Types of Stalkers that every girl loath off!

Almost every girl in her life must have faced at least few incidences of eve teasing and several type of pretty frustrated stalkers or road side romeos. ‘Baby, sweetie, Janeman, Chamak Challo and sweetheart’ are few familiar words which almost every girl would have heard of million times. The epic saga of getting stalked and eve teased in public is simply mind boggling. Like those stares, flashes, gropes and touches were not enough but also sometimes girls have to face some really nasty long held stares to particular body parts (you know what I mean) and then not to forget the honorary mention to all those married uncle or Dadaji who would keep on staring the girls shamelessly and make them feel unclothed within minutes. This post is dedicated to every such stalker without whom our lives would have been easier and world surely a better place.

Roadside Romeos

The tea stalls, The roadside shops, the chaat chole stalls, The fuchka stands are their permanent abodes. Morning,noon,evening or even night, no matter what time… you can always find them nicely combed and dressed within best of their capacities but looking totally sloshed. Their jobs? Well waiting eagerly for the female species of any caste,creed or colour so that they could entertain her with all their well rehearsed songs from ‘Ruk ja o Dil diwani‘ to ‘Choli ke Piche kya hai’ 


Bicycle/Bike wala stalkers

They’ll all have a bicycle or bike handy to them. Fully petrolled and cycle would be brand new and the holy purpose of carrying or mostly borrowing such vehicles is only to stalk their dream girl. And their job starts the moment that girl steps out of her apartment or office.

bicycle pee wee herman pee wee

Touchy Lovers

So they are touch masters and your every single body part is within their reach. They have a Phd in touching your various body parts with different expertise and angles. And Man! you can’t even imagine the pride they take in their expertise. So girls if you haven’t faced one yet then just beware into crowded markets, metros, trams and even on a rickshaw. They speed can’t even be beaten by ‘Usain Bolt’.

things reviews india south north

Creepy Uncles

So yes, their age would be more than your dad and may be sometimes if your bad luck has already surrounded you then they can be even older to your grandfather. But what to do? We live in a democratic country and ‘why should only boys have fun?’ Even uncles can have some fun! Their job would be to keep on staring at you and make you feel highly uncomfortable. Such uncles are totally dominated and beaten by their wives.

customer service india call center help desk out sourcing

Power Players

This kind!! My girls is a very dangerous breed of stalkers. They will be found mostly at your workplace and they would try their best not to be visible before you but keep on making your life so difficult that finally your ultimate route of escape from that problem goes through them and man! That is what they always wanted. And then may god have mercy on you! You are trapped forever.

fingers crossed cross fingers music video 80s 1980s

Auto Rickshaw Goon

The moment you will board their autorickshaw or bus or any such conveyance mode which you thought to make your life easy would turn into a nightmare. They will keep on adjusting the rear mirror throughout and keep on asking you all silly questions from your maternal uncle to how unsafe world is now. And all you could do is to pray your dear lord. A girl’s best defense to them? Well take out your phones to call some male friends and let him know that ‘Hey somebody’s there waiting for me’! And you thought there exist a better place for you ever.

travel robert de niro taxi taxi driver cab

Coursemate Horror

Yes, exactly like Sharukh Khan in movie Darr, his only academic goal would be to make your college memories horrible. You (along with your teachers and other batchmates) would keep on finding those love logos with your name in it all around your campus. He will track your every social engagement,friends,guy friends,boyfriend and everything else. He will count you as his commodity till you get married.

blink-182 school bored high school blink 182

Possessive Lover

Well this category of lovers are normally called boyfriend until they don’t start imposing their every single whims and fancies on you. Your jeans and westerns would be a problem,your guys friends won’t be acceptable and your girlfriends would be tagged jealous. He can never take a no from you and even if you do something on your own you will always be scared of his overreactions. And one day you will only plan to get rid of him ASAP! So trust me if your guy has any of these symptoms then he’s sick and needs treatment not love!

if i were a boy

Pados Wale Bhaiya Nonsense

These samples would be overly helpful whenever it ll come to help you out from doing your xeroxes to take you to the hospital and even picking up a fight with your landlord. And you won’t stop appreciating him until the day you will find that all the bad rumors about you has been spread by him and wait did he just asked you not to invite your guy friends at your place? Grrr!

vs london us door map

Frustrated Lover boy

He’s mostly been educated in all boys school and his most female interactions would have been limited to his mummy and sister. And he so wants a female companion just to feel that how it feels to be with the opposite sex. He ll pray god everyday and ask his friends ‘Yar koi bhi chalegi,bus mil jaye’ . Every time you will find him then you can so spot his dog tongue and pleading eyes. No matter how hard you try to talk sense to him he will never understand that a no means absolutely no.’Hopeless!

