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Astrology believes that the universe,the moons,the sun and the stars all affect us in most interesting manner and decide our fate. Now here comes the zodiac signs to our rescue and divide billions of people inhabiting this planet into twelve distinct personalities. Read it and you will understand more your-love-compatibility-as-zodiac-saysSo tadaaa life is all so simplified  dude. The zodiacs define everything about us like what would a leo like or a libra would loath, how a gemini would be a perfect employee and Scorpio a possessive lover! Hey already sounding so much fun? Well wait I am about to tell you your dressing style and going to enhance your already sparkly fashion sense very ‘zodiaky’ way. All the while compiling some very quirky and funny quotes about zodiacs too. So gear yourselves for a fun filled fashionically freakiness!

ACTIVE ARIES  (March 21 -April 19)

Charismatic, independent, confident and energetic Aries women dress very powerfully but with a sexy twist. Red is their colour and ruby is their stone. Shades of red and brown looks just gorgeous on them. Smoky eyes,crimson lipsticks, golden nailpaints and a red vibrant dress would enhance these dare-devils independent, bold and courageous personality. And yes a strong perfume like dior hypnotic poison! Men, here comes passion with utmost thrill!

TEMPTING TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Loving, mature, secure, friendly and calm taurians love to dress up classy way! Firm fitting, casual and elegant clothes like jeans,pants, layered clothing are all they are upto. Emerald green is their colour and emerald is their stone. Rock a sexy velvet red,winged eyeliner with your sophisticated classy timeless emerald body fitting short dress and don’t forget to use an earthy perfume like Miss Dior. Men can’t escape this classy charm!

GORGEOUS GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

Fun,flirtatious,easily bored,social butterflies and expressive multi taskers who can never settle. They have basically trouble dressing themselves up as they dress up mostly as per their moods than what suits them. Yellow is their colour and just like their dual nature there are two types of stones for them. May gemini stone is emerald and June gemini stone is alexandrite. Edgy,urban,free flowing and versatile clothing like may be a yellow sequined halter with white hot pants would uplift their mood along with those feminine jhumkas. Don’t forget a floral,flirty and fun perfume like Victoria Secret ‘s XO too! Men might have trouble chasing this air sign but once they do, they truly acquire a gem.

CAPTIVATING CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

Sensitive,magnanimous,romantic,emotional and compassionate cancerian women love soft and sensual clothing. Silver is their colour and pearl is their stone. They hate tight fitting clothes and feel comfortable in casual clothes in soft pastel or white shades. How about a simple white top with those classy denim jeans with a white strapped guess watch? And yeah a perfume with minimal fragnance something like Kiehl’s vanilla and cedarwood would just compliment the mood.What a pleasure being with such a loving and caring woman!

LUSCIOUS LEO ( July 23 – August 22)

Attractive,loud,lavish,royal, loyal to friends and enemies! This queen of fashion is born to rule and money never matters if she likes something. Gold is her colour and Ruby is their stone.Great sense of fashion and they dress to impress! Never the part of the crowd! Most dramatic and extreme fashion sense! Unusual shoes, shimmering jewellery are all for leo women! Don’t you think patterned clothing may be leopard prints and cat eye liner would enhance this big cats aura more? Of Course with golden nail paints and a perfume with warm floral scent. Men, if a leo loves you never ever let her go, you just might regret it later.

VIVACIOUS VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Shy,affectionate,sweetest and loyal lover! They are neat dresser and pay lot of attention on details.Classy and minimal style! Blue is their colour and sapphire is their stone. But they look best in earthy colour like you know the shades of walnut,hazelnut etc. Cream,ochre or caramel tan looks great on them too. So how about a classy single piece dress in earthy or forest green shades? Along with those diamond studs and a classy leather watch. The perfume should be clean fresh and natural like DKNY green. Men when you love her your life will be all heaven but don’t just pester her.

LOVELY LIBRA (September 23 – October 23)

Charming, artistic, beautiful and kind hearted libras just love clothes and shoes. They are the trendsetters! Their fashion sense is sexy,feminine with a hint of boyish charm.They dress for themselves and hardly care what others think. Goddess of beauty venus rules libra and so they crave for deep sense of beauty and they need to be coordinated for maintaining that inner harmony and peace they crave the most. Sugar and spice or honey and waves! They can just be a perfect mixture of men’s desire. They are all in for floral prints,candy colours and lighter shades. The very feminine pink or blue are their colour and opal is their stone. So a one shoulder pink dress with metal belt along with a classy clutch and stilettos for this graceful lady!And yes a very romantic and floral perfume for her like Versace absolu. Men, a libra in hand is like a treasure at home. Just don’t stir her peace of mind.

SEDUCTIVE SCORPIO ( October 24 – November 22)

Deadly,mysterious and sexy beauty who can carry vintage styles better than anyone else. Flowy,seductive and dark coloured clothes are their choices. They dress to impress the opposite sex. Dark black or dark red are their colours and topaz is their stone.Nothing can look better than a LBD with pointed stilettos and dark red lipsticks on this fatal female. The kind of clothes which help her in being hidden yet add to her mystery! And yes a perfume with strong musky smell like Gucci musk. Men, it might be fun to have a sexy mysterious devil your side whom you could never understand. It’s fun. Isn’t it? To know more about them follow Scorpio traits you never knew about

SUPERIOR SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21)

Brave,lively,extrovert and lovely saggis loves to collect fashion items from around the world as it adds to their adventurous nature.They love sporty,casual and carefree look. They use to be in awe with vibrant colours like purple,red,blue or green. Turquoise is their stone.Nothing can lift a saggis mood better than her favorite pair of sweatshirts and sneakers. May be a wrist band too to add to their sporty charm. And a very light perfume like CK one! Men you never need to impress her and can totally be goofy with her.

CUTE CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Persistent,observant,practical and generous capricornians are elegant dresser. They tend to go for designer dresses but not into much of flashy clothes but yeah accessories are surely part of their fashion sense.Camel tones,olives, whites, dark brown or charcoal grey are all fun for them and garnet is their stone. A tailored suit or a two piece dress with grey formal trousers and power shouldered jackets would enhance the elegance and corporate attitude in any capricorn. Perfume should be earthy,clean and crisp like Estee Lauder private collection. Men it’s good to have a woman who is just not ready with PLan B but also D, C and E (your little idea factory) but she can be a total bitch if you ever piss her off.

AWESOME AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Faithful,smart,quirky and confident aqua babes can be friendly and expansive. They like to style differently just like their nature which is predictable yet so unpredictable. Turquoise and aquamarine are their colours and amethyst is their stone. Sweet eccentricity, quirky,weird and fun are all aquarius things.They’ll flaunt a very off beat style. How about a boho chic hippie style of clothes like a fun headgear, funky goggles and all wrapped up in stolls and flats over their chic frock or may be another mix and match up? The perfume should be citrus sweet and crisp like BVLGARI Aqua. Men it’s good to have a enigmatic unique woman with you who will let you be what you are.

PLATONIC PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

Creative,imaginative, joyful and shy pisces women like all things fluid and fabulous. A typical piscean woman will have everything in blue from clutches to belts to boots. A wide spectrum of colours just like the colours which settle on sea foam suits them. Silver, sea green,blue, indigo,violet or emerald etc you name it. Aquamarine is their stone. They are mermaid beauty.So how about a shimerry mermaid gown with aquamarine earrings for their dreamy self.And a dreamy, unusual and soft fragnance just like Christian Dior Dioressence is just perfect. Men, it’s a proudy matter to have the most glamourous woman your side but be prepared to be ignored initially.


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