialist Mr. malhotra (Kay Kay) trying to destroy the city.

This movie has a message

This movie delivers a strong message just not entertainment to us about pollution which is the biggest threat to mother earth. And the whole movie is about a young boy who discovers his powers and realizes his moral duties to save the city from evil who thrive on pollution and keep it pollution free and sustaining. So I repeat what it says ‘everything has an alternative, Except Mother earth!’

It’s a 100% family movie

Needless to say that you can totally call your mom,dad,chotu,chintu, dadi, uncle and watch this movie together and laugh some more,relate some more, pat each other some more and strengthen those family bonds some more. All the while watching your mom smiling over her secret thoughts of believing in your superpowers too.

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Now this humble and grounded superhero is coming to meet you at your home on 22nd october 2016 at 8 PM on ZEE Cinema. So don’t forget to tell everyone else especially the kids around and gear up totally to watch the world television premiere that day.


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I ‘d be happy to help my blogger buddies!

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Happy to connect and looking forward to create a close knit blogger pyramid of our own with my blogger buddies.


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Karva Chauth

The wives are taking out their wedding lehngas and ‘dhin chak sarees’ which were wrapped up perfectly and kept in their trunks and now the time of the year has arrived when they can totally take them out and wear them again along with all the ‘solah shringar’.The sargi ki mithas, Chaand ka didar and piya ka intezaar festival has come.The moon is already shining brightly and festive mood is all around. Yes, the biggest festival of indian married women ‘Karva Chauth’ is just at our door steps and so without much ado here are these totally cool, modern day brand new original and unique Karva Chauth quotes/greetings and cards for your friends,family,relatives and Janu! Wish you all a very happy Karva chauth and a blissful married life. Enjoy!

karva chauth quotes wishes greetings card




karva chauth quotes wishes greetings cards










Hope the day of love for married women bring them all the love,luck and prosperity for them and their husbands. Happy Karva chauth again ! And yes if you want little help on how to add that extra to your makeup and dress then follow these links.

All about lipsticks

all about moisturizer and sunscreen

Bobby brown luxury cosmetics

how to dress up suiting your zodiac

festival fashion

wardrobe essential for indian women

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Mount Everest base camp trekking Nepal

‘Mount Everest’ the big daddy of all the mountains that stand erectly on this planet. This name ‘Mount Everest’ send shivers to your spine,boost your adrenaline and fills you up with thrill. So,it must be amazing to visit and experience it by yourself. Right? All those movies from ‘Vertical limits’ to the recent ‘Point Break’ lend you a very helping hand in deciding that adventure refreshes souls and opens the door to discover yourself. And when we talk about earth’s highest peaks ‘Mount Everest’ which are adoringly called as Sagarmāthā in Nepal and Chomolungma in Tibet then nothing on this planet is as comparable as experiencing these mighty mountains. The Everest Base Camp trekking should be in every mortal’s bucket list. Everest’s daunting summit soars so high that trek to the base camp is a thrilling experience one can ever have.

nepal trekking and heritage tour

What to expect

The most heavenly experiences of the earth’s most spectacular mountain views are simply out of this world and this is what you should expect exactly when you pull your trekking pants on. Then the beauty of small little Nepalese villages where you can totally sip a cuppa tea with famous warriors ‘Sherpas’ and get to know a bit more about their traditions and culture would create memories for a lifetime. The Monasteries which talks about ‘Buddham Sharanam Gachami‘  and teaching this world a bit more about peace are total bliss. And did I mention there is nothing like eating cake in Namche Bazaar after the shopping which takes you directly to the medieval era? The trek to the Everest Base Camp is just not trekking but also a way to energise yourself, breathe in the fresh mountain air while knowing more about another culture and respecting the traditions which make Everest the protector of northern plains. Just not Trekking but it’s a challenge which helps you bowing down before mother nature with full devotion and pay her some tribute for her magnanimity. It’s a heritage tour too.

Nepal trekking and heritage tour

The Travel Plan

You just need to reach Kathmandu which is the capital city of Nepal and then take a flight to Lukla to begin with your 14 day sojourn which offer you the magnificent mountain views, the exciting trail of river ‘Dudh khosi’ and the glimpses of Tibetan culture. Then after five days you will enter Sagarmatha National Park and get the first glimpse of incredible Mount Everest Peaks.

Best Time To Visit

March to May

September to December

Though passionate people trek throughout the year but it’s pretty convenient and better if you travel during the favourable times. As winters can be pretty harsh.

