Top Honeymoon Destinations in India

Honeymoons are the most romantic and warm memories any couple can ever have. And we Indians have kind of craze for honeymoon. It’s more like a social debate where everybody in the house would discuss which part of the planet the couple should be honeymooning. These days the progressive grooms take the decisions in their hands but they have this social obligation of informing everyone about the place. There’s nothing like couple privacy, space or as fiddly a concept to surprise the bride. The honeymoon is still organised and sponsored by the groom only in our society it’s so unheard that bride ever organised a honeymoon. Her job is to update their honeymoon pictures on the social media sites and feel adulated with all those ‘wowwwww’ and ‘beautiful couple’ comments. Now that is an achievement.

So basically what I mean to say is that honeymoon in our country is a very serious business. So here I am presenting top 8 honeymoon destinations in India through the lenses of the senior couples to this year newlywed. Goa, Andaman, Kerala , Ooty, Nanital, Manali, Rajsthan and Kashmir is in the radar.So that you can plan before hand to avoid any chaos and enjoy your honeymoon as much as you can without any last moments worries.

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Now before deciding for your honeymoon keep few things in your mind

  • Keep the minimal jewellery with you guys. Also don’t take your Designer wedding lehengas or other heavy dresses along with you on honeymoon.You are on a vacation and you would surely not want to worry over your newly acquired jewellery at unknown places.
  • Try to plan your honeymoon at a place where there is easy connectivity and is considered safe unless you are a true spirited nomadic soul. Then the tiger reserves are your limit.
  • Collect as much informations about your honeymoon place as possible through internet, friends etc and do all the booking prior hands before heading to that place with your bride.
  • Opt for a cozy comfortable and good hotel even if it costs you more. With your newly wed pressures you can’t deal with hotel tantrums. And then honeymoon is for once!
  • Don’t head to an extremely new country or place with your newly wedded wife. The idea of the honeymoon is to chill and spend some laid back time with your wife then mugging over visa problems. You will always have the chance to visit that place. 
  • Most importantly put ‘On honeymoon Don’t disturb’ status on your whatsapp and Facebook  profile so that the over enthusiastic family and friends don’t bug you down there. I mean it must be pathetic getting your old aunts phone every two hours on your honeymoon and leave a bad impressions on your spouse. Better don’t keep much of the phone with you.   
  • Deciding over which place to go out of all the options available is tough. So your first preference should be the choice of your spouse. Like if she likes mountains plan Manali,Kashmir etc or if she likes beaches head straight to Goa, Andaman etc. 
  • Weather also is one very very important criteria for planning a honeymoon. Like okay Goa may be a party place and you guys are party animals but planning Goa during summers is a bad idea.Always remember the golden rule Summers are for hills and winters are for beaches.
  • Try to plan some activity together on your honeymoon. Like a water sport or even a casino night would do. But make sure to do the prior bookings.
  • Let your hotel know your food preferences beforehand and yes a candle night dinner is a must with your wife along with some music.

Remember honeymoon is an ice breaker into our arranged marriage society and a bad honeymoon even in a love marriage will leave scars forever. So try to make most of it and take the advantage of unknown places to get to know each other better and closer. Sometimes your spouse may be hesitant or upset but then rather than rushing over activities and sightseeing give her some space. So it’s not necessary that you head straight for Mountaineering or trekking on your honeymoon but a quiet stay at a hotel can also do wonders to your blooming relationship

So I am going to present the list of places and the real experiences by the real couples. Hope it ll help you especially when you are just wed and already struggling with life changed forever status. Don’t forget to thank these lovely couple who shared their experiences with you and helped you in some way. Stay tuned for more. The first in the list is Kerala.

Kerala top honeymoon destination in India!

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