truffle shuffle movie comedy home video the goonies

So we are all talking about movie ‘Pink’ these days and guys it’s very close to reality in fact this is reality. You guys need to understand that you can’t force love on anyone it happens. And girls are pretty educated and sensible these days so if you think that your constant pleading will make them fall in love with you head over heel kinna then let me tell you one thing it actually irritates them. So next time you go stalk some girl or try to make her life hell I am surely not going to use age old ‘think of your mother sister'(either way it never worked on you) dialogue rather please think what kind of horrible impression you are making on her and may be losing your only chance that ever existed.

Seeso stalker bajillion dollar propertie$ tawny newsome chelsea leight-leigh

Love means making someone life’s beautiful and make her smile.


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Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt Divorce

Now this one news is really heartbreaking. Out of all the couples they looked the best together. They adopted four beautiful kids of different ethnicity and eventually made their own too and that too twins. They looked fabulous together onscreen, offscreen or while waving to the crowd in public holding hands of their kids. Pitt was always her side when she had mastectomy surgery of both the breasts and how they made us believe that they are going to be together forever. Afterall twelve years of togetherness means something and they have just got married in 2014 where their children were heavily involved and each played a some role into making it possible. Like Maddox and Pax walked down the aisle with her and Zahara and Vivienne played flower girls perfectly all the while tossing petals gathered from their garden. Shiloh and Knox were ring bearers. they also helped their parents write down the vows. And it is believed that it was actually the pressure from their children that they agreed to say ‘I do’ after eight years of togetherness. Then what happened so bad? I mean again we can’t say ‘Brangelina’ anymore? Really?

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The Divorce have been filed by the jolie citing irreconcilable differences for the reasons of divorce. She has not asked for any spousal support but has demanded physical custody of their six kids to her while granting the visitations rights to Brad Pitt. Currently She is said to have rented a house in Malibu while Pitt is believed to be staying at the hollywood Hills.

TMZ first reported the divorce citing various reasons like Brad pitt lunged at Maddox when he tried to defend his mother during mid air arguments. TMZ also cited that Pitt is alleged to go wild and drunk  in a flight from France to Minnesota and started screaming and started physical hitting. And perhaps this was the final nail into Angelina Jolie’s patience as she was already upset about her husband’s excessive drinking and smoking weed problems and believed he has anger issues.She also had to deal with Pitt’s alleged affair with his ‘Allied’ co star Marion Cotillard recently. Though Marion denied any romantic involvement with Brad pit and also that she is pregnant with her second child through an Instagram post stating that “it’s going to be her first and only rection about this whole thing.” And wished Angelina and Pitt that they find peace soon.

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Currently FBI is investigating the matter and a police car was seen to be arriving at the Jolie Pitt compound recently. The FBI is investigating the incident because it allegedly happened mid-air. An LAPD spokesperson said to news channels that though the investigations are out of their jurisdiction because the alleged incident happened on an airplane. Also The LA County Department of Children and Family Services told KTLA reporter and anchor Wendy Burch there is an investigation into child abuse claims.

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Currently Angelina Jolie is said to have blocked all the calls and messages from her estranged husband in an extreme step.And have hired Top LA attorney Lisa Bloom who has tackled many celebrity cases like Johnny Depp and also represented Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva in a domestic violence case against the actor.Pitt has also hired his own divorce lawyer, Lance Spiegel, who has represented the likes of Charlie Sheen, Eva Longoria and Michael Jackson etc.

Though it’s not like Pitt is thrown off guard with Jolie’s decision of filing divorce but of course he’s upset about the timing of filing the divorce as he wanted it to be a private affair for the sake of the children.

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All said and done but we can gather only one thing out of it that nothing last forever, not. We wish Angelina and Pitt to resolve the matter soon and move on with their lives and hope it doesn’t affect the kids in anyway.


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Ranchi trade Fair: some photo clicks!

