Scorpio Zodiac and it’s traits you never knew!

So who all have their birthdays in between October 23 to November 21? Cheer out loud as Scorpio month has arrived and all you sexy sizzling scorpios can totally expect a rocking month which is just made for you. Feel Good! Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac and very strong,passionate,ardent and zealous in nature. The mystery around their aura and believe in their own righteousness make them very intense. They are very devoted in their relationships be it their friends or their enemies and so both needs to careful while messing around with them.

They are just like a coconut all tough and bushy outside and highly fragile and insecure inside. They worship their lovers but they set a parameter all around their lovers the day they decide to be together and anything outside that parameter by their partner is unacceptable so just be ready to accept the punishment which would be brutal and harsh but be sure that they still won’t leave you. They will always hold you firmly and grip you completely until one day you decide to run away really far far away closing all the doors behind you. They will try to get you back and cry,shout,plead and even beg you to return. Yes, that is the kind of mystery and intensity a scorpio holds and if you are ready to live and behave in his world by his codes then you will be idolised and will always be treated as a deity in his temple. All caged and trapped yet very important and happy ! That is how you feel with a scorpio.

  • Element : Water
  • Ruler : Pluto
  • Quality : Fixed
  • Greatest Overall Compatibility: Cancer, Pisces
  • Best for Marriage and Partnerships: Taurus
  • Gifts : Resourceful,Loyal, Intuition
  • Problem : Suspicion, Grudge,Obsession

Now you can totally make out why Hillary Clinton never left Bill Clinton but yeah be sure that Bill Clinton would still be paying the price. And yes why the king of bollywood Shahrukh Khan is still devoted to Gauri Khan? For understanding the relationship compatability more you can check Zodiac love compatibility. Man! They are all scorpios and usually they are very successful too. All that passion,devotion,intelligence and intuition lead them directly towards higher positions.

So this post is dedicated to all the honest,brutal,possessive and intelligent scorpios lurking all around and to know more about your zodiac like the kind of cloth you’d prefer and colours you should opt for check this out Fashion, Fun and Zodiac Enjoy and please smile! Just an effort to make you special which you already are!




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Hope you enjoyed the post and you can easily copy these images for your wallpaper purposes or simply sending it lovingly to your scorpio friend and smile together and meanwhile if you want to know more about your own zodiac check these out

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