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Life of an army wife

It is just not easy to marry a ‘man in uniform’. The olive greens in particular! So it seems all so lovely to marry an army officer but there comes an entirely new lifestyle in bargain. It takes a lot to be an Army Wife.The life of an army wife is thought to be easy who have beautiful houses and gardens to flaunt? Life is nothing but the bed of roses? A handsome man all wrapped in olive green and combat boots comes home and hug the princess?? Really, that is what you have to think? Nope dearies there is no dearth of exclusive problems and ‘do or die’ encounters which an army wife  faces on daily basis and yet she manages to survive. Despite all the army life pressure an army wife manages to look beautiful and glamourous. An army officer’s wife’s life is totally different from an Army girlfriend.Here is an interesting sneak peak into real army officer’s wives lives. Take a look and let me know how many of these you have faced till now?


Oh shit Bhaiya is at the door. Where are my full shouldered and ankle length dresses? And why does this call bell rings fifty times a day?. Damn staying on ‘mostly men’s land’!

2)Fauji Vehicles

So right it all seemed very cool when I was unmarried but why the hell I never thought of all those dust particles settling on my makeup, fierce breeze of hot air messing up with my hairs and the intolerable heat I have to deal everytime I sit on it! Damn these Gypsies!

army wife li3)His Phone calls

It’s okay. It’s okay. Take a deep breath! So what he spends 15 hrs out of 24 on his phone. ‘Did you say something baby? I was just talking to my CO’


I know! I look pretty in saree honey  but why do I have to wrap it up 7 times a week and every single time I go out? My minis would just rot in the trunk! Last time I tripped too.

army wife5)Accommodation

I am a good fauji wife! I am good fauji wife! Repeat it fifteen times a day. New raising is not a problem. Smile!


Wow! Ray of hopes in our lives but did he just argued with me about what his Saheb likes more and he’s actually correct about it! And what are those looks for? He thinks I know nothing about his Saheb? Grrrrr!


Oh yeah, yeah, I have many many and many friends and you know they are all fauji and we meet regularly at Army ladies meets. What? you mean my civilian friends? Who have time yaar but yeah we are in touch on Facebook! Yup!

army wife8)Bachelors

So sweet they came and even cooked their food themselves at the middle of the night but now who is going to do the dishes. Let’s just pray the ‘Bai doesn’t do chik chik in the morning ‘Pahle ku nahi bataya memsaab!’


What do you mean by I will have to do the dishes all by myself as I will not get a ‘bai’ here because it’s a field posting. I have never done that before!


Okay now I am an officer’s wife and how adoringly these families are calling me ‘Madam’ Awwww! How sweet! Wait, did she just say she is an MBA? Bloody hell ! What am I suppose to teach them and how to provide them with employment when I am struggling with my own.


11)Ladies Meet

So okay these are fun, lot of food, lovely clubs but did my CO’s wife just asked me to dance before some hundred ladies? Last time I broke my leg with all those dancing steps of mine in school. Damn, is there any way to tell her no?

12)Call on

Phew! Shit man! Okay I am new in the station and I should meet everyone but whether to call Co’s wife for a cup of tea or drop at her place unannounced? Seriously it is one of the most dangerous situations on this planet.


Oh man where are those 24 similar bone china plates and do I have 48 similar cups at home or I need to buy it?  And should I go for Continental, English menu or just desi menu would do?

14)Social evenings 

Is is saree or suit this time?


Oh they are endless! Yeah I think they are fun. We get to sit and interact with other people.

16)Job life

Don’t even ask! It is totally pathetic and at the next station none is even gonna hire me after checking my ‘just joined and just left the job’ records. Yes, I know my course mate is featured in Forbes! But don’t I do welfares?

army wife17)Kids

Yeah! I guess they are doing well in school as last month I could actually sit with them and talk about their schools. And I am looking forward for some quality time again once these Dining Ins and Dining outs are over!

army wife


Why do you want to go to Kashmir baby when we are expecting a posting soon there and please I know I am authorised for two months leave but I can’t ask for more chuttis babes. Please adjust.


What do you mean I should unpack my winter clothes now? It’s just been six months in Chennai and you are saying we are posted to Kashmir? What? Seriously? Now I would have to repeat everything again???

20) My own home

Well, at the end of the day I just realised that I am never home. I have no family life and nor even a job life. Yeyyyy! Hah, so much for the country!

Haha! Ladies! Hope you had fun. Just a glimpse of extraordinary and totally fauji situations in your lives on a very lighter note. There is no doubt the immense strength you guys possess and the support you provide to your husbands and the nation. Army wives rock! And if you want to read more on army here are few links

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Happy Army Army !

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