Here comes the Saviour Mohji.com

No matter how beautiful and spiritual this trekking to the Everest Base Camp would be you can not deny the support of some experts who cater to all you needs during the trek to world’s highest mountain terrain and provide you some hassle free experience. So folks here comes the Asia’s largest adventure portal www.mojhi.com  which have 15+ Everest Base camp trekking packages in Nepal offered by professional Trekking operators. Their website is super cool and they deliver all the quotes and pricing directly to your inbox and they have a live chat support too. You can easily compare all the top quotes and talk about your plans to trek to the Everest beforehand and get an instant support. Login to the website www.mojhi.com to get the detailed information.

Useful Tips

  • Make sure to prepare adequately and make a checklist for the packaging.
  • Hiking boots,water bottle, warm clothes, UV sun-block, a raincoat, gloves, woolen hat, sunhat and polarized sunglasse etc are obligatory items.
  • Don’t forget to pack all sort of recommended medicines, antibiotics and duct tapes.
  • Though you will get blankets etc in the lodges but it’s advisable to carry your own sleeping bag.
  • The locals are very friendly and understand english but try not to disrespect their culture and tradition.
  • Hire a really good adventure support agency which help you create the life time memories.

Wish you very happy trekking and don’t forget to log onto Mojhi.com

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Jabalpur Dhuandhar fall part 2- Marble shopping

Hope you guys have already read Jabalpur Dhuandhar Waterfalls and so here comes the second part which talks about the ‘must do’ marble items shopping from Dhuandhar Waterfalls. The Bhedaghat and Dhuandhar waterfalls are all famous for their marble rocks and you would be astonished to know that it’s just not Jaipur which is famous for God’s marble idols but Jabalpur also supplies the huge marble deities all across the world. The marble artifacts from Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh are very famous around the globe and truly adds to the heart of incredible India. Especially the lamp shades of various sizes and shapes, the God’s idols and marble wall hangings are pretty popular. Only thing you need to keep in mind is that this marble is soft marble and a bit fragile so you need to be extra careful while carrying it. You can also buy brass and stone embellished bangles and they are pretty cool. Also try to bargain from the local vendors as they increase the price two three folds. Here, take a look at these marble beauties.


Dhuandhar waterfall


Dhuandhar Waterfall

There would be hundreds of ‘Shivlings’ in the market there but go for the oval Shiva Lingas which is found exclusively in one or two shops. They are a bit expensive than the rest but then they are made out of the black stone found in Narmada river and marble from there only. And it has some holy significance. Go for smaller sizes of you are planning to take it for your house and bigger shivlings if you are planning to place it in a temple or community praying places.

Dhuandhar Waterfall

Dhuandhar Waterfall

These big idols are kept to be imported outside India and also to be sent all across India on demand. They are comparatively cheaper than Jaipur idols.

Dhuandhar waterfall

These Marble accessories are quite fascinating and can be taken as souvenirs.

Dhuandhar waterfall

Brass base and stone embellished bangles are quite cool and you can even get some pearl embellished bangles too. Prices are pretty nominal for these kind of bangles.

Dhuandhar Waterfall

These are a set of lampshades and I just loved it so much. They can be used to enligthen any corner at your place or can be simply used as flower vases. I bought it for Diwali. And look at the carvings which are so neat and defines. The largest one costed me around Rs.1200.

Dhuandhar Waterfall

Dhuandhar Waterfall

Dhuandhar Waterfall

Hope you can locate the names at the middle of the row. These are the must haves and one very exclusive thing from Dhuandhar waterfall marble market. You just order it before going for the trek and collect it when you return. These are extremely cheap like prices start from 100bucks and amazing customized nameplates which can also be kept on the peg tables beside your bed or simply in your drawing room. 


Dhuandhar falls

Hope you enjoyed the virtual shopping and in case you missed rest of the article on heart of Incredible India Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur tourism series. Here are the links.

