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Nouns : Your local food circle

Local food has its own charm and Nouns app help you connect with the local foodies,hottest restaurant,food festivals,carnivals,important gastronomical events in your city which you might not be aware of. Not just that the foodie in you gets all the space here,you can upload pictures,chat with another foodie and unlike Instagram no one will be bored by your foodporn hashtags here. Try it!

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10 Types of Facebook Friends

From Creepy stalkers,to obsessive taggers to Agnoy Aunts Facebook is full of strange people and you have to bear with them. Here is a hilarious list of 10 types of Facebook friends with their characteristics and way to deal with them.

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Anniversary Celebration of a real life couple

What did my husband gift to me on my wedding anniversary? The real life couple goals for an Indian Couple on their anniversary day. Watch out the video too!

7 types of toxic people you must avoid!

Parasites will leech upon you,envious will pull you down and bully will make you feel small. There are certain kind of poisonous people you must avoid for your own happiness and success. A must read for everyone which might just change your life. And yes,try to locate that one toxic person in your life asap.

How to pack a suitcase like a diva

Best tips to pack your suitcase for a short trip and other travelling tips to help you make your travel plans easier and travel in style as an urban stylish Diva.

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Mother’s Day Quotes & Images

Mother's day best Quotes, wishes and Images. Read,Enjoy and share these emotional,funny or inspirational Mother's day messages and quotes. Happy mother's day folks