So I got to attend one of those trade fair in Ranchi Morabadi Maidan which is always buzzing with hundreds of fairs, exhibitions,book fairs or other such events. Courtesy to it’s being one of the few open space area in Ranchi where such huge mass events can easily be organised. Though attending ‘Monsoon Mahotsav’ was fun! Dance, Music, fashion show,book stalls,cloth stalls, shoe stalls across the country and also an array of the typical nostalgic Indian ‘Mela food’. Be it candy floss or Bihar Jharkhand famous litti or delicious Jalebis. There were families thoroughly enjoying the ambience and relishing the delightful moments. Jumping on the iconic mela mickey mouse castle, taking the rides in ferris wheels,clicking pictures or simply savouring onto candy floss! Fairs are always fun! Aren’t they? Family treat! Right? That one place where we can all go and just have some plain simple fun and make memories for ever. So here I am sharing few of my clicks. Hope you enjoy this evening of fair nostalgia.
















Hope you could feel the synergy of traditional trade fair and contemporary atmosphere. This is one of the things Ranchi has to offer to you. It’s endless number of Fairs and this one is Monsoon Mahotsav.



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Out of Quora Box

Do women get offended if we check them out?

Haha.very very honest question..and being a woman and having loads of girlfriends and many many incidents faced or witnessed I can tell you that it depends from a girl to another girl.

Like some may mind to death like “oh my god, oh my God.. He must be a stalker let’s call the police”

Some may mind a bit with ‘’oh gosh,another pervert’ followed by some nasty stares back to you.

Some give a damn. ‘’yeah,okay! Keep on checking. Who gives a F***

Some may be like ‘’wow!another admirer! I am so hot’

Some may be like “oh my god mumy someone is checking me out what do do”

Some may be “oh come on dude,I can do this to you too”

So you see it depends upon girl to girl. So first try to analyse the psych and trust me you can totally do it….but never ever check a girl accompanied by a brother friend husband dad or i mean any male companion just to be on the safer side.

And all the best

Go check every girl on the planet. All beautiful things are meant to attract the livings.

No big deal. All fun! Yeyy

 How is the average day of a young Indian Army officer?

Young Army officers! Well I guess you mean by lieutenants and captains! Well after four years of rigorous training during their cadet days they feel so liberated and enjoy those command they now hold over Jawans and JCO. I have heard many of my friends who are serving in Army that it really take them some time to get use to all those salutes offered to them by a much older JCO. The officers are initially posted to critical areas like Siachen,north east etc where they lead men and hold some responsible positions. It is then hit them that what have been they molded into the Academy. How all that torture and training in the academy was soooo much required. They are no more ordinary. They are Army officers.

Secondly after one two year when they start getting peace postings they also realise the importance and role of army wives. Yes, it’s a ignored part but I am mentioning it just to tell you that it’s not like they go,fight and shoot everyday. And their average day comprises many things which they slowly and gradually learn to become a true army officers. The cantonments,the AWWA, the welfares are almost run alone by army wives and young officers are assigned to assist them.

Thirdly they are involved into lot of sports and young officers primarily represents their unit for various sports event and win them medal too. It is taken as great pride by the unit is any of their officers are winning some medals in those cross country races, tennis or squash tournament or may be polo or any other game (As almost every single game and their tournaments are held)

So now the average day is like they work in the office till 2–3 PM. gets back to mess and have their lunches(as they are mostly bachelors) and then participate into official sports tournaments if any. Or would simply go to gym,pool,tennis courts or etc basically they indulge into sports during their evening time. Then they would report to their CO and would work as assigned till 8 or 9PM. And they also attend all those numerous parties (official and non official) dining ins,Raising days,housewarmings etc on holidays they’ d go watch a movie or shop or may take their girl friends (if any) to coffee like any other normal person.

This is an average regular peaceful day/week.

Guys some of my loved answers on Quora for the fun sake to my blogger buddies. Enjoy!

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Navratri Fashion

So festivals are all about fashion ! Like they go hand in hand when we talk about celebrations. And what more our the Indian festive season is just few days away so it’s not only wise but also chic to equip yourself with all the dos and don’ts of the festivities . So you do not need to worry anything and hassle at the last moment before those pandal hoppings but just dazzle the world with your shine and sparkle. So here I am sharing few Navratri fashion tips and ideas exclusively for you.

