Inter religion Marriage: with a happy ending!

We all talk of secularity and modernity in India but our’s a country of custom,tradition and culture where we like to stick to our traditions as traditionally as they were commenced during the Mughals era or Ramayana period or even the origin of this planet. Technically and logically it sounds weird that an entire race is able to carry out with their culture and values similarly decades after decades but this is how our country’s major population still pursuing their faiths. So in our moon reached, nuclear power equipped country inter religion marriages are still a taboo! Like secularism and modernity is still a cool topic to talk about but practices are limited to school, colleges or work place only and when it comes to inter religion marriages our paternal uncles and maternal aunts (basically the entire samaj) still gasp and sometimes even swords are withdrawn. So you see at such place surrounded by all sort of hypocrite people when you get to see a marriage where you find everything and everyone as normal and boring away from any drama (just more beautiful) then you feel nothing but absolutely astonished! Well I came across this girl ‘Swati Ranjan’ who is a senior executive in IFB firm and also a hindu brahmin married to a christian boy and they are leading an absolutely blissful life.

I could not help but present this lovely little pretty story of two hearts which are so intertwined with love and live inside a happiness shell. All they knew was just love, no religion! Kudos to their families too which knew how to support their kids, their own flesh and blood and stand proudly in the society where honour killing is not a shame.

I stop here and take you to this lovely story by the swati herself in her own words.


Swati says

I was placed in IFB company Luckhnow soon after finishing my engineering and visited Goa for some training purposes.It was for two months and extreamly hectic that I was not even getting time to talk to my family and gradually felt so much home sick. It was then I met him for the first time. He was our new in charge and I was his trainee.He was asked to introduce himself and with a smile he said “my name is Joseph and I am working for last 2 years.” That’s how I remember a decent boy introducing himself. Next day we all were sent to Joseph’s department for 1 week training. I was given the product handled by him. So, we exchanged our contact numbers and started with casual talking.


My training got over and I came back with a dream of going back and work for design department where he was the in charge. Eventually, luck favoured and I got transferred to Goa within 4 months. And that is how destiny plays with you! I was in constant touch with Joseph over phone. He was my only friend in Goa because of which all of my doubts and problems were resolved . We shared same cab to office every day. Casual evening outing, movies and dinner started. By this time I had completed 2 years in Goa and knew him very well.


We were put together in same project which brought equal number of opportunity to test each other patience and support. One fine day, he asked what my plan for marriage is. I said, “my sister just got married and I will be soon!” We smiled at each other. Nobody proposed but it was understood what we wanted.

inter-reilgion-christian-marriageI dreamt a beautiful romance followed by a marriage. Being from a Brahmin family I could never think of interfaith marriage.Finally we took the big step and disclosed the matter to respective families.The result was a big refusal from both sides. But with time and God grace our families happily accepted the proposal and we got married in 2015 completely following Christian rituals.


Achan(my father-in-law) requested for only one thing he wanted marriage to be blessed in Church. Surprisingly, my house name is Rosy, so my mother told “you were born with a part in you which was Christian.”


I wouldn’t say, it was a quick decision but Yes, when I got full support of my parents, elder sister and brother-in-law. I didn’t feel it will bother me in future. A wish to convert to Christianity was due to interest in the new religion and a wish to be connected to a new type of thinking.




I and Joseph are strongly committed to each other and identified our religion of origin and always attempt to ignore the differences.



Joseph and I are immensely blessed to have family and friends to celebrate the union of our different background & religion. I make efforts to talk to my new family in Malayalam to make them happy, because in turn, makes me happy too!!


I am sure we will raise our child with good morals and knowledge of both religions.  Eventually we will decide how much inherited religion matters to our future life.


Wow! What an incredible story! Mesmerising isn’t it? So fairy tales do happen and not all love stories fail and do you know guys Swati is pregnant now and everybody in the family is eagerly waiting for the little one.


And there’s one more thing which is special about this post that it’s their anniversary tomorrow on 19th of september. And we so wish them a life full of love, laughter and eternal bliss.


So Love Conquers All! It’s true! 

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  1. Love is powerful. Though my husband was not of the same faith as I when we got married, I smiled inside, thinking he sometimes was a better practitioner of my convictions than I. When we use any religion for love, blessings come. We’ve been married 33 years.


    1. What a wonderful story I am so pleased that the families accepted this marriage. It is great that they intend to bring up the children with knowledge of both religions. Thanks for following my blog.

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