Jabalpur Dhuandhar waterfall

Kanha national Park: The Asia Largest Tiger reserve





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Jabalpur Dhuandhar Falls

Dhuandhar Falls also known as ‘smoke cascade’ are the most popular and most visited tourist spot of jabalpur. And why not? They are truly spectacular and epitomise the grandeur and magnificence of mighty ‘Narmada River’ in their own way. The hustling bustling of waves over marble rocks and stones totally ignores the mere presence of insignificant mortals who gather there to appreciate the picturesque beauty and majestic ambience of ‘Dhuandhar Falls’ and indulge themselves later in the Marble shopping at the banks I don’t know why but Dhuandhar falls reminded me of ‘Niagara falls’ may be due to sheer resemblance of the enormity of the Dhuandhar falls. The Jabalpur Dhuandhar Falls are ranked one among top ten tourist spots of Jabalpur. So I am sharing few of the pictures from my visit.

jabalpur tourist spots waterfall

How to reach

It is about 30.5 Km from Jabalpur city towards west and is well connected through Bhedaghat road. You can easily hire a cab or any local transportation to reach there.

And here is the link to how to reach Jabalpur which has many other tourist spots like bargi dam,bhedaghat,rani durgavati museum,Kanha national park, bandhavgarh national park etc.

how to reach jabalpur

link to the details about Kanha National park


jabalpur tourist spots waterfalls

Where to Stay/ Accommodation

There are many hotels which cater to all budget categories at Bhedaghat which is at a distance of 5 minutes from Dhuandhar falls. But I feel the best is Motel Marble Rocks by MP government which is just behind the Bhedaghat falls which are another tourist spot of the area.


jabalpur tourist spots waterfalls

Where To Eat

Well there are many eateries just at the parking area of Dhuandhar waterfalls but if you are hygiene conscious and like to eat really neat then better carry your own food or ask the hotel people to pack your food as it is a good picnic spot too. The place offer small roadside ramshackles kind eating experience. Though you can enjoy tea, cold drink and chips too. Mineral water is available.

jabalpur tourist spots waterfall

jabalpur tourist spots waterfalls

What to do/ Attractions

The narmada ropeway experience  is a must. Though you can always reach the banks of Dhuandhar fall through stairs and other way but the gondola rides over the Narmada river is one of a kind experience and also saves time. You blink your eye and you are at the other side. The tickets are nominal too. Make sure to do the tickets for both the sides at once if you plan to return through ropeway again.

jabalpur tourist spot waterfalls

Jabalpur tourist spots waterfalls

jabalpur tourist spots waterfall

The Dhuandhar falls are magnificent and no matter how scorchy the whether is you will always find it pleasant near the falls. The view is spectacular and is crowded with tourist at any season. You can also find some places where you can easily sit on the rocks and soak your feet into the water for some really long time. But just be careful while doing that.

jabalpur tourist spots waterfalls

jabalpur tourist spots waterfalls

Boat rides are offered too but it is suspended at this time of the season due to strong currents now. Though it is offered from november to may most probably.


Narmada is among one of the five holy rivers in India and a dip into the water is considered to wash away the sins.So make sure to touch the waters at least! You can easily take a dip at the river bank upstream though where the water is less.

jabalpur tourists spots waterfalljabalpur tourist spots waterfalls



It’s so much fun going through various marble stalls there and bargain. You get some amazing marble vases,lamp shades,paintings and other things made up of marble from Narmada Marble rocks itself. I will mention the details in the next segment of my jabalpur tourist spot segment. Don’t forget to order your customised nameplate before heading to the Dhuandhar falls and by the time you will get back it’ ll be ready. And it is amazing and pretty cheap too.

jabalpur tourist spots waterfall

jabalpur tourist spots waterfalls

Useful Tips

  • Don’t forget to take your cap and shades.
  • Better take your own munchies and water with you.
  • There are no ATMs around and no credit cards.
  • Carry plenty of cash with you .
  • Visit Bhedaghat first and try to have your food there only and then head to Dhuandhar falls.
  • Carry baby food,milk,water,diaper etc with you if you have a baby with you.
  • Bargain hard with the marble sellers there. 

jabalpur tourist spots waterfalls

jabalpur tourist spots waterfalls


There is nothing like you seeing the magnanimity of nature through your bare eyes. The experience of seeing the huge waves, roaming around the viewpoints, clicking photographs which are never ending while laughing hard with your friends and family or simply sitting quietly at the rocks while enjoying the nature’s tranquility. This experience is simply priceless. 

jabalpur tourist spots waterfalls

jabalpur tourist spots waterfalls

And this is happy me. Wish you a very happy trip and hope you will enjoy your visit as much as I did. 

Picture credits : All thanks to Nirban Vaibhav for the wonderful clicks. I really don’t know how this beautiful fall visit would have been justified without his amazing clicks and company.