Go Colourful

So festivals are nothing but a sheer splurge of colours. So ignore grey, black and pestle shades rather opt for yellow,pink,red,green or orange shades. Being a 21st century diva you can also opt for neons and fluorescent pink for your lehengas and GGhagras Look and feel vibrant at the same time!go-colourful-during-festivals

Go cotton

Well Navratras are all about garba, raas, dandiya and dancing. So even though whether normally use to be pleasant at nights during spring but choosing cotton dresses are not only chic but also extremely comfortable. A very wise decision before heading for Navratri Pandals and Dandiya raas.cotton-for-festivities

Accessories to speak up

Accessories and accessories a lot! That’s the fun part of getting dressed up during Navratras. This is the right time to bring out all those ‘Maang Tikas’, ‘Baju bands’, ‘Latkans’, ‘Payals’ and ‘Kamardhanis’ buried deep inside your closet drawers.Pearl, swarovski and coloured stones would accentuate your aura.accessorise-during-festival

Oxidised silver jewellery is new chic this festive season

It’s so chic that I can’t tell you. Some funky accessories made of oxidised silver like ‘jhumkis’ ‘payal’, ‘necklace’ or a kamar dhani would only enhance your style quotient with that vibrant and traditional dresses of yours.They are such coll and latest style statements. Try it and you are bound to fall in love with it. Have you heard about famous Akhnoor silver jewellery from Jammu & Kashmir? oxidised-silver-jwellery

Add sparkle and feel at the top of the world

Bling is a totally cool idea to embrace these festivities. So those lovely gold and silver sequin blouse, shimmery kurtas, mirror work at your dupatta or blouse is a wonderful idea to do it fashionably.bling-for-festival

Unconventional Silhouette

So Navratras are celebrated for nine long days and so its always nostalgic to wear those chaniya choli of yours but you have an equal opportunity to try different cuts and shapes traditional way too. Like the dhoti pants, Shararas , Angrakhas etc this year!unconventional-silhouette

Minimal Make Up

So now it’s common sense that with all those bright and heavy outfit of yours you need to have minimal makeup. So a touch of nude lipsticks and little kajal is all that you need to do before heading out. And yes make sure your make up is waterproof so that it doesn’t melt down of your face while dancing with your boyfriend at the middle of the Dandiya. That ll be a disaster.minimal-make-up-for-festivals

Flats for festivals

I know, I know it’s tempting to wear those high heels with your ethnic wear and Lehengas but be a little practical about this whole Navratra things which are more about party,friends,hopping,fairs and dancing….So you see traditional Juttis are weighing more anyday.flats-for-festival

Tattoos for some indofusion touch

So if you haven’t tattooed yet and planning a long for it then this is the right time to get it done. Don’t you think a little ‘Om’ or a ‘gayatri hymn’ on your neck or shoulder with all that deep neck choli of yours would make you a diva only among your peers.tattos-for-festival

Go traditional

So okay we wear jeans and western wear for rest of the year and so it’ll be pretty cool and fashionable to go traditional during festive seasons. Though indo westerns and fusions are also amazing wraps to provide you the right attitude.traditional-for-festivals

Heena for festivals

Make sure you apply mehndi on your hands during puja and flaunt it everywhere with pride. I mean that’s very indian and very traditional too. It’ll give you exactly the edge you require for festive season.heena-for-festivals

Navratri Fashion chart and colours

Now just not the ideas I am getting you this entire chart to dress you up for complete nine divine days and look divine too. So no need to mug up, just look at the chart and get ready to rock this world.


Hope it helps and set that perfect festive mood for you.If you want to read more about this great festival please click onto Navratri significance and mythology and if you want to check the special dates of  Navratri 2016 then click onto Navratri 2016 dates.

Wish you guys a very happy Navratras !

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Navratri Significance and mythology

Navratri celebrations are for worshipping the Goddess Durga (the goddess of power) and her various forms for nine days and tenth day is festival of ‘Dussehra’. Navratri means ‘nine nights‘. It is one of the most cherished and biggest festival of India celebrated across the lands of festivities and culture. I have already mentioned this year navratri dates in Navratri dates 2016.


Significance of nine days

This festival is the celebrations of victory of positivity over negativity and there is a reason that one single festival is celebrated over nine days. the first three days are ‘tamasic’,the next three days are ‘rajasic’ and next three days are ‘sattvic’. The mother divine is awakened over this period so that she enhances the positivity in us and help us curb that negativity in ourselves.This is what is done in the Chandi Homa.

Secondly the beginning of spring and autumn are important junction of climatic and solar impacts and these two periods are considered as sacred opportunity for the worship of divine mother. These nine days are most unique and important period of devotional sadhanas and worship of absolute ultimate creative energy which operates this world in the form of goddess durga.

Also  it is assumed that in old times farmers owed their thankfulness to Maa durga and hence celebrated it for nine days to show their gratitude.

Each day a different appearance, a different power and a different motive of goddess is celebrated.


The Puja Process

Day 1 to Day 3

So the first three days, her energy and power are worshipped in the form of Kumari, Parvati and Kali. It may also be symbolised as celebration of womanhood or that power which is assuring the survival of our race and planet. The Kumari represents the girl child ,the parvati is embodiment of a young woman and kali represent the absolute destruction and woman who has reached maturity.

