URI Attacks in Jammu and Kashmir

17 soldiers killed in jammu & Kashmir URI army camp attack! It was a one of a kind of attack which has happened after more than a decade. The last memory of this region was that of Kargil war A very well planned and executed attack where they were already aware of the inside information. Like they entered the URI brigade headquarters at around 5 AM on 18th of september 2016 exactly at the times of change of guards when they use to be without their weapons and half of the cantonment was sleeping as the day was just about to start.

uriattacksThe terrorists were heavily armed with weapons like AK47 and grenade launchers. They also had food packets with them which indicated that they actually thought of a long long stay here but alas they were brutally killed almost in one and half hour by a team of Para commandos. Now Indian Para commandos are part of India’s special forces and I have also mentioned about it earlier too.


Now the terrorists penetrated the army camp and a major fire fight started as the terrorist threw some grenades on the Army petrol pumps and from there the fire spread to near by administrative building  and 17 jawans were killed where 15 jawans are from 6 BIHAR and two from 10 DOGRA and around were injured. The quick response team of 10 Dogra recovered and took the charge and did a splendid job by limiting the terrorist to one area and preventing them for any further damage till a team of highly specialised Para commandos were air dropped at around 6.30 Am to the camp who had to slither from their helicopter to enter the camp. All the 4 militants were killed in the counter attack by 8.30 Am. Jaish e Mohammad has taken the responsibility of the attack.

uriThis is very unfortunate. Any terrorist activity which involves killing of innocent people and wasted blood is cruel. Be it Paris attacks, New york incident, Pathankot attacks or this URi attacks. Such terror attacks are endless all around the globe.

Now what can we do about it. Pakistan has not taken the responsibility of the attacks and has kept mum on the topic. Even if we ignore all the proofs and similar pattern of attacks like the pathankot attacks then too it’s common sense that fidayeens enter India from Pakistan.operated terror camps in POK and it’s like their job. They are paid handsomely for pressing those buttons on their suicide jackets or the trigger of their guns to kill others and themselves ultimately. Some pathetic people who take advantage of poverty,unemployment and illiteracy of Pakistani youth create such terrorists to havoc all around the world in name of islam. Forgetting the fact that Indian muslims outnumber entire pakistani muslim population. But anyway now coming to the solutions which in my sense should be done.

uriattacks-in-kashmirWe should respond to pakistan in the best possible manner and there’s no doubt about it. It was pathankot attack just now and here it is URI attacks where four militants penetrated an army camp, set fire to the rear side of an administrative building..yes I repeat administrative building and taking pride in that. I don’t support war monger and arms dealers but there are reasons why we should respond this one time.

Pakistan is a military operated country and there is no point of having discussions with them over their own sponsored terrorists.

Even if we pursue talks with their elected government then their military would surely create some havoc to disrupt the peace process and proceedings.like the history says..kargil etc

If not hit back in the similar manner then they will keep on conducting the same kind of attacks on our lands.they agreed only once you after we attacked their sovereignty in 1971 and next war happened In 1999

The blood of 10 Dogra and 6 Bihar units would be currently boiling and they ’d be so eagerly waiting to avenge their friends. and it ll be bad for their morals not to do so. After all army is all about morales.

Now how to do this part

We have best of special forces in the world like Marcos, Paras or Garuds. Just send few of them in the same manner to Pakistani army camps like they did to ours. And let them mourn their own friends for a while.

I don’t support or suggest a war as it is a very expensive way to avenge and would result in more killings. Totally uncalled for.

Provide more support to Baloch and sindh rebellions to continue their struggle of freedom and let Pakistan first focus on its own problem.

Don’t keep any cricket matches or any sports event with Pakistan and let no pakistani work from our lands and make profit. What is this ? They kill our soldiers and we support their citizens? What kind of morale boosting is this to our troops after spilling their blood for us? It will surely create some murmur on pakistan side.

Once we will hit back their terrorists camp and army bases then their military leadership will come out of their bunkers and buzz to their elected government which might lead to some talks between them first to agree over less violent steps and may be no proxy wars.

And again rely more on our mighty shadow forces and invisible army. Send just a bunch of best of them and let them destroy those terrorists camp silently and let these pakistani be engaged with damage control.

After all attack is the best defense!

After all 90000 of pakistani army surrendered before 3000 of our troops. Have some faith and take the step. Terrorist will understand their own language only.

Read about it and you will realise how capable are we. Why not?

India’s Invisible Army : Marcos!

False flag operations

It is in response to those pakistanis who are claiming that it is false flag operation of india and we have maximum number of flag operations…….. Now come on can’t you guys can come up with something better this time? Don’t you think than wasting our own money, resources and men for faking terror attacks on our own men we would rather send those trained men to your country?

It’s ridiculously dim wit delusional thinking among the pakistani people. And even your constant denial has truth hidden in it..maximum number of flag operations prove that you have attacked us using proxy tactics (as u cant fight from front and win..history says it) maximum number of times you have forgotten….

And by the way killing their own citizen by pushing them towards terrorism by fending on their unemployment and poverty and then sending on suicidal mission to the neighbouring country is Pakistan idea of citizen rights not of our country which is worlds largest democracy.

We would dethrone our own government if they do so…you see we don’t have military dictators ruling our country like yours……and here is your another answer that who would create terrorism and attacks?? A democratic country or a military operated pseudo government operated failed state….


 At last with heavy heart here is the full list of martyrs ,the brave lions who are no more among us.

(1) Subedar Karnail Singh, r/o Vill Shibu Chak, Teh- Bishnah, Dist Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir.
(2) Havildar Ravi Paul, r/o Samba, Dist Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir.
(3) Sepoy Rakesh Singh, r/o Vill Baddja, Dist Kaimur, Bihar.
(4) Sepoy Javra Munda, r/o Vill Meral, Dist Khuti, Jharkhand.
(5) Sepoy Naiman Kujur, r/o Vill Gumla, Chainpur, Jharkhand.
(6) Sepoy Uike Janrao, r/o Vill Nandgaon (Kh), Dist Amravati, Maharashtra.
(7) Havildar NS Rawat, r/o Vill Rajawa, Dist Rajasmand, Rajasthan.
(8) Sepoy Ganesh Shankar, r/o Vill Ghoorapalli, Dist Sant Kabir Nagar, Uttar Pradesh.
(9) Naik SK Vidarthi, r/o Vill Boknari, Dist Gaya, Bihar.
(10) Sepoy Biswajit Ghorai, r/o Vill Ganga Sagar, Dist South 24 Parganas, West Bengal.
(11) Lance Naik G Shankar, r/o Vill Jashi, Dist Satara, Maharashtra.
(12) Sep G Dalai, r/o Vill Jamuna Balia, Dist Howarah, West Bengal.
(13) Lance Naik RK Yadav, r/o Vill Balia, Uttar Pradesh.
(14) Sepoy Harinder Yadav, r/o Vill Ghazipur, Dist Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh.
(15) Sepoy TS Somnath, r/o Vill Khadangali, Dist Nashik, Maharashtra.
(16) Havildar Ashok Kumar Singh, r/o Vill Raktu Tola, Dist Bhojpur, Bihar.
(17) Sepoy Rajesh kr Singh, r/o Vill Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Sepoy HN Bala Diag and L/NK Ram Krishna remained critically injured


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