Here are the links to other article which truly defines Madhya Pradesh the heart of incredible India.

Kanha National Park

Marble shopping in jabalpur


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Stylemylo: Kids fashion redefined

” Fashion is a trend and style lives within a person” Oscar De La renta

How true! Isn’t it? Fashion is something which touches your life and speaks a lot about you. There’s something magical about those unconventional silhouettes, haute couture and  style which speaks up. The festive season is going on and we are already drowning into the ocean of celebrations with our biggest festivals. But celebrations are all about new clothes. The fun of dressing up is incomplete without fashionable clothes for you and for your little ones. There are whole lot of things lined up for you already from visiting your parents and relatives to take your LO to Pandal hoppings and fairs and not to forget those endless evening parties. It’s crunch time.

But have you heard of stylemylo.com ? Well it’s the solution for all your problems! All you have to do is just click onto this site and choose what you like to receive your dream dress at your doorstep in the blink of your eyes. So no worries if you are just not able to find that perfect ethnic wear for your kids which fits perfectly  and at the same time very very comfortable this festive season. The south Indian fabric, The bengal rich patterns, the colourful Rajasthani swag, the silk couture from bollywood or a traditional sharara from hyderabad! You think of a dress,style or statement and it’s there! Yes, That is what stylemylo.com has to offer to you!

India’s only multi designer online shopping hub!


The website

  • The stylemylo.com has numerous sections which categorise clothes into various types like Mom N me, Ethnic, Desginer,Organic, Sale etcetra. It provides you a hassle free shopping experience just at your fingertips.
  • The free shipping and Cash on Delivery (COD)  options are available.
  • The measuring guide and custom fit features are there which helps you choosing the right fit for your LO.
  • They have a 24/7 active customer care to solve any problems of yours.
  • The track order,wish list, a blog, newsletter to keep you updated and every single feature which enhances your shopping experience is there.What more there are always prizes to win and amazing offers for users.
  • They have partnered with renowned delivery services like Aramex etcetera to provide you instant delivery.
  • The payment is so hassle free as they accept almost all types of credit and debit cards Visa, Mastercard, american express etcetera and then still you are not comfortable with card payments then COD is always the other option.
  • Easy return policy and a unique buy back policy are other unique features of the website.


Ethnic wear for boys and girls for upcoming festive season

The ethnic wears are available for both girls and boys with endless options to choose for. There is no dearth of option from a fancy indo western salwar suit to an ethnic churidar to a embroidered Lehenga with Achkan to  flared skirt to a bright Sharara for your little girl. And you would hardly find this much of options for your boy as you would find at this one website from Nehru Jackets to waistcoats to cotton stitched dhoti to silken Pajama to Applique kurta to Zardozi jackets. Humph! It all can’t be described here. You really need to explore it all by yourself. Just click at this link below.

Boys ethnic collection



What more the fabric quality is awesome. Silk, georgette,cotton, organic, brocade,jacquard, chanderi,chiffon and what not! Then the fit is available for a month old baby to a 14 year old boy or girl of yours. Everything within the reach! All the details of the clothes are clearly mentioned.The custom tailoring option is also there.

Your girl would dazzle in those Chiquitita Blue jacket lehenga designed by one of the best designers in India themselves and you boy would look nothing but a rock star into that Tiber Taber Gold leaf Bandhgala set. And of course gifting those Mi Dulce An’ya Stylish long jacket with matching tunic set to your niece would be a lovely idea. And these are just one of the options there is no dearth of designer ethnic wear stitched by country’s best designers especially for the little ones.

And the easy return policy is always there if you’re not satisfied. So why not gifting your LO with something exclusive this time?

Time to get ready for the desi swag!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


How about a peach one shoulder dress or a digital panel gown for the little fashionista at your home? And how about a yellow shaded Hen kurta dhoti for your rock star ready to go out and create an impression? And do you imagine how you and your LO be the talk of the town once she will flaunt her silk crop top with high low skirt designed by bollywood designer Archana Kochhar herself. And that is just not it there are over 45 renowned and upcoming designers selling through http://www.stylemylo.com. They have also recently added the collection from designers showcased at India Kids Fashion Week 2016. An entire designer collection by whole lot of top bollywood designers is there at stylemylo.com and all you have to do is to click at desginer collection for kids.

