Andaman Islands: the beach capital of India

Andaman Islands are spectacular and it has pristine and exotic beaches to boast off. Clear blue water touching your soul through your eyes,white sand beneath your feet, breezy beachy air expanding your lungs every time you breath in, azure crystalline lagoons,dazzling corals whose beauty is undefined, sun kissed sandy beaches surrounded by tropical rainforests  forcing you to bow before the creator,mysterious tribes, meditative ambience and spectacular starlit skies!Everything which makes ‘Andaman Islands’ the beach capital of India. The best among the best of beaches in world and a sought after destination in Asia. The myriad of beautiful beaches puts you in instant dilemma to choose that one beach to start. So here I simplify your problem by providing you a quick guide to this heavenly beach destination of India.

Port Blair

It is the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar islands located in south Andaman.The port blair has a fully functional airport which is connected to all the major cities in India.The once dreaded and historic ‘Kala Pani’ jail, cellular jail is a famous tourist spot now which features everything related to British Raj Era. The clothes the prisoners wore, The kind of food they had, The cruel punishments they got and everything inhumanly they faced are all presented through pictures,paintings,statues or models. The small pigeon hole like jail cells with no window would send instant shiver to your spine. A sound and light show depicting the entire story of British atrocity and the bravery of legendary Cellular jail prisoners is also conducted everyday.

Port blair also has Samudrika Marine Museum which showcases local marine life. The Anthropological Museum which focuses on the islands’ indigenous tribes to offer to tourists.

The nearby Ross Island and Viper Islands are also famous.

The Ross Islands

has ruins of buildings and churches from British Era as it served as their administrative headquarters.

The Viper Island

is also famous among tourists with its multiple attractions with historic importance.





Havelock Islands

If you are looking for palm trees,white beaches and turquoise sea water perfectly warm enough for you to soak your toes in then havelock is a must visit. It is the most popular island of Andaman and Nicobar islands. You andaman experience is incomplete if you don’t visit Havelock islands. There are many comfortable resorts on the islands just beside the sea.  There are several beaches on the islands which are world famous and live upto the expectations. You can reach Havelock  by the air conditioned catamaran ferry, which takes only 90 minutes from Port Blair and drop you directly to the main jetty of Havelock islands. There are government ferry services available as well which take about 2.5 hours and are pretty cheap but it takes much time to get the tickets. I will advice you to do the ferry ticketing in advance only as tickets are not available most of the time.



You can totally eat your lunch on your resort and then move to the beach to read your book under the Mahua and palm trees or take a nap without getting disturbed on the white sands itself. Dolphin Beach resort is a very famous government operated resort in the Vijaynagar beach.


Vijaynagar beach/Number 5

Truly majestic,mystifying and mesmerising beach! One spot for all those travellers in quest of solace and peace. You can totally swim in the shallow waters for hours. And then take your book,listen to the music lying lazily on the white sands under the Palm and Mahua trees. Several resorts are around the beach. Visiting this beach is one of those matchless experience of life which would always be in your memories.




Radhanagar Beach/Number 7

One of the most calm seas in the world! Sparkling water,lush forests,white sands and quiet waves, no doubt TIME magazine declared it the best beach in Asia and 7th best beach in the world. It’s the best among the bests in Havelock Islands. The magnificent views of coral reefs and snorkelling activities aids to the experience that this beach has to offer to you. You can easily reach here by hiring auto,bus, bike or scooter from Vijaynagar beach to Radhanagar beach and trust me driving your own bike to this island and then reaching this island crossing through the forests on your bike is one of a kind experience. There’s a place nearby called ‘blue lagoon’ which is comparatively quieter to rest of the beach. Though in spite of being popular it is never crowded. you can always have your own space.

The sunsets are mesmerising and one of the things to be witnessed at Radhanagar beach


Can you believe it that water is still at my feet even when I am so deep into the sea and look at the waves? May be the calmest in the world! Wouldn’t it be a one of a kind experience to swim for hours at such sea?


The sand is astonishingly and exceptionally white. The forest provide this beach a wholeness.


And after you are done at Radhanagar beach then having a cup of coffee or tea at nearby jungle resort Barefoot is a wonderful experience just at the backdrop of this amazing beach. Though few may find Barefoot quite expensive but it’s all worth it at the end of the day.


Elephant beach

It was affected the worst in 2004 Tsunami and since then it has reduced to its size but nevertheless it’s a beautiful beach and mainly famous for its coral view through crystal clear water and snorkelling activities. It is hardly twenty minutes ride from main Havelock Island dock on a boat. and it also offers superb boat ride on oceanic waves and spectacular view while passing through a light house. Its a must have experience in Andaman islands.You can easily hire a high speed boat from beach number 1 near the main jetty to reach Elephant beach in Havelock Islands. The beach is very famous for scuba diving,snorkelling and coral sightings due to its crystal clear waters among tourists.





There are other numerous beaches in Havelock islands like Kalapatthar beach which is famous for black stones scattered throughout the beach. There is also a village nearby. Then there is Govindpur market area near beach number 3. There’s a very limited access to Nicobar Islands and it is mainly entry prohibited due to rumoured man eater tribes etc. So most tourists pack up after Andaman islands only. The sea activities and watersports are aided advantages including sea walking etc. Beware of marine life like jelly fishes etc while indulging into these activities. As safety first and foremost!


Mainly non vegetarian food is available on havelock island or little of south indian foods. Though food is no problem for vegetarians in port blair. There are few famous paratha joints in the main shopping area of Aberdeen bazaar.


Plenty of resorts, guest houses and hotels are available throughout the havelock island. Though the price is on higher side but it’s worth it having a cottage just near the beach and into the jungle. The accommodation is definitely not the problem in Port Blair. And almost every type of accommodation is available suiting every budget type.


You can reach port blair by water or air. Lot of Air India, GoAir, Jet airways flights regularly fly to port blair airport through all the major airports like Chennai, Kolkata or Delhi.

By Water: you can take a passenger ship that heads out to Port Blair from Chennai (60 hours), Kolkata (66 hours), and Visakhapatnam (56 hours). Tickets can be booked at the office of the Shipping Corporation of India (SCI).


unless you are interested in local tribal stuffs it is not a great shoppong destination.You can get lot of cane and wooden handicrafts like wooden laddles, statues etc.Accessories made of sea shell and pearls are truly beautiful though and you should surely buy it. A plethora of souvenirs can also be collected from various beach markets mainly in Port Blair.Aberdeen Bazaar Is the main shopping area of Port Blair from where you can cater all your needs. But make sure to buy everything from Port blair itself especially if with kids as the market areas are not very good on other islands.

Mobile networks

Mobile networks are available on Havelock Islands for BSNL,Vodafone and Airtel connections.

Best time to visit

Best times to visit any beach are winters. So September to Mid March is a good time to plan your visit. Avoid monsoons and summers! The summer heat is unbearable on the open beaches and sands would be killing. The monsoon will prevent you from visiting many of the famous beaches. December is the best time if you ask me.

Hope you enjoyed this Andaman islands virtual tour.

Wish you a very enjoyable and safe journey to these islands if ever you plan to visit it.



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