This is also the ultimate celebration of women in hindu culture and first three days various cuisines are prepared and colourful clothes are worn.

Day 4 to Day 6

The next three days  are celebration of rajasic tendencies or spiritual wealth in form of Goddess Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth). It is assumed that the fourth to six day celebrations are to fill that void which is created after conquering the ego, anger, lust and other animal instinct and destroying it. So the next step should be acquiring all the materialistic,spiritual wealth and prosperity of this world. Wealth is incomplete without knowledge and so Goddess Saraswati (the goddess of wisdom) is also worshipped alongside the goddess of wealth on the fifth day where a diya is lit before the goddess statue and books are kept at her feet and students don’t touch their books for that period.

Day 7 to Day 8

The next two days  Goddess Saraswati is worshipped and prayers are offered to seek spiritual knowledge and a yagna is performed on the eighth day which comprises of a sacrifice to honor the goddess durga and also bid her farewell. The sacrifice is made out of ghee and rice pudding known as kheer and sesame seeds.

Day 9

The ninth day is known as Mahanavami and Kanya pujan is done where nine young girl childs who haven’t reached their puberty are offered gifts and food. Their feets are washed and they are worshipped symbolically to respect women ultimately in hindu culture.

Day 10

The tenth day is festival of Dussehra where an evil lord king Lord Ravana effigies are burnt and people enjoy eating and going out with their families to visit colourful and huge pandals and fairs after the end of their fasts and prayers that they offer to goddess for 9 long days.



Mahishasura legend

Lord shiva granted permission to Goddess durga to visit her mother for nine days during that period she even killed a demon Mahishasura after a ruthless battle. That demon king was so powerful that he could not be killed by other gods and tormentised them brutally but Goddess Durga killed him effortlessely. The story associated with Navratri is found in the Markandeya Purana. The chapters 81 to 93 in the Markandeya Purana talks about the slaying of demon Mahishasura or Mahisha by Durga and it is referred as Devimahatmya and is recited during the Navaratri and Durga Puja. It symbolized the victory of good over evil.


Lotus legend of Rama

The second legend and most popular one is related to Lord Rama that when he was fighting against Demon king lord Ravana to free his abducted wife then he thought of taking blessing from Goddess Shakti (power) for which he needed 108 lotus flowers but he could only manage 107 but he decided to offer his eye which was blue and lotus like to complete the Havana but Goddess Durga pleased from his devotion appeared to him and blessed him and he ultimately won. The season during which he had performed this puja was spring and the tradition of celebrating Durga Puja has continued since then.

Legend of Uma

It is mainly believed in East India that ‘Uma’ the beautiful daughter of the king of Himalaya ‘Daksha’ wanted to marry Lord Shiva whom her father never liked but eventually she got married to lord Shiva only. The king broke off all the relationship with them and planned a yagna where he invited everyone but not ‘Shiva’. So the Uma got deeply hurt and immolated herself in yagna fire. Later she took re birth as Parvati and married Shiva again. It is believed that since then Parvati or Uma comes on earth every year with Ganesh, Kartik, Saraswati Laxmi and her friends called Jaya and Bijaya, to visit her parent`s home during the nine days of Navratri.


Stay tuned for more about Navratri and get into the right feel for the festive season just a few days ahead.

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Navratri dates 2016

This shardiya navratri 2016 is special. As this year the navratras would be commenced for 10 days than 9 days. And this type of special Navratras are happening after 16 years and last time such thing happened in the year 2000. So the Dussehra would be celebrated on the 11th day unlike 10th day. It is because the ‘duj thithi’ is happening twice during Navratras. So this one of the biggest festival of India where we celebrate the victory of good over evil where we worship goddess Durga and keep fasts and sing hymns during that period. Here are some information regarding dates, goddess on respective days for the devotees.