So bollywood! Stay awake and stay tuned! My kid is just on the way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Then there is similar and complementing sets of clothes for today’s smart mum and daughter both. Creating the kind of bond between you two which was never there! How cool it would be for you and you LO to dress up alike and celebrate the festivities? The variety and collection is amazing, be it zig zag patterned jump suits or matching indo western frilly outfits.

Pleated Dresses, polka dot jumpsuits,capes and lot more! How about a portfolio for life after dressing like that at the backdrop of various celebrations? Start exploring at mom N me collection.

There are other interesting collection like organic or sale etcetera. Log onto www.stylemylo.com and explore yourself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Unique Aspect

Buy Back Policy

And what if I now tell you that you can totally sell any garment bought at stylemyLo.com back to the website and they will buy it at the best possible prices? It’s amazing. Isn’t it?

This is one of a kind unique offer which is only possible at stylemylo.com. So once you realise that your kid has outgrown the outfit or bored of it then you don’t need to discard it but you just need to click few pictures of it and upload it to the site with the details in the form below and the website will ask their shipping partner to pick it up from you and once it is received then their experts will evaluate it and get back to you with the buy back price. So if you agree with the price they will update your account with stylemylo credits for you to shop and if not then they will ship it back to you.

How Cool is that? And this redefines the value for money and provide a whole new dimension to online shopping.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s not online shopping but the celebration of parenthood. Cherish it and raise the bar!

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Kanha National Park Mandla, Madhya Pradesh:A trip to the tiger reserve

Kanha National Park Mandla is located in the Maikal Hills of the Satpura Hills range in the south eastern part of the state of Madhya pradesh inspired Rudyard Kipling ‘Jungle Book’. Visiting a jungle is so unlike beach places like andaman-islands-the-beach-capital-of-india. Kanha National Park is one of the largest Tiger reserves in India where tigers are preserved and protected into the natural habitat completely. It is spread across huge 940 sq km approximately and inhabiting Tiger, Leopard, Chital, Sambhar, Nilgai, Chinkara, Barking Deer, Barasingha, Wild Bear and over 200 avian species. Kanha Tiger Reserve is mainly dominated by lush Sal and Bamboo tree forests and was established in the year of 1955 and forms the core of project tiger 1974 by the initiative of then prime minister Indira Gandhi. It is famous for tigers which are around 80 to 100 this year by the time the park has been reopened on 1st of october 2016. Kanha National Park is also famous for preserving the endangered species of Barasingha (rare hardground swamp deer). I recently visited it for my pre birthday celebrations and spent around three days there in ‘Baghira Jungle Resort‘. It was an amazing trip and refreshed me to the core by the end of the trip and now I am ready to dwell back in the urban world. I am sharing my experience with you all so that if you make a plan around then you can always have a real reference.

tiger reserve

How to Reach

Jabalpur (Best route to reach)

It is one of the major trade city of Madhya Pradesh and itself is a major tourist attraction around the park like Dhuandhar Waterfalls and Marble shopping at Jabalpur It is situated at the northwest of Kanha National Park and has ‘Dumna Airport’ which is easily connected to Delhi Airport and the flight takes approximately 1.5 hrs. Indian airlines and Spice Jet run their flights through this route. Jabalpur is also connected via trains to other major Indian cities like Mumbai etc.

It is approximately 156 km away from the city and takes around 4-5 hours by road which is the only way to reach there through Jabalpur. There are no connecting trains in between. The journey may extend upto 6-7 hours too totally depending upon the conditions of the roads. There are two routes to reach Kanha national park Mandla through Jabalpur. One is through national highway 7 and other is recently constructed ‘Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna’ which is the best route as roads are in pretty good shape and less traffic result in smooth journey. I took national highway for reaching the tiger reserve and the roads were in bad shape and even the routes were pretty confusing. We had hired a taxi (Artica) and we reached there around 4PM when we started our journey by 10 Am without stopping anywhere but the Gramin Sadak Yojna route took us total of 4 hrs while returning.


Kanha National Park can also be visited through Raipur which is at a distance of 250 km from the park. It is the capital city of Chattisgarh and connected to other major Indian cities.


Nagpur is around 260 km away from Kanha National park and this major city of Maharashtra is easily connected to other indian cities via trains.

Where to stay

There are no dearth of hotels and resorts there at and around the Kanha National Park which rounds upto 180 in numbers. They cater to almost all types of budget and even five star resorts like TAJ group of hotels has a five star Jungle lodge named ‘Banjaar Tola’ near Mukki gate. There is also Club Mahindra and Kingfisher luxury resorts.

