Interview of Gaurav Agrawal outside the Zee news room

Interview of Zee business news anchor Gaurav Agrawal where he talks candidly about his journey from a rural place to become a national reporter, his tips on becoming a journalist and many things more


Interview of an Indian girl

Her story is a kind of story many of us take but never realize what tremendous courage it takes to leave your lands,your home, your country and your people to follow your dreams.Her story is also the Journey of a pampered daughter to being a pampering Mom herself

army wife

Interview of an Indian army wife and an army brat

The infidelity among army wives,the role of an army wife,the marriage to an army officer and why the army officer make the best husbands! You need to read this interview of a real life army wife and a CO saheb Memsaab to know all.

My Interview series: An intro and why it is exciting!

So, Okay I am here with the first in my interview series as I said I keep meeting interesting people on my way. My interview series are dedicated to women who are not necessarily 'Extra-ordinary' (either way internet is full of such interviews, you can read it anywhere, anytime) but they are doing their bit … Continue reading My Interview series: An intro and why it is exciting!