The Values

At girlandworld we only associate with the brands and run campaigns we strongly believe in! Apart from professional blogging we also believe in harnessing the collective power of blogging against social evils and issues. Through our website we also try to create awareness about Indian army wives,army officers and voice the problems faced by army families in the most effective manner. Girlandworld also showcase the army life and the life an army wife on a lighter node. We bow before the protectors wholeheartedly!

The Founder

The main editor Swapnil Pandey is a published author and making nationwide headlines through her debut fiction Soldier’s Girl: Love Story Of A Para Commando. The Book is being loved by press and public both and doing great on Amazon too. In person she is a fashionista who takes pride in her aldo shoes,lush shampoos and zara trousers. Her absolute necessities for survival after food,water and air are cosmetics, accessories,bags,make up,clothes and shoes.Also a Fitness freak and green tea lover! A nomadic soul at heart who has traveled almost all across India and a bit to foreign fancy lands where she is accompanied by her DSLR and kindle.And being an Indian makes her a movie maniac by default and Bollywood has surely taught her to dream big and chase absolute unrealistic ones. Last but not the least a complete social media addict whose day starts with twitter and ends with Facebook. And if you are wondering what’s she does in between then It’s blogging…..Her true love and ultimate passion!

Services Offered

Girlandworld is one stop destination for fashion,beauty,lifestyle,travel and army scoops.It helps brands to reach more and more people to touch their lives through the stories weaved by it and deliver the brand’s message in the most effective manner.

And so while we write our own content, we also work with PR for any special coverage, brand collaboration, product review, event coverage, customized/curated content, Brand/Blog Contests, Blogger Outreach program, Social media campaigns, Twitter contests and lots more

At girlandworld we look forward for  long term associations which benefit the brand and the people both.For more queries feel free to drop a mail at swap.nil.4ev@gmail.com

Guest Posts

We also welcome guest posts on the relevant topics which suits the format of our website. Please feel free to drop the proposal at swap.nil.4ev@gmail.com


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