Army Girlfriend and the story of her life

Oh, babes! It’s soooo hot ! What? I am not talking about the parade. Okay? Look at those army officers there, I mean come on don’t they all look hot in their uniforms?”

You will alway be awe struck  when you see a handsome masculine face, clad gorgeously in those olive green uniforms and standing tall with pride in his walk for the first time. Yes! Hot, Hot and Hot again! So you are all smitten and keep those ‘Somwaris’ religiously to marry an army officer and then Gods also melt down and for once break their code of conduct of not planning anything polar opposite to your plans and actually fulfill your wishes. So yayy, life not always sucks! But anyway the point is that a handsome officer looking all hot and crisp in his olive green uniform, decorated with medals,stripes and stars studded shoulders enters your life quietly (only to turn your life upside down later) but before you could actually prepare that ‘Thank you speech’ to the Gods you start getting those little hiccups when some after your fifteen calls you get those messages. ” Sorry babes, with CO! Call you later! Love!” And this happens to you like 24/7 and 365 days a year. There exist no Sundays, Holidays and other such days. But hey don’t be disheartened you are not alone in this boat, in fact there’s this entire ship carrying thousands of Army wives and Army Girlfriends. So chill and read these perks,privileges and punishment of dating an army officer.

*The Aviators never suited anyone better than you. It’s a killer. And baby Ray Ban guys should actually pay you  for making Ray-bans look so desireable.OMG!


*What’s this fuzz about ‘Royal Enfield’? I mean, I know it suits you and you look all so cool on it but sometimes I get the vibes of it being your second girlfriend. It can’t be, but..

*I like you in your clean shaves and katora cut hairs and I promise you that I ll never be bored of your monotonous style for eternity. (Sigh!)

*Did you just ask for fork and knife here at Domino’s? Okay, I know this is how you eat in your mess but is it really necessary to follow your table etiquettes everywhere? See, how civilians urrrr…people are staring at you! Gosh!

*Is it really important to use ‘Roger’ every third second? I mean, okay I enjoyed it initially but now I am kind of bored and I want you to communicate rather descriptively. So unromantic huh!

*Oh my god! What happened? Why are you calling me at 6 in the morning? So what you had a cross country at 5? Normal people don’t get up before 7Am. At least!


*See by now I understand you do PT everyday but tell me again what do you mean by exercises? And why the hell do you need to go to some God forsaken place called ‘Jhangad’ at Rajasthan for these exercises?WTF!

*You sure they don’t allow mobile phones there? Noo!

*I know you were just being chivalrous and this is how you behave with every other woman on this planet but you really did not need to call her ‘Mam’ every single time. I hate her.

Indian Air Force pilots

*So you have been to five ‘Bada- Khanas’,eight dining ins, ten dining outs, seven social evenings this month and you are still insisting that these are not the parties? Okay so the mocktails and snacks are all official? Hmm...

*So buddy is not your friend but still he knows about you more than me? It hurts! Ouch!

*Wow! Did you just bumped onto that guy and almost strangled him? What do you mean by he’s your course mate? You never seemed this happy……..not even with me! Adjust!


*What do you mean by I should wear sarees more often. Please, I hate sarees.Phew so messy! If only I would have known!

*Do you realise that you just said ‘Sir,Yes Sir,Sir, Yes Sir’ for about half an hour with that person you call your CO. And come on why are you looking so exhausted! It was just a call!

*You know all my friends are jealous of me that I am dating an army officer and yeah by the way they were asking me that how many terrorists you have killed by now? What do you mean you have just passed out? How would I face my friends now?


*What do you mean by I should behave more ‘lady like’? Whats wrong with my sneakers? It suit my hot pants! And why can’t I use slangs when you do occasionally? I know okay? I heard you swearing. %$#^

*Wow! Your cantonment is really cool.Green,neat,organised! A city inside a city! Love it!

*Well your wardrobe shouts out loud that cleanliness and class are just not the womanly thing. I accept.

*So you are saying that you have fifty six pairs of shoes and some hundred clothes. All required really? This can’t be true. You just can’t have more clothes and shoes than me. So embarrassing!

*What the eef? What do you mean it’s a field posting and I can not come with you? Did you just say that it’s for two years? Noooooooo How would I live now? Only to realise that it makes heart grow fonder but yeah tough!


So girls I know if you have an army boyfriend or husband you can totally relate to all these things. You are a class. The separations and your courage to support him along side moving with your own life gives you the badge of ‘Army Girlfriend’ Wear it with pride as it’s not earned by every girl. Your love is a warrior and you are his princess. Trust it and nothing else. Support!

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Take care!

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