Valentine Day celebration unique ideas

Step wise step unique ideas to celebrate Valentine Day which will strengthen your love bonds forever and keep up the romance alive.


10 coolest Valentine Day Gifts for her

The ultimate gift ideas for your girl be it your girlfriend or wife. The list of coolest valentine day gifts which would touch her heart instantly and tag you as best boyfriend ever.

Valentine Week 2017 Valentine Day

Valentine Week 2017

The complete schedule of Valentine week 2017 with day,dates and ideas to celebrate the valentine week for girlfriends,boyfriends,husbands ,wives or any couple. The rose day begins the Valentine week and kiss day ends it just before valentine day

5 Types of girls

Types of girls and all about their female personality traits.. Clingy girl,bossy girl will make your life hell and you really need to know these types of women before actually marrying a girl. Girls need to read it to know which type are they!

alone girl diary

Diary of an alone girl

The status.quotes and images of an alone girl. Sad,depress,hurt,crying alone girl tells the story of her heart break. The lone girl is sad and devastated but it does not end here. The tale of an alone girl is to stay forever. The diary of an alone girl says it all.

10 Historical moments in 2016 that shook India

The sum total of 10 important moments and events in India in the year 2016 that shaked the entire country and left people talking for months. These events changed Indian history forever and strongly influence Indian future too.

The ultimate guide to the world of pretty girls!

pretty girls are snobs,money monger and maniser! The ultimate story behind all the myths and truths about pretty girls

Wedding gifts

Now that giving an envelope with notes stacked inside it is an awkward option for any wedding in India. So here are some cool and unique gift ideas before you head out for a wedding. These gifts are bound to bring smiles on the newlyweds's faces and leave your ever lasting impression in their eyes. … Continue reading Wedding gifts

Scorpio Zodiac and it’s traits you never knew!

Everything you wanted to know about a Scorpio person from a completely new perspective. It also has some cool exclusive scorpio wallpapers and images which says everything. What are you waiting for read and share to the scorpios around you.

Types of Stalkers that every girl loath off!

The complete list of type of stalkers that exist around the girls which include roadside romeos to workplace Tharkis. Read,relate and Share as much as you can