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How to deal with heartbreak

Pandemic is going on. Things are not as they used to be once. Commute was easy, hugs were flowing and kisses easily made way but now with the second surge of COVID-19 things have changed it is not only social distancing that everyone is talking about but also the distances which are creeping deep inside the hearts. What I mean to say is heartbreaks are more common than you can realize. And heartbreaks can be tormenting. They are after all an emotional shock, a trauma that one suffers once that someone special is gone. There was a sacred space where you two existed sharing, cuddling boosting and pulling each other up. There were only feel good factors between you two and now there exists only a void. Of course that will hurt. And this heartbreak may have powers to crush your identity, destroy your existence and fail you completely. It can change you break you and more. I am a romance author, someone really legit to advise you on how to deal with your heartbreak and I hope it will help you and save lives. Get ready for the pro tips:

Acknowledge the pain

Acknowledging the pain is the first step to deal with your heartbreak. Allow yourself to cry to grieve to break things or shout out loud. This will help relieve the pain and create a passage for the release of emotional shock. Do this regardless of the gender,even if you are a tough guy and think it is not ok to show your emotions or you are too macho to cry even when you are suffering deep inside I would suggest cry… cry your heart out if you feel like crying. but dont allow that grief to control you. You cry break things and then plan ahead . Plan for a better day plan for a better tommorow.

Find your anchor

We all have certain people in our lives who care about us. Many a times we don’t even acknowledge them but such people exist in our lives. They could be our parents, siblings, friends or even colleagues who truly bother about us and are our well wishers. During your heartbreak take their help. Don’t shy about discussing your issues with them. Talking about heartbreak not only ease your pain but also provides new perspective about your pain. It will help.

Indulge in your hobby

All hobbies originate from your soul. Someone might be good in signing, someone in dancing or writing your hobbies are your gifts assure to invest plenty of time into your hobbies during your heartbreak phase. Your art will express your grief beautifully and you never know what great creative things might come out of it. They also have instant powers to make you feel good and content.


Travelling will break the monotony in your life and aid new colours to it. You can join any trekking expedition or even climb mountains or simply explore another city if you feel like it. If you can afford it travelling will help you a great deal to deal with your heartbreak. You can also invite a friend to join you. For example, you both can go to Vancouver- and to get prepared, look at this vancouver neighbourhood map

Create a new routine

Since your life was different before the heartbreak and it mostly revolved around a person your routine was also different now that person is gone you must create a new routine and schedules based on new priorities and stick to it. You will have to do it and understand this is the first step to move on.

Focus on your goals

Your heartbreaks can truly destroy you if you don’t set your priorities right. I am sure you don’t want that. You might be having a competitive exam or a job interview but you are not focused or giving your hundred percent as you should be simply because you are heartbroken. Don’t do this. Keep your professional and personal life separate from each other. Only you have the power to do so and you will have to do it. After all success is the best revenge. Your gains in spite of a heartbreak will be the answer to the world of the mettle you are made of.

Self harm is not the option

Even if you feel there is nothing left in the world after your love of your life (presumed of course) is gone you have no rights to self harm yourself. By doing that you only prove you indeed are a loser and you also malign the efforts and pain your parents have taken to raise you up. Infact heartbreaks are precisely the time when you should take more care of you.

self love

You are miserable, distressed and angry. These are all withdrawal symptoms and self love can be particularly difficult during heartbreak phase but this is the challenge. By loving yourself more when you believe no one else loves you you prove you are a hero. You honor your existence and also show how your identity does not depend any validation. So indulge more in taking care of you. Exercise, meditate, eat well maintain a sleep routine and more.

Do not blame yourself

While reflecting on what’s went wrong never ever blame yourself. Your relationship broke not because of who you are as a person but because it was never meant to work out between you two. It is just life. You move on . That was a phase and it is over now just like your childhood or school memory now this certain relationship will only be a memory but that memory certainly should not cage you in a guilt box. You blame situations not people.

Move on

Every night when you are heartbroken before you go to sleep tell yourself tomorrow will be a better day and you will be a better version of yourself. Keep telling this thing till the time you are truly healed. When you say this say this with complete conviction and honesty soon your mind will believe and will be in sync with your heart. It is all for good.