What did these honeymooners do in Andaman?

If there’s a paradise in India it’s ought to be in Andaman Islands The crystal clear waters, the simplicity of the people, the legends of the tribes and magnanimity of the nature it all just surprise you at the very first sight. I have talked much about Andaman Islands in my post Andaman Islands: the beach capital of India and so here I will talk only about what kind of experience it has to offer to honeymooners and why every couple should go there at least once.

Port Blair is the capital city of Andaman and well connected to all the major cities of India. One can easily take a flight from Delhi or Kolkata to reach Port Blair and head to it’s heavenly Islands through Ferry rides. Havelock Island, Ross Island, Viper Island are some famous islands there which offer variety of activities for honeymooners and couples.The Radhanagar beach is ranked number 5 beach in the world and the beauty of vijayawada is simply breathtaking.The snorkelling and scuba are few regular activities which are frequently enjoyed by the tourists offered by various resorts there and it’s certainly a fun activity for newly weds. Some underwater activities and swimming among the fishes and corals while holding hands with your spouse is certainly a very intimate experience.

Here are few pictures from their honeymoon archive.

andaman-islands-honeymoonThe candle lit dinners on the white sands with oceanic waves touching your feet are not a scene from a movie but it’s something very regular offered to you by Andaman. There are numerous hotels and resorts at various beaches which provide complete privacy with beach views. The beaches are very calm and serene so unlike any other beach in India. You can just take out your guitar and dedicate a tune totally to your partner while seating under a mangrove tree near the beach. Or may be read a book together. It’s romantic isn’t it?

Vanshika and Abhishek are travel junkies. Every second month they are out there to explore something exciting and live the adventure. But they can’t get over their honeymoon at Andamans. They visited Cellular jail at port blair which is not exactly a honeymoon activity but yes it proved to be a very unique experience for them. They spend most of their honeymoon on havelock islands and stayed in Dolphin resorts at Vijaywada beach which is one of the best, vegetarian and only government resort on the islands.


Abhishek says ” Couple should try to spend considerable time on Havelock islands. That is where the best of beach experience that Andman has to offer lies. One should plan half of their day exploring jungles and beaches while half of their day should be planned just to relax in their resorts if they don’t have time constraints. The scuba experience is a must for couples like where else you will experience such an adrenaline rush as couples. He suggests that couple should surely take the scooty rides through the island to reach places than hiring a car. The jungle treks are also an incredible couple activity.”

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He further says ” That this is exactly the kind of place where you don’t need to do anything special for your wife or hubby. The place itself speaks a volume about being special. It makes you feel special in its own way. Take long walks with your wife or just sit quietly on the sand with your wife under the mangroves. Everything is worth it! ”



I rank Andaman Islands: the beach capital of India number 2 honeymoon destination among Top 8 honeymoon destinations in India after Kerala . Kerala wins over only due to the diversity of places and variety of activities offered to a couple than Andaman. But if you love water and oceans give you the feeling of ultimate liberation than the beach capital of India Andamans are the place for some quiet time away from the world with your partner just as you’d want on your honeymoon.

We wish Vanshika and Abhishek loads of love,laughter and happiness in their marital life.

Picture credit : from the honeymooners themselves!