10 Exclusive Holi Recipes of Bihar

Holi is the prime festival of Bihar (after Chhath Puja of course) and we love this festival of colours like anyone else around the globe.But what makes Holi really special for us is our food. Biharis adore the unique flavors of Bihari cuisines that holds the essence of Ganga that makes our lands pretty fertile ones. Food and Biharis are love riots and we do take it seriously.  Holi  is more about celebrations and less about rituals. It is more about fun and freedom than paying homages. The smearing of colours ritual is only accompanied by savouring the special Holi delicacies. The mouth watering holi food is equally synonymous to Holi as is colour. Every Indian state has different Holi food items which are more or less similar and enhance the holi vibes but they are definitely few cuisines which are as unique as the state itself.  And so take a look at what Bihar has to offer to you on Holi.


If there’d be a competition of the most popular Bihari cuisine among Biharis that can compete directly with Litti Choka of Bihar then It would surely be Malpua. And if we talk Holi then I don’t think any Bihari House goes without including this much loved Bihari Dish into exclusive holi food menu. It’s made mixing flour,sugar,ghee,pista,nuts together and then deep frying it only to dip it into sugar syrup.


Dahi Vada

Dahi Bhalle as it is popularly known in rest of the India is the undisputed king of Holi cuisines which  is much adorably claimed among Bihari folks. The sheer competition of whose Dahi Vada is better than whom goes out in open on Holi. It’s basically curd dipped Urad Dal dumplings which are flavoured extensively using various sauces and final outcome perfectly compliments the colourful spirit of Holi.


Moong Dal ki kachori

It’s rated among much appreciated dishes of Bihari holi cuisines which is savoured to it’s core among all the sweets and desserts fed lavishly to the guests on Holi eve. The spiciness of spices inside tingles the taste buds. It’s a deep fried spices filled snack item which is often accompanied with Aalo or Kathal ki sabji on Holi.

Bihari Holi food


Love affair of Biharis and Gujiya is an established fact in Bihar. And Holi simply oogles it to the core. There would be enormous display of various sort of Gujiyas filled with various stuffings from Khoya to suji to nuts to even peas for the saltier versions. BIharis can’t do it without Gujiyas ever on their special occasions. And that is a fact. It is usually a sweet dumpling with Khoya or Suji stuffed inside.



Dhuska is basically a traditional recipe of Jharkhand but equally popular among Biharis who love to have their lunch with this exotic cuisine after playing Holi. It would mostly be accompanied by Aalo or Kathal ki sabji with pickles. It is made by deep frying a batter made by Chana daal,rice, garlic,chilli and ginger.


Kathal Ki Sabji

Jackfruit curry or Kathal ki sabji adds colour and spice to the Bihari kitchen as the cooked delightfully as the first thing in the morning. And the taste is heavenly which no earthly thing can compete ever for a Bihari. It’s mostly eaten along with Moong dal ki kachori or Dhuska.

Holi cuisines of Bihar

Shakkar Pare

These sweet,crispy and textured munchies basically replaces biscuits on Holi and generously offered to guests during Abir Gulal evenings. It’s made with wheat flour and sprinkled sugar.


Masala Peanuts

Masala peanuts are deep fried peanuts which are wrapped up generously in gram flour batter and often accompanies Shakkar pare among Bihari families during Holi.

holi exclusive food

Bhang Pakore/laddu

Bhang ke Laddu or Bhang ke Pakore are a must have munchie which are exclusively allowed on Holi by bihari Families which are still not very open to the ideas of addiction(except their beloved Paan and Khaini) It is usually taken during or after smearing of colours only to sit around in circles and sing some Bhojpuri song.


Holi food holi cusine

Bhang Thandai

Can we complete this list of Holi Special Food items without mentioning Thandai? No absolutely not! And so thinks every Bihari,this one drink is unanimously queen of Holi and no Holi Saga has ever been completed without mentioning it. Biharis ‘Rang Barse’ scenes starts only after savouring it heartily.


Wish you all a very happy holi and a beautifully coloured life just like Holi. Enjoy!

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