  1. October 1 ————Shailputri Puja

  2. October 2————- Shailputri Puja

  3. October 3 (dwitiya)——- Brahmacharini Puja

  4. October 4 (tritiya)——– Chandraghanta Puja

  5. October 5 (chaturthi)——- Kushmanda puja

  6. October 6 (panchami)——- Skandamata puja

  7. October 7 (Shasti)———- Katyayani Puja

  8. October 8 ( Saptami)———Kalaratri Puja

  9. October 9 ( maha ashtami)——- Mahagauri, Saraswati, Durga maha ashtami Puja

  10. October 10 ( Navami) ———- Siddhidatri, Maha Navami, Ayudha Puja, Navami Homa

  11. October 11 (Dashami or Dussehra)— Navratri parana, Durga Visarjan and Vijayadashmi 

Gupt Navratri 2017

Ashada navratri is celebrated during the month of june or july in which Goddess Varahi and Goddess Gayatri are worshipped. The dates for the next Gupt Navratri would be

 June 24, 2017 to July 2, 2017

“Paush Navratri” is celebrated only for eight days in the month of December or January. It is started on Paush Shukla Ashtami and celebrated till Paush Purnima. This navratri is dedicated to goddess Shakambari. Shakambari navratri is popular in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka and in some other parts of India.

Paush Navratri 2017

It is mostly celebrated in december or january. Starts on Paush Shukla and ends by Paush Purnima. The main goddess is Devi Shakambari. It is mostly famous in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, karnataka and some other parts in india. The dates are

January 17, 2017 to January 24, 2017

Magh Navratri 2017 

It is also known as Gupta navaratri and mainly observed in Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. It is celebrated in the month of January or February. And the dates for next magh navratri are

January 28, 2017 to February 5, 2017

So stay tuned for more Durga Puja updates and hope these dates help you a bit. For reading the significance,mythology,legends and puja process of Navratri follow the link

navratri significance and mythology

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URI Attacks in Jammu and Kashmir

17 soldiers killed in jammu & Kashmir URI army camp attack! It was a one of a kind of attack which has happened after more than a decade. A very well planned and executed attack where they were already aware of the inside information. LIke they entered the URI brigade headquarters at around 5 AM on 18th of september 2016 exactly at the times of change of guards when they use to be without their weapons and half of the cantonment was sleeping as the day was just about to start.

uriattacksThe terrorists were heavily armed with weapons like AK47 and grenade launchers. They also had food packets with them which indicated that they actually thought of a long long stay here but alas they were brutally killed almost in one and half hour by a team of Para commandos. Now Indian Para commandos are part of India’s special forces and I have also mentioned about it earlier too.


Now the terrorists penetrated the army camp and a major fire fight started as the terrorist threw some grenades on the Army petrol pumps and from there the fire spread to near by administrative building  and 17 jawans were killed where 15 jawans are from 6 BIHAR and two from 10 DOGRA and around were injured. The quick response team of 10 Dogra recovered and took the charge and did a splendid job by limiting the terrorist to one area and preventing them for any further damage till a team of highly specialised Para commandos were air dropped at around 6.30 Am to the camp who had to slither from their helicopter to enter the camp. All the 4 militants were killed in the counter attack by 8.30 Am. Jaish e Mohammad has taken the responsibility of the attack.

uriThis is very unfortunate. Any terrorist activity which involves killing of innocent people and wasted blood is cruel. Be it Paris attacks, New york incident, Pathankot attacks or this URi attacks. Such terror attacks are endless all around the globe.

Now what can we do about it. Pakistan has not taken the responsibility of the attacks and has kept mum on the topic. Even if we ignore all the proofs and similar pattern of attacks like the pathankot attacks then too it’s common sense that fidayeens enter India from Pakistan.operated terror camps in POK and it’s like their job. They are paid handsomely for pressing those buttons on their suicide jackets or the trigger of their guns to kill others and themselves ultimately. Some pathetic people who take advantage of poverty,unemployment and illiteracy of Pakistani youth create such terrorists to havoc all around the world in name of islam. Forgetting the fact that Indian muslims outnumber entire pakistani muslim population. But anyway now coming to the solutions which in my sense should be done.

uriattacks-in-kashmirWe should respond to pakistan in the best possible manner and there’s no doubt about it. It was pathankot attack just now and here it is URI attacks where four militants penetrated an army camp, set fire to the rear side of an administrative building..yes I repeat administrative building and taking pride in that. I don’t support war monger and arms dealers but there are reasons why we should respond this one time.

Pakistan is a military operated country and there is no point of having discussions with them over their own sponsored terrorists.

Even if we pursue talks with their elected government then their military would surely create some havoc to disrupt the peace process and proceedings.like the history says..kargil etc

If not hit back in the similar manner then they will keep on conducting the same kind of attacks on our lands.they agreed only once you after we attacked their sovereignty in 1971 and next war happened In 1999

The blood of 10 Dogra and 6 Bihar units would be currently boiling and they ’d be so eagerly waiting to avenge their friends. and it ll be bad for their morals not to do so. After all army is all about morales.

