14 Tips to increase your blog traffic and stats

Well If you are a blogger and like to pour your heart out here and enlighten this world a little more than obviously you need to connect with more people. You can not say I don’t bother about the stats and I write for myself. Nope! That is a very unprofessional approach.Do you realise blogging is so important that almost all the business houses have blogs? Most of the freelancers use blogging very effectively! It also tags you as social media influencer and not to forget easy money. The boom is so high that you can even buy traffic packages for your blog and SEO optimised bookmarking sites are in trend. Now is the right time to learn few things right about blogging. So here I am going to give you few tips to increase your blog stats and provide you an opportunity to share and connect some more.

1)Make Friends

First and foremost rule of blogging is to make friends. You are here to make friends first who would be your fellow bloggers and likes to read and write just like you! Connect with them first and try to learn and share some more.


Just like you want to be improved and really curious to know how much that blogger in you have performed, so does the every other blogger wants. Do comment on their posts. Connect with them at the personal level but maintain the genuinity.


Reblogging connects you instantly with more people and also helps increasing your stats along with adding a different variety to your blog.


It is one very important aspect of blogging. If you are not rich in content nobody will eventually like to read you. And how will you increase it? Simple just by reading other blogs. Also make sure that it is also helpful and great in quality.


It is surely the quickest approach to increase your followers and stats. Try to be unique and present fresh perspectives.


Try to be very realistic in your approach. Let your blog present real people, simple people and real stories. The stories with which people can connect and relate easily. It will help you to reach a broader mass.

7)Guest posts

These are great ways to provide different perspective to your readers and also create interest about your blog. And also you can request the same blogger to feature your blogs in his blog too. Symbiotic relationships are always beneficial!

8)Social Media

It is very very and I insist very important. Be active on social media like Facebook and Twitter are great tools to reach more people and influence them directly.


Participate in other groups and forums regularly and be visible there.

10)Bookmarking sites

Dofollow bookmarking sites like google+, reddit,pinterest,Tumblr,Examiner etc and keep submitting your blog Urls there. It increases your blog visibility at google searches.Google + and Pinterest are among best bookmarking sites of 2016.

11)Website analytic tool

Well there are many other analytics tool like google pagerank or Alexa traffic rank which help you with your blog stats.

12)Buy Traffic

As unusual as it sound but if you are really desperate and want to increase your blog stats drastically then you can also buy the traffic. You can easily find various traffic packages online.

13)SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Posts

If you have a blog, chances are you already understand the importance of business blogging or easy money you can generate here but you should then know how to optimize your blog posts to make them more search engine friendly.It will help get your blog noticed. And I will write a separate post about it later.

14)Last but not the least

Above all points are valid only if you are really honest about your blogs and want to enlighten people’s lives. The sole purpose of blogging should be to raise the voice, to create the difference no matter how small the scale is. So It is very important that you help people genuinely through your blogs.

 Be the voice! Brighten this world a little more!

Happy blogging folks




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