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Top 12 ‘work at home’ free lancing jobs for Army Wives

The biggest sacrifice an Army Wife does for her man in uniform is giving up on a regular 9 to 5 kinda job and quit seeking full time employments. The frequent and rural postings, deployments, military training-exercises, war games, army courses and endless duties as an Army wife leave hardly any option for a full time job. Army wives consistently look for jobs with flexibility, one that allows frequent postings, more than often leaves and great understanding towards army life ( I know its just a joke..such employers don’t exist for!). This basically result in rounding up the options to mostly ‘work at home‘ ‘work from home‘ or ‘free lancing‘ jobs only. As I am myself a free lancer and working successfully at the comfort of my couches and earning really well.  I round up some career options for Indian Army wives exclusively.

Why having a career at all as an Army Wife?

  • It help you realize your self worth.
  • You are talented and educated why not work when you can work.
  • Makes you more disciplined and using your time constructively.
  • You are always in touch of reality.
  • If you do good, its really very fetching financially.
  • It will increase your self satisfaction quotient.
  • At last, you never know… sky is the limit.

Here take a look at the options available for free lancing job in India.

Online tutorial

Online tutoring is the process where the student and the teachers might be thousands of miles away. Some specific softwares,video calling, VOIP technology are part of it. In asynchronous online tutorial the learner sends the query to the tutor and the tutor fills it and send it back to the learner. Google for more!


If you are good at writing skills, imaginative,innovative and sensitive you can start writing your book any day. All you need is to to prepare your manuscript, send it to publishing houses online and wait for the response. It’s a long process and usually nobody wants to put their money on a fresher and I would never suggest self publishing. But once you are published, things get easy with the second book. The advance and royality are part of pay packages and the perks include instant popularity and who knows there could be a Chetan Bhagat hidden in you.entrepreneur woman women entrepreneurship empowering woman free lancing jobs for army wife work at home blogging job that pay online jobs what to do work from home


Social Media Influencer

This is the kind of free lancing job that nobody imagined just 5 years back. It is simply using Facebook Twitter and Instagram for commercial purposes or promoting brands. With the rise of social media platform and a network of billions of people, it has turned out to be the biggest marketing platform for brands and MNCs. They look for social media influencers with huge number of followings where they can promote their offers,products and scheme to organic people. Instagram is the most favoured platform for social media influencing. All you need to do is to choose a theme, be consistent, put some really high quality picture posts(DSLR/edited..we are talking serious career here) which should be interesting or informative in nature( no dog or food photos) which might help you grow thousands of followers and grabbing those online deals easily.



Don’t confuse a blogger with an author. Both of these freelancing jobs demand different things. If you are thinking about professional blogging then you need to have a high traffic website with quality/unique content which is the first step of fetching all those paid promotions and campaign for the country. Free goodies for the review, invitations to store launches and FAM visits to exotic locations comprise some of the exciting perks. You need to open an account on WordPress or Blogger to start with.entrepreneur woman women entrepreneurship empowering woman free lancing jobs for army wife work at home blogging job that pay online jobs what to do work from home


Content/ Ghost writing

It is very different from being a blogger and here you create contents for the companies according to their requirements. There are deadlines here but still this is a work you can do at your home. Your name would not be mentioned anywhere and just your content would be there at the company website or app but of course it is a career option with good money. Normally a little knowledge of computer,science,technology apart from writing skills is demanded as you create contents for mostly startups or even travel websites. You can look for these jobs on job sites,LinkedIn etc

 You Tube vlogger

If you are good in cooking,knitting, handicraft items,makeup or even a saree expert, all you need to have a high quality camera to make videos of what you do the best. You can create contents about various things and put it on your YouTube channel. Also you should be good in editing those videos without forgetting the fact why would anyone watch your video unless they are unique?  The ads are fetching and also it is equally popular among brands for social media lancing work at home

Affliate marketing

With the rise of e-commerce and online shopping, affiliate marketing has also risen as a good source of earning money from home. The e-commerce industries like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra or Jabong etc invite influencers to join their platform of affiliate marketing and pay you if you help them sell their products.



