10 Exclusive Holi Recipes of Bihar

Holi is the prime festival of Bihar and Biharis adore the unique flavors of Bihari cuisines. Here is the list of exclusive Bihari food items prepared on Holi

carpet factories in Jammu kashmir

Carpets in Jammu & Kashmir

The Carpets made in Jammu-Kashmir are exclusively designed and intricately weaved. Also the handwoven kashmiri carpets are extremely expensive as compared to factory made carpets of Jammu. Everything you need to know about carpets in Jammu-Kashmir

most beautiful christmas pictures

Most beautiful Christmas pictures

some of the most beautiful random christmas around the globe which can also be used as your desktop wallpapers too or sent on whatsapp.

Dhanteras dates and things to buy as your zodiac ideas

The ultimate guide of buying things on Dhanteras according to your Zodiac which matches your personality and proves to be more prosperous. The images provide very easy and attractive illustrations

Navratri Fashion

So festivals are all about fashion ! Like they go hand in hand when we talk about celebrations. And what more our the Indian festive season is just few days away so it's not only wise but also chic to equip yourself with all the dos and don'ts of the festivities . So you do … Continue reading Navratri Fashion

Navratri Significance and mythology

Navratri celebrations are for worshipping the Goddess Durga (the goddess of power) and her various forms for nine days and tenth day is festival of 'Dussehra'. Navratri means 'nine nights'. It is one of the most cherished and biggest festival of India celebrated across the lands of festivities and culture. I have already mentioned this … Continue reading Navratri Significance and mythology

Navratri dates 2016

This shardiya navratri 2016 is special. As this year the navratras would be commenced for 10 days than 9 days. And this type of special Navratras are happening after 16 years and last time such thing happened in the year 2000. So the Dussehra would be celebrated on the 11th day unlike 10th day. It … Continue reading Navratri dates 2016