Now how to do this part

We have best of special forces in the world like Marcos, Paras or Garuds. Just send few of them in the same manner to Pakistani army camps like they did to ours. And let them mourn their own friends for a while.

I don’t support or suggest a war as it is a very expensive way to avenge and would result in more killings. Totally uncalled for.

Provide more support to Baloch and sindh rebellions to continue their struggle of freedom and let Pakistan first focus on its own problem.

Don’t keep any cricket matches or any sports event with Pakistan and let no pakistani work from our lands and make profit. What is this ? They kill our soldiers and we support their citizens? What kind of morale boosting is this to our troops after spilling their blood for us? It will surely create some murmur on pakistan side.

Once we will hit back their terrorists camp and army bases then their military leadership will come out of their bunkers and buzz to their elected government which might lead to some talks between them first to agree over less violent steps and may be no proxy wars.

And again rely more on our mighty shadow forces and invisible army. Send just a bunch of best of them and let them destroy those terrorists camp silently and let these pakistani be engaged with damage control.

After all attack is the best defense!

After all 90000 of pakistani army surrendered before 3000 of our troops. Have some faith and take the step. Terrorist will understand their own language only.

Read about it and you will realise how capable are we. Why not?

India’s Invisible Army : Marcos!

False flag operations

It is in response to those pakistanis who are claiming that it is false flag operation of india and we have maximum number of flag operations…….. Now come on can’t you guys can come up with something better this time? Don’t you think than wasting our own money, resources and men for faking terror attacks on our own men we would rather send those trained men to your country?

It’s ridiculously dim wit delusional thinking among the pakistani people. And even your constant denial has truth hidden in it..maximum number of flag operations prove that you have attacked us using proxy tactics (as u cant fight from front and win..history says it) maximum number of times you have forgotten….

And by the way killing their own citizen by pushing them towards terrorism by fending on their unemployment and poverty and then sending on suicidal mission to the neighbouring country is Pakistan idea of citizen rights not of our country which is worlds largest democracy.

We would dethrone our own government if they do so…you see we don’t have military dictators ruling our country like yours……and here is your another answer that who would create terrorism and attacks?? A democratic country or a military operated pseudo government operated failed state….


 At last with heavy heart here is the full list of martyrs ,the brave lions who are no more among us.

(1) Subedar Karnail Singh, r/o Vill Shibu Chak, Teh- Bishnah, Dist Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir.
(2) Havildar Ravi Paul, r/o Samba, Dist Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir.
(3) Sepoy Rakesh Singh, r/o Vill Baddja, Dist Kaimur, Bihar.
(4) Sepoy Javra Munda, r/o Vill Meral, Dist Khuti, Jharkhand.
(5) Sepoy Naiman Kujur, r/o Vill Gumla, Chainpur, Jharkhand.
(6) Sepoy Uike Janrao, r/o Vill Nandgaon (Kh), Dist Amravati, Maharashtra.
(7) Havildar NS Rawat, r/o Vill Rajawa, Dist Rajasmand, Rajasthan.
(8) Sepoy Ganesh Shankar, r/o Vill Ghoorapalli, Dist Sant Kabir Nagar, Uttar Pradesh.
(9) Naik SK Vidarthi, r/o Vill Boknari, Dist Gaya, Bihar.
(10) Sepoy Biswajit Ghorai, r/o Vill Ganga Sagar, Dist South 24 Parganas, West Bengal.
(11) Lance Naik G Shankar, r/o Vill Jashi, Dist Satara, Maharashtra.
(12) Sep G Dalai, r/o Vill Jamuna Balia, Dist Howarah, West Bengal.
(13) Lance Naik RK Yadav, r/o Vill Balia, Uttar Pradesh.
(14) Sepoy Harinder Yadav, r/o Vill Ghazipur, Dist Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh.
(15) Sepoy TS Somnath, r/o Vill Khadangali, Dist Nashik, Maharashtra.
(16) Havildar Ashok Kumar Singh, r/o Vill Raktu Tola, Dist Bhojpur, Bihar.
(17) Sepoy Rajesh kr Singh, r/o Vill Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Sepoy HN Bala Diag and L/NK Ram Krishna remained critically injured


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Inter religion Marriage: with a happy ending!