Everyone in the publishing industry is looking for an editor who can edit those piles and piles of manuscript.You require to have exceptional hold on English or Hindi language. Initially you need to register yourself onto free lancing websites or even pull known strings and even drop mails to all the authors and blogger around the corner. You need to work hard as a fresher,once established there is a very fetching amount of money here.entrepreneur woman women entrepreneurship empowering woman free lancing jobs for army wife work at home blogging job that pay online jobs what to do work from home

Legal/Virtual Assistance

If you have a law degree you can counsel people through You tube videos,write about it or collaborate on free lancer basis to various online industries. Virtual assistance ranges from handling online accounts of celebrities to provide several type of assistance on sectors like technology, vehicles, gadgets etc to various companies. You can easily make online money .

 Entrepreneurship/ Franchise Owner

Most army wives are full of talents and enjoy support of huge networks, They live in cantonments with an instant reach to thousand other ladies just like them and if you are good in marketing and selling things you can try to be an entrepreneur. Sarees,carpets, jewelry, flowers,paintings,home decor and what not, you have a whole range of options here.Also you can make handmade stuffs and sell it all across. Though commercial purposes are not allowed from government accommodations but you can manage all of this online only without even keeping the real stuff at home. All you need to have is reliable retailer connection, knowledge of computers and a phone full of whats app groups and Facebook groups where you can market your products. I would suggest you to open your own Facebook Page and also engage some social media influencers and bloggers to promote it online. entrepreneur woman women entrepreneurship empowering woman free lancing jobs for army wife work at home blogging job that pay online jobs what to do work from home

Medical editor

If you are a biotechnology, bioinformatics graduate, doctor or even a biology student you have the option of becoming an associate editor for pharma companies. Your key skills should range from clinical research, scientific writing, English language, medical writing, microbiology- biochemistry knowledge and you can edit and correct medical research papers easily. You can register at employment websites  and free lancing job website like monster, naukri etc and upload your CV there. I would suggest you to open a Facebook page or be active on Twitter with the related topics and increase your network. Also you can give online interviews etc to promote yourself.

Online fitness expert

I personally know some of the Army Wives who have no professional training in fitness but they have always been a fitness enthusiasts and maintained a good diet and healthy lifestyle. All you need to do is to register on free lancing job sites, publicize your expertise on your online circuit and in real life and you can easily earn at home. You can be a nutritionist, yoga instructors, mental health counselors or just share healthy lifestyle tips on your Instagram or You tube videos. As your followers grow so would grow your credibility and you can have the option of promoting things or collaborate with brands later on financial from home, work at home online jobs free lancing job woman entrepreneur woman empowerment freelancing jobs jobs that pay army wife



There are many other jobs like data entry, translator,day care center, telecalling, chat customer services etc which I did not included in this list of work at home free lance jobs considering the status and availability of Army wives. Also I have put a brief of the jobs from best of my knowledge please do google for rest of the details.

Few Things to be noted

  • Beware of online scams.
  • Register on Linkedin and grow a strong network there.
  • Work from home demands more energy and patience don’t expect anything overnight.
  • You should be strong on people’s networking part.
  • The online presence should be really great.
  • Consistency is the key.
  • It would be frustrating and clueless at the beginning but you will make way surely if consistent.
  • Keep Payment thing real clear and insist on advance payments.
  • Check the online companies ranking and credibility first before associating.
  • Never ever compare a free lancing pay package with the full time job.
  • If you don’t find free lancing job suiting your temperaments, quit!
  • Remember you are doing it mostly for mental satisfaction. 

On the lighter node if you are still not happy and ambitious about your job then you always have the option of leaving your husband and start your professional career at a metro city. Life is all about the choices you make and you have to be very clear about your goals. But never ever demean your self-worth and crib the life you have presently.

Also do appreciate and support the ladies who are doing it all on their own. You can at least cheer them up if nothing. Karma returns for sure. Spread positivity and get positivity!

Happy Working Ladies!

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