Wedding gifts

Now that giving an envelope with notes stacked inside it is an awkward option for any wedding in India. So here are some cool and unique gift ideas before you head out for a wedding. These gifts are bound to bring smiles on the newlyweds’s faces and leave your ever lasting impression in their eyes. And so crystal and cookwares are things of past these days we prefer gifting experiences. So go through the list of the coolest gift items that exist on this planet!

A Travel kit

It can comprise so many things and it’s such a functional gift. The couple is bound to use it immediately after the wedding and can’t stop discussing the thoughtful gesture of yours even during their honeymoon.

A Travel hamper, passport covers,quirky luggage tags,cool headphones, eye masks and a stylish travel bag are some of the options.

gift wedding

Vintage Art and Curios

There is a very intresting site which auction vintage stuffs and deliver it to your door step. So if you are planning to gift the newlyweds something for their home why not trying something unique with a lasting impression among that pile of gifts.

A madhubani or gond painting, A vintage cushion, A maharaja painting, a rustic hanging clock or an abstract art it will all add to the vintage appeal of their new house.


A customised wine bottle or Champagne

There are several sites like personalwine or stickeryou etc which offer to personalise the wine bottles. You can upload your logo,couples pictures, ask for your own customised designs and messages to be printed on wine bottles. You can choose to either deliver it directly to their door steps or gift it all by yourself. Now can you imagine the happiness of the newly weds when they ll see your personalised efforts.


A basket full of luxury cosmetics

How about gifting a basket full of fun? Like Clinique Official 2013 Winter Gift Set including New Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Eye Cream New Dramatically Differnt Moisturizing Lotion+ New All About Shadow and More for RS 2207 ,The Body Shop Mango Beauty Bag Gift Set for Rs 5350  or simply a BodyHerbals Lavender Soap Spa Set (Lavender Bathing Bar  for as cheap as Rs625 . And you just have click onto these links only to log onto your amazon account. There are many other options too.

You can’t measure the bride or the groom ‘s happiness when they will unwrap the beautifully wrapped basket with so many goodies from perfume to their favourite luxury shower gel.

wedding unique gifts

Box of personalised items

Wouldn’t it be special if you gift them bar ware, kitchen ware or home decor items all personalized or monogrammed with their name initials and cute messages with which they can related as newly weds? It will be a cherished gift for the couple for rest of their lives.


A Spa

Wouldn’t it be the best surprise a couple would receive just after their wedding? A spa experience! After the months of planning and exhaustion the newlyweds just can’t stop praising this well deserved and much needed gift more than any cutlery or cookery set. You just need to buy a gift voucher from a luxury spa keep it in the envelope and gift it to them. You can also arrange a spa at their honeymoon place by asking about the place priorly. Just make sure to arrange it at the dates of their choice.


A Vacation

Can we ever get over the gifted island to Edward and Bella by the cullens in the movie twilight? Now it’s true that we can’t all own an island to gift it away but surely we can always pay for the honeymoon for a very special person like our siblings, sons, daughter or friends who are more than family to us. Infct arranging a dinner date for them at a yacht or a voucher for movie and shopping at their honeymooning place is also not a bad idea.


A donation

Now there can be nothing more revolutionary and considerate gift than gifting a donation to the newly weds. I tell you how it works. There are several online ngos which arrange donations to over more than 200 ngos for causes like employment,child education etc. So the certificate of donation from the couple’s behalf who are philanthropists and believe in some cause is such an outstanding gift. Here are the links to few site especially giveindia is a very noteworthy site for such initiative. Even amazon offers online , amazon charity.

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