We all talk of secularity and modernity in India but our’s a country of custom,tradition and culture where we like to stick to our traditions as traditionally as they were commenced during the Mughals era or Ramayana period or even the origin of this planet. Technically and logically it sounds weird that an entire race is able to carry out with their culture and values similarly decades after decades but this is how our country’s major population still pursuing their faiths. So in our moon reached, nuclear power equipped country inter religion marriages are still a taboo! Like secularism and modernity is still a cool topic to talk about but practices are limited to school, colleges or work place only and when it comes to inter religion marriages our paternal uncles and maternal aunts (basically the entire samaj) still gasp and sometimes even swords are withdrawn. So you see at such place surrounded by all sort of hypocrite people when you get to see a marriage where you find everything and everyone as normal and boring away from any drama (just more beautiful) then you feel nothing but absolutely astonished! Well I came across this girl ‘Swati Ranjan’ who is a senior executive in IFB firm and also a hindu brahmin married to a christian boy and they are leading an absolutely blissful life.

I could not help but present this lovely little pretty story of two hearts which are so intertwined with love and live inside a happiness shell. All they knew was just love, no religion! Kudos to their families too which knew how to support their kids, their own flesh and blood and stand proudly in the society where honour killing is not a shame.

I stop here and take you to this lovely story by the swati herself in her own words.


Swati says

I was placed in IFB company Luckhnow soon after finishing my engineering and visited Goa for some training purposes.It was for two months and extreamly hectic that I was not even getting time to talk to my family and gradually felt so much home sick. It was then I met him for the first time. He was our new in charge and I was his trainee.He was asked to introduce himself and with a smile he said “my name is Joseph and I am working for last 2 years.” That’s how I remember a decent boy introducing himself. Next day we all were sent to Joseph’s department for 1 week training. I was given the product handled by him. So, we exchanged our contact numbers and started with casual talking.


My training got over and I came back with a dream of going back and work for design department where he was the in charge. Eventually, luck favoured and I got transferred to Goa within 4 months. And that is how destiny plays with you! I was in constant touch with Joseph over phone. He was my only friend in Goa because of which all of my doubts and problems were resolved . We shared same cab to office every day. Casual evening outing, movies and dinner started. By this time I had completed 2 years in Goa and knew him very well.


We were put together in same project which brought equal number of opportunity to test each other patience and support. One fine day, he asked what my plan for marriage is. I said, “my sister just got married and I will be soon!” We smiled at each other. Nobody proposed but it was understood what we wanted.

inter-reilgion-christian-marriageI dreamt a beautiful romance followed by a marriage. Being from a Brahmin family I could never think of interfaith marriage.Finally we took the big step and disclosed the matter to respective families.The result was a big refusal from both sides. But with time and God grace our families happily accepted the proposal and we got married in 2015 completely following Christian rituals.


Achan(my father-in-law) requested for only one thing he wanted marriage to be blessed in Church. Surprisingly, my house name is Rosy, so my mother told “you were born with a part in you which was Christian.”


I wouldn’t say, it was a quick decision but Yes, when I got full support of my parents, elder sister and brother-in-law. I didn’t feel it will bother me in future. A wish to convert to Christianity was due to interest in the new religion and a wish to be connected to a new type of thinking.




I and Joseph are strongly committed to each other and identified our religion of origin and always attempt to ignore the differences.



Joseph and I are immensely blessed to have family and friends to celebrate the union of our different background & religion. I make efforts to talk to my new family in Malayalam to make them happy, because in turn, makes me happy too!!


I am sure we will raise our child with good morals and knowledge of both religions.  Eventually we will decide how much inherited religion matters to our future life.


Wow! What an incredible story! Mesmerising isn’t it? So fairy tales do happen and not all love stories fail and do you know guys Swati is pregnant now and everybody in the family is eagerly waiting for the little one.


And there’s one more thing which is special about this post that it’s their anniversary tomorrow on 19th of september. And we so wish them a life full of love, laughter and eternal bliss.


So Love Conquers All! It’s true! 

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Girlandworld contest!

Here is an opportunity to participate into girlandworld hottest guy/girl contest.


Age group – 15-45
entry- share two of your best fb profile pictures on girlandworld fb page.
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top three participant with maximum number of votes will enter the girlandworld hall of fame and will be featured on the page.


the final selection will be made by all the admins of the page.


background of the picture
clarity of the picture
pose of yours
clothes (casual or funky or formals)
The friends or pets in the second picture gives you bonus marks.
and as we are so in love with uniforms so the final entry in uniform will get bonus points too.


Only the members of girlandworld fb page. Though likes and votes can be from anyone.


Winner get an exclusive mini interview to be featured on http://www.girlandworld. com website and a girlandworld hottest face badge to be flaunted totally on their fb accounts.

Needless to say once you are featured on my website then you are promoted on instagram and twitter pages too.

and how cool is all your claim for popularity! So buckle up! It’s an opportunity.

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