I stayed in Baghira Jungle Resort which is the initiative of MP government and pretty cheap as compared to other luxury hotels of it’s category. Though I found it the best among all because it is situated near the riverside with villa type suites at Kisli. I guess it’s the only one at the riverside. The view was mesmerising and stay was super comfortable.

Here are the links to few of the hotels

Taj Banjaar Tola Kanha National Park

Club Mahindra Mocha Kanha National Park

Baghira Log Huts Kisli Mp Tourism

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Best Time to Visit/ Whether

Kanha National Park is closed for three months from July to September and it is opened for rest of the year. Summers are the best time for animal sightings and also the most probable times for the tiger sightings when almost all the animals come out near the water reservoirs with relatively less flora around which results in clear animal sightings. Though rest of the years including winter are also preferable times to visit the Kanha National Park when you can enjoy a good whether, lush meadows, bamboo and sal forests. Avoid visiting it around monsoons as roads would be in pretty bad shape and animal safari can also be suspended depending upon the whether. Though the buffer zone is opened throughout the year and it’s actually the core part that is closed during the monsoon. This year in 2016 it has been reopened on 1st of october.

tiger reserve


History of Kanha National Park

Jabalpur was the 12th century capital of Gond kings and even today the Mandala district is dominated by the ‘Gond Tribe’ whose major occupation is farming but the newer generation also prefers to be the tourist guides. Then the marathas ruled the area by 1817 till the British occupied it and converted it into a cantonment. The Kanha National Park is also referred as  ‘Gondwala Jungle’

tiger reserve

Kanha National Park Jungle Safari

One can book the safari tickets online these days through Madhya Pradesh tourism official website which is important as it means you have the required permission to visit the jungle and you have paid the entrance charges. Though it does not include the guide fee and vehicle fee which has to be paid at the reception area Kathia or at the entrance gate of the park. I will suggest you to book the vehicle in advance. It is normally around Rs250 per person if you decide to pool and rs 1500 if you decide to rent the entire vehicle for yourself.

The safaris are allowed at mornings and evenings both. The morning timings are like 6:00 Am to 10:30 Am and the evening timings are like 3pm -6pm this season. From this year onwards total of 140 vehicles are allowed in a day and so I will suggest you to book it in advance. Though the jungle safari can also be done for the entire day if you are willing to pay rs 40000/day. Many researchers,scientist or animal channel people do it.

The elephant ride has not started yet but it’s suppose to start by November.

These things can also be taken care of by your resort or other booking agents if you want to avoid the headache for some extra charges. Though it will be costlier than the shared safari. Here is the link for further details and booking.

MP government official website

Kanha National park information

tiger reserve

About the Kanha National Park

It is divided into four zones ‘Kanha, Kisli, Mukki, Sari’ and the entry for the animal safari is through one of these gates and you are not allowed to cross into another zone than that allocated to you. Around 170 check posts are there in the park area and only about 50 km of safari is allowed. No walkie talkies and weapons are allowed. There are many cameras installed in the jungle for keeping a check on the animal movement and animal poachers. Best time for tiger sighting is early morning. Over 350 varieties of birds and flora are found here along with rare species of many animals. Though it is most famous as most administered tiger reserve in Asia.

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Attractions at Kanha National Park

  • It is the most dense forest area in terms of Tiger population.
  • It is the most well preserved tiger reserve in Asia.
  • Rare species of Hardground Swamp Deer (Bara Singha) and mouse deer.
  • Rare species of porcupines, royal bengal tiger and leopards.
  • Rare types of Bisons can also be seen.
  • Rare type of crocodile bark tree (Sanjha) can also be seen.
  • Herds of spotted deer here and there is very common sightings along with plenty of monkeys.
  • Huge termite hills can also be seen.
  • Even though you won’t sight a tiger but you will surely end up seeing the pug marks of tigers and the scratch marks that they make on the tree to announce their territory is also amusing to see.
  • Sunset at ‘Bamni Dadar‘ is truly spectacular at the dense forest.

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Shopping at Kanha National Park

Well there are not much shops and shopping scopes in the area are not very lucrative as it’s the forest area and the nearest major shopping centre would be Jabalpur only which is famous for marble statues, Chanderi sarees and Zardosi work. But You can easily buy souvenir key chains, Tees and other things at few shops right before the entrance area.  Especially there’s a shop named ‘Kaladirgha’ which is good and you can also find some of the jute stuff and wooden artifacts at very reasonable prices.

tiger reserve

Useful Tips

  • It will be great if you could carry your own Binoculars though the guides also carry it.
  • Try to wear camouflage jungle clothes into the forest so that it don’t disturb the wild life though there is no dress code.
  • Carry plenty of cash with you as ATMs are rare sightings.
  • All charges are already fixed by the government so don’t trust the agent who try to negotiate with you.
  • The forests are mostly cold areas so at least carry a jacket with you and also carry nice woolen clothes during winters.
  • Avoid roaming around the deserted or forest area alone as there is a danger of animal attack.
  • Mobile networks are there but the towers are pretty bad.
  • Carry your own water bottles with you during the animal safari.
  • If you are with babies then carry diapers, milk bottles, food etc kid related things during the safari.
  • It will be wise to keep plenty of kids related and other required things to the park beforehand.

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It is truly one of a kind of experience which you must take to experience how much we have left during the course of evolution. Kanha National park makes you realize that Tigers are truly magnanimous creation of nature and true ruler of jungle. The chirping of birds, crawling of insects and voices of various animals create a very mysterious aura around. Leave your senses back at home and surrender yourself truly to the nature once you are there. It will be one of the most memorable trip of your life connecting your soul to the nature in the most natural way.

tiger reserve

Save the Tiger and do visit Kanha National Park once!

Hereis the link to another nearby tourist attraction at jablpur madhya pradesh ‘Dhuandhar falls’

Dhuandhar waterfalls Jabalpur

Marble Items at Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh

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Ten things girls should carry while they travel

Travelling has become an integral part of our lives these days. We go out and travel more often today. Office trips, cultural trips,educational tips,stress relieving trip,professional trips,personal trips trips to visit parent and relatives and even all those fun trips to explore new country,culture or people. There can be million of excuses and reasons to travel. So it’s smart to be travel ready sauve girl with the list of things mentioned here which will make your travelling not only convenient but also fun. It will also prevent you facing any trvaelling disaster and make your life little easier.So check out the list of things to be carried while you travel and mark it right from the compiled list just like the other cool girls do.

1. One Matte lipstick as it stays on place and preferably red colour as it goes on all skin tones and looks fab equally on ethnics and westerns. Make sure to buy rather moisturised matte lipstick.


2. Carry the kind of moisturizer which comes with sunscreen too than carrying two separate bottles of moisturizer and sunscreen. It’s more mess and will take up more space in your bag.


3.Don’t forget to carry your foundation too while you travel and keep it to look flawless in all those thousands pictures and smile proudly later.


4.Your favourite perfume is a must have when you travel just to keep you fresh throughout the day. Make sure to buy the travel packs beforehand. Anyday a better option than deodorants!


5.Just carry one trendy big bag when you travel and forget everything else after dumping in it during your shopping while you travel and it also helps you reduce your airport luggage weight and you can easily carry it inside the plane as your hand luggage.


6.One money bag which can carry all your important documents,tickets,passport and money is a must to keep you hassle free and organised. And not to forget to tuck in your gloss or lipstick in it too,you know for quick touch ups.


7.Jackets are the second most useful things after your bags. They ll cover you up,make you look cool and keep you warm. You should never ever I repeat never ever travel without a jacket.


8.Stoles prove to be the saviour and looks cool too. They can keep you warm and you can easily wrap it around if you feel cold during those animal safaris or if AC is too much for you on flights. And it can easily be wrapped around your neck to provide you chic look.


9.Sneakers are the must when you are on go. They are not only extremely comfortable but also make an style statements. You just don’t need to pack any other type of shoes with them if you don’t have dinner plans or if you don’t have to wear ethnics.


10.Aviators are anyday best travel companion. They are light and look chic too. So all those scorching sun rays piercing your eyes…Bye bye! Only visual delights of the new lands.


Hope it helps and make your travelling easier and chic! Wish you happy travels! Be safe and have fun!

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Birthday Celebrations

Here is a glimpse of my birthday celebrations which was on 6th of october. Though pre birthday celebrations included a trip to Kanha national park and other things and I will write about it later but for now I will focus just on the day and as the pictures speaks a thousand words so here it is exclusively for you.



birthday flowers.jpg

birthday dress.jpg

birthday thoughts.jpg

birthday party celebration.jpg

birthday party.jpg


birthday messages.jpg

birthday ideas.jpg

